iPhone 4S Lines Have Started

iPhone 4S lines have started with less than 24 hours to go for official launch.

As we mentioned earlier, with shipping estimates for iPhone 4S pre-orders slipping to 1-2 weeks, one way to get your hands on Apple’s new iPhone 4S is to stand in line outside the Apple Store.

The lines outside Apple Stores in Japan are already quite long, which will be the first to open for iPhone 4S in a few hours from now. Guillaume Erard reports that there were over 100 people in line at Apple’s Shibuya retail store in Tokyo. He has also posted the following video:

MacRumors reports that lines have also started outside Apple Stores in London. Here are some photographs:

Line at London’s Regent Street retail store

Line outside London’s Covent Garden Apple retail store

Macrecord reports that there are more than 150 people are outside in line at the Opéra retail store in Paris:

Meanwhile things seem to be quiet in U.S as of now. MacRumors reports:

Things still appear to be relatively quiet in the United States and Canada nearly 17 hours before the first launches, as we’ve been receiving scattered reports of lines beginning to form but with only a handful of people encamped at most of the stores from which we’ve received reports. 

However, it looks like Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak is reportedly the first and only person in line so far at the Los Gatos retail store in California.


Photo of Steve Wozniak waiting in line (via MacStories):

Update 2:

Some more photos:

Update 3:

Updated with more videos from Germany, Australia and Japan.

Some of you might call this crazy but Robert Scoble had aptly put it “waiting in line for an Apple product is glorious, even if it is idiotic.”

Have you pre-ordered your iPhone 4S? Are you getting it delivered or planning to pick it up from the Apple Store? Or are you planning to join the line to be the first to get the iPhone 4S?

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  • insomnisquirrel

    I can’t wait at my local Apple Store because it is in the mall…

  • Woz is the man! He enjoys being out there and talking to the public.

    Both of my iphones are being shipped overnight from Fortworth, TX via FedEx. Ordered directly from ATT premier account at 2am Oct. 7th scheduled to be delivered tomorrow by 3pm.

    I had 5 prospective buyers for my iphone 4, but I sold it to the first person who responded for $350. So I’ll be phoneless until tomorrow.

    • val

      Where did you sell it? eBay?

    • Emma

      Mine is shipping from TX too. I guess it left Dallas at 5pm. I live in Mass. Do you think that’s enough time?!

  • val

    So the co-founder of Apple couldn’t get a phone ahead of time and is waiting in line?

    I am soooooooo glad that I ordered mine online and it will be delivered instead of me having to wait.

  • Cb

    Mines coming in the post tomorrow, day off work and feet up for me 🙂

  • Jt

    You people in line right now are effin morons. This phone ain’t that different. Go home, sheep. Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    • Niteshadow

      Remember they said that about the 3GS also… it can run ios5
      3G stop working at 4.2.1
      It will repeat just move the numbers up

  • Mine still hasn’t shipped yet. But it’s better than waiting in one of these lines.

  • RelicS13

    i dont mind waiting a week for all of this to die down, besides, i wanna see if there any “bugs” that they might need to fix

  • IT

    I have one word for these pictures (And people in them) Sad!

    And before anyone says, i do own an iPhone so i’m not being bias. I just think it’s sad that people NEED to get their hands on the newer devices this minute. Even more so one that really has one thing going for it. Siri…

  • Idroid7

    $400 camera

  • Idroid7

    All this for a $400 camera , fools

    • Devol

      400$ for a camera and a phone that works only 100% better than any crappy, choppy, clunky, bogged down droid.

  • ItsyourBoy

    N I don’t know why people are lineing up because thiers plenty to go around I went to my local target,radio shack, and best buy and none of them have sold out preoders and don’t expect to sell out it’s not like last year the only reason apple made 1 million sale the 1st day wa because it’s available for sprint,Verizon, and Atat it’s not as crazy as they making it to be that’s what they get for being greedy assholes and putting out such a bullshit of a phone

  • Juan

    Cant wait for the iPhone 4s to come tomorrow!!! Androids is rubbish…Steve Jobs rules!!!

  • sheeple

    run sheeple run. come and get you next fix.
    People stand in line for phones. will you stand in line to protect your rights and freedom? NOPE

    • mabbent

      Every time I vote.

      • PGat

        Right on!

  • Zoxxx

    Addicts !!! This is just sad to see .I love iphone 2 but not like junky

  • Jason

    I Been Camping Here At The Apple Store In New Haven, CT Since 2:30 P.M. As Of Right Now I’m The Only Person In Line

    • A simple man

      We are right there with you Jason ….. in our warm houses watching TV while waiting for our pre-ordered iPhones to come in the mail …. but we are right there with you =) Keep fighting the good fight!

