iPhone 4S: First Impressions And Hands-On [Video]

iPhone 4S

After today’s event, a number of people got the opportunity to get their hands on the new iPhone 4S.

First impressions of the new device and iOS5 from all over the board seem really positive, so let’s take a closer look at some of the details.

Various sources unanimously tout the overall experience of the iPhone 4S to be really fast and responsive. SlashGear puts it well:

Now with the dual-core 1GHz Apple A5 inside, with what is claimed to be 2x the performance and 7x the graphics speed of the iPhone 4, it’s all round a faster phone. Navigating between apps has never been slow, but there’s literally no lag to be found. Webpages rendered instantly, while pinch-zooming was silky smooth.

The consensus seems to be that the Camera app is much improved as well. Most sources claim that the speed difference is huge compared to the iPhone 4. The quality of the images seems great, but more time is needed to analyze the difference in depth.

Siri Running on White iPhone 4S

The biggest buzz feature is, of course, Siri. Speculation about the inclusion of a voice recognition-based assistant led many to question how accurate it would be. From those who had hands-on experience, the news is that it’s remarkably impressive. Engadget in particular praised Siri’s accuracy:

We tried to psych it out with a bunch of random requests, including the history of Chester, Vermont (a lovely town) and the best Ramen places in San Francisco. Siri never faltered, never missed a beat. It worked as well as Scott’s demo up on the stage. There’s nothing better to say than that. We even sent ourselves a few text messages, which Siri transcribed to a T.

Regarding how easy it is to access, SlashGear says:

Usability is slick as well: whether you’re in the lock screen or the homescreen, you can hold the iPhone 4S to your ear and Siri will automatically kick in.

You can also checkout BBC’s hands-on video with iPhone 4S, where Rory Celian-Jones takes Siri for a brief spin:

All in all, it seems well-integrated, very accurate, and easy to access from anywhere in iOS 5. The Siri experience seems to be dispelling doubts left and right, making the iPhone 4S a pretty solid device based on the initial impressions. Will it convince users to buy or upgrade to iPhone 4S remains to be seen.

[via SlashGear, Engadget]

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  • Pangicide

    As an iPhone 4 owner from day 1, I’m disappointed about the false claims of the iPhone 5, but Siri got my attention, and the potential is uncanny. Apple, despite your lack of changes, you have me with your AI assistance. 🙂

    • mabbent

      No false claims, just unfounded roumers.

    • Paul

      seriously, no one from apple claimed there would be an iPhone 5 you idiot. just because you read a shit ton of rumors doesn’t mean it’s going to happen

      they put it a lot of work into designing the iPhone 4, it would make no sense for them to dump all that and go with a new design. the iphone basically looked the same from 1st generation to 3GS and it was fine, now people fret that we didn’t get a change after ONE FUCKIN YEAR!!!

      spoiled idiots

  • KR

    This is a good next step until they develop a 4″-4″+ size retina display with ALL the new feature including the battery life to run the larger display! This is a good step for the next iphone. Don’t forget perfection has to wait for technology to catch up! 64gb, killer camera, A5 chip & canadian factory unlocked! Im in

  • Freddieboy

    Not for me I was caught out the last time upgraded from 3G to 3GS only for Apple to bring out the redesigned 4 a short time later had to have it could not get it through my carrier as I had about 18mths left on a two year contract so £500 direct from Apple contract up next month so I will wait dont want a repeat of last time

    • A Black Dude

      it was not a “short time later” they come out with a new phone every year…it your

      • Greg

        It may have been a short time from when HE upgraded.

  • DiabloZoe

    Way to compare an epic fail to another iPhone. Compare it to Sammys new phone and see how it does. What’s fucked is that even though they say they won’t they will jump on this phone why? Gotta have apples latest and gratest! Bullshit I’m done with apple!

