iPhone 4S Goes To Space

iPhone 4S thumbnail

Last year, a Brooklyn based cinematographer teamed up with his son in a project to capture the skies above using just iPhone’s video camera.

This year with the launch of iPhone 4S last week, few members of FinalCutKing decided to do something similar. They launched not one but two iPhone 4S in to space to capture the skies above using iPhone 4S’s improved camera.

They briefly explain their project:

We launched 2 iPhone 4S phones with a weather balloon to go up to 100,000. We put one of the iPhone 4S’s on an interval photo timer app and the other on video mode. We used s Spot GPS tracker (though I would not recommend it because it only tracks in 15 minutes increments. 

We will be posting a behind the scene video as well as a more in depth tutorial for those of you who want to do something similar. The FAA was also involved so no airplanes were hurt in the making.

Folks at FinalCutKing like “to consider this a tribute to Steve Jobs and his genius creativity that will be remembered forever”.

[vai FinalCutKing Blog]