      • Kwopau

        Wait. I thought all pre-orders will be delivered directly to your house as there was no option for in-store pick up? As I was told by the Apple employee that this time they don’t take pre-order instore pick up.

        • JDogg

          There’s no in store pick-up if you pre-ordered… but if you’re a schmoe that wants to sit in line you can buy one from the store w/o pre-ordering.

    • Christian

      One of many who has no life!

    • AL


    • jer

      what’s the line looking like right now? i’m thinking about getting over there to get mine too

  • Kwopau

    Unfortunately there is no line at the apple store where I live. This is because it’s inside the mall and nobody is allowed inside the mall when the mall closes. And there is no line outside the mall either as the security will patrol and on top of that it will be cold so I’d assume people will start lining up around 6 AM CDT.

  • Kwopau

    So I pre-ordered mine so I don’t have to go to the apple store for anything. I can sit home and relax.

  • Pete

    Lol,hahahaha,camp over night to get
    a phone,haha man people are messed
    up now a days. I hoping to pick one up
    tomorrow on the way to work,but I ain’t
    standing in a line up. I guess every body
    suit them selves 😉

  • Pete

    Lol,hahahaha,camp over night to get
    a phone,haha man people are messed
    up now a days.

  • Pete

    Don’t get me wrong,I’m hoping to pick
    one up tomorrow on the way to work,but
    I ain’t spending no night in a line up!

  • Pete

    Sorry for double post,my old iPhone 3G
    is being a prick, + really slow!

  • psp

    I think there is a typo: “Meanwhile things seem to be quite in U.S as of now. MacRumors reports:”
    quite should b quiet. ?

  • Mine is shipping direct from China…

    Shenzhen, China—>
    Chek Lap Kok, Hong Kong—>
    Anchorage, AK, United States—>
    Louisville, KY, United States—>
    Will be here tomorrow according to tracking.. 🙂

    I can’t wait.. This is the shizzle.. Jobs really changed the world and how we look at electronics.. 🙂

    • Zach

      Same way my phone will be arriving.tomorrow sucks to be in those lines

    • Patrick

      That’s exactly the route mine took. It left the local shipping center this morning at 6:23. I had mine shipped here to work and can expect it between 10:00 and 11:00. Not a whole bunch of work getting done right now!!! It’s like freakin’ Chistmas morning!!!!

  • ricengga

    some people have nothing better to do but to sit on their ass and wait in line for a iPhone 4s thats why i preordered mine lol
    because i had nothing better to do either lol i hope the best buy i went too gets enough

  • pepsiduke

    i dont need to preorder mine as i have hook ups @ rogers and a 64gb version is waiting for me as soon as i get to work tomorrow for 9:30am 🙂

  • Juan

    Wtf i thought i would get my pre order iphone 4s tomorrow but now UPS changed the delivery date on Monday the 17th! Thats Fucked up. Screw you UPS!!!!!

  • fas

    The best iPhone launch ever, no doubts.

  • cody

    Any updates on lines in dallas fort worth?

  • Investor

    I’m waiting in line. Don’t see why people are saying it sucks. Meet some great people and get a chance to network. As a venture capitalist, I meet some great innovative minds every year. We all love it, or we wouldn’t be on this website. Happy camping!!!

  • Steve glenn

    Only 50 people @ the gate parkway town center Apple store jacksonville florida

  • Rodney McKay

    Standing in line to buy an iPhone is the Apple kool-aid acid test.

  • Im so happy i pre-ordered mine last monday, oct10. Now it’s on its way here in my house arriving 10:30am 🙂 wish i didn’t have to work this afternoon though! Haha

  • Skywalker

    I just got mine!!!! yeeehaa!

  • I guess I got lucky then….I never waited in no line….and best of never had to wait for my phone to come in the mail…yesturday when it was released I just went to the mall to my local wireless provider and was out of the store with the new iPhone4s with my contacts ready to go out of the box setup in under 30 mins with no line…the phone is great can’t wait for the new jailbreak to enjoy it even more….I have not been on iphone since the 3g one wit t mobile service so this is a big upgrade for me…I will never go back to a droid phone again sure its a cheap alt to IOS …..but like they said you get what you pay for …that is why android has so many problems because everything is free and there is no profit so people get lazy with the improvements on their products…..I don’t care if the out side case is the same …i like what’s inside …people disapointed them selfs when they thought iphone 5 was coming with all the media hype and lies …..the only source I trust is FCC and Apple when releasing new products ….apple is not dumb they did not release an iphone 5 for what ever reason…..and I bet once it does get released it will put many on smash due to not “RUSHING” it like android products like waiting for “newer lte chips” that do not hogggg down the batt life