    • Apel

      Your dumb no one is telling you to buy the 4s they just realease a new product to try to get mainly people without iPhones to get them. I’m pretty sure siri is for iPhone 4 too

      • BB

        Siri for iPhone 4 is being discontinued – loss of functionality for iPhone 4 users. They can only get it back buy purchasing the 4s. That seems a shame.

      • Kiwiholden

        No it isn’t. It’s not fast enough.

  • I think people are too emotional when it comes to Apple. The iphone 4 form factor is beautiful, but because of all the hype leading towards the unveil, I admit it even sparked my interest in an exciting new form factor. I fell into the temporary fantasy world where apple would shock and awe us again with an even more beautiful form factor that is thinner. When that didn’t happen, I felt a little disappointed.

    Now that the dust has settled, I realize that the internal upgrade is still a very good one. The speed increase will be very nice. All in all, I love the iphone 4 design and will welcome the hardware improvements.

    As for others, if you don’t think this is a worthy enough improvement, then just don’t upgrade or if you feel that android has more to offer, go try it out for yourself.

    • ybt

      I agree with you. Same happened to me. At first I was a little disappointed by there not being a redesign, but then looking back I realized that the iPhone 4S is a substantial upgrade, and I liked the iPhone 4 design any way. I will be getting one on launch day that’s for sure. I’m happy with the upgrades that apple have made to the next iPhone. For the people who aren’t. don’t buy it? I sure don’t care if no one buys it, I will be happy with it, and that’s all that matters to me 🙂

  • Sonny

    So in 2013 I will be getting the iPhone 5s

  • ricengga

    im so glad i waited it out with my 3gs i know how apple does buisness they hold things back for a reason to make more money I’m sure iPhone 4 owners feel bad that they will have to buy the same phone they already have with a few tweaks I’m sure that kinda stings a little

    • ybt

      I don’t feel bad. I’m happy.

  • MrEd

    No innovation whatsoever… I’m moving!!!

    • Pacomac

      I think most people are pissed about the lack of new design. I do think the 4s is a big step forward but it will take time for us to realize the differences. Think about it, would you buy a 3G when the 3GS is so much better, although it didn’t seem much of a leap at the time. What other phone has 64Gb of internal storage? What other phone has an 8MP camera with 1080p video and Image Stablization? The 1Mb memory and A5 chip are a big deal, as most other phones needed this kind of spec just to get anywhere close to the speed of iOS. This upgrade will put the 4s in a league of it’s own in terms of performance. Whilst I’m disappointed there is no new design, I’m happy with everything else.

  • fas

    A design change was so expected, tapered..

    • Zolk

      Only expected by desperate fanboys who were writing their own fiction in their own heads to compensate for lack of information from Apple.

      Apple’s done the right thing – the iphone4 form factor has only had 16 months, and they’ve done well to improve it (camera, CPU power, battery) while adding a single substantial innovative feature – Siri Assistant – with what appears to be a high degree of functionality and polish.

      Nonetheless, I’m probably going to go Android via HTC Evo 3D. If Apple’s got some killer features and competitiveness in 2014, maybe I’ll be back.

  • ricengga

    the new design is for the iPhone5 then an updated version of it is going to be the iPhone5s so this phone should hold threw till iPhone5s lol

  • Da1 smokey

    Stop ur crying we all wanted a bigger screen and yadda yadda. Looks like well have 2 wait until next year! We will be at the top of the food chain once again my I phone brothers and sisters.

  • maurinx

    i dont know if it is tight bu on softpedia is sad

    Shared memory 16/32/64 GB
    – Photocall
    ~~~~- 512 MB RAM~~~~
    – 1 GHz dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 processor, PowerVR SGX543MP2 GPU, Apple A5 chipset

    only 512 RAM Oo wTF…!!!

  • Troy

    Nexus Prime here I come, was waiting for a reason to be pushed to android and apples ho-hum announcement yesterday did just that. Same phone, 6 months til jailbreak, next..

  • Dice

    512 ram?!?!?! Nahhhhhhh cant be!? =0

  • orange

    yet still, Samsung wins.