iPhone 4S: First Impressions And Hands-On [Video]

iPhone 4S

After today’s event, a number of people got the opportunity to get their hands on the new iPhone 4S.

First impressions of the new device and iOS5 from all over the board seem really positive, so let’s take a closer look at some of the details.

Various sources unanimously tout the overall experience of the iPhone 4S to be really fast and responsive. SlashGear puts it well:

Now with the dual-core 1GHz Apple A5 inside, with what is claimed to be 2x the performance and 7x the graphics speed of the iPhone 4, it’s all round a faster phone. Navigating between apps has never been slow, but there’s literally no lag to be found. Webpages rendered instantly, while pinch-zooming was silky smooth.

The consensus seems to be that the Camera app is much improved as well. Most sources claim that the speed difference is huge compared to the iPhone 4. The quality of the images seems great, but more time is needed to analyze the difference in depth.

Siri Running on White iPhone 4S

The biggest buzz feature is, of course, Siri. Speculation about the inclusion of a voice recognition-based assistant led many to question how accurate it would be. From those who had hands-on experience, the news is that it’s remarkably impressive. Engadget in particular praised Siri’s accuracy:

We tried to psych it out with a bunch of random requests, including the history of Chester, Vermont (a lovely town) and the best Ramen places in San Francisco. Siri never faltered, never missed a beat. It worked as well as Scott’s demo up on the stage. There’s nothing better to say than that. We even sent ourselves a few text messages, which Siri transcribed to a T.

Regarding how easy it is to access, SlashGear says:

Usability is slick as well: whether you’re in the lock screen or the homescreen, you can hold the iPhone 4S to your ear and Siri will automatically kick in.

You can also checkout BBC’s hands-on video with iPhone 4S, where Rory Celian-Jones takes Siri for a brief spin:

All in all, it seems well-integrated, very accurate, and easy to access from anywhere in iOS 5. The Siri experience seems to be dispelling doubts left and right, making the iPhone 4S a pretty solid device based on the initial impressions. Will it convince users to buy or upgrade to iPhone 4S remains to be seen.

[via SlashGear, Engadget]

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