iPhone 4S Lines Have Started

iPhone 4S lines have started with less than 24 hours to go for official launch.

As we mentioned earlier, with shipping estimates for iPhone 4S pre-orders slipping to 1-2 weeks, one way to get your hands on Apple’s new iPhone 4S is to stand in line outside the Apple Store.

The lines outside Apple Stores in Japan are already quite long, which will be the first to open for iPhone 4S in a few hours from now. Guillaume Erard reports that there were over 100 people in line at Apple’s Shibuya retail store in Tokyo. He has also posted the following video:

MacRumors reports that lines have also started outside Apple Stores in London. Here are some photographs:

Line at London’s Regent Street retail store

Line outside London’s Covent Garden Apple retail store

Macrecord reports that there are more than 150 people are outside in line at the Opéra retail store in Paris:

Meanwhile things seem to be quiet in U.S as of now. MacRumors reports:

Things still appear to be relatively quiet in the United States and Canada nearly 17 hours before the first launches, as we’ve been receiving scattered reports of lines beginning to form but with only a handful of people encamped at most of the stores from which we’ve received reports. 

However, it looks like Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak is reportedly the first and only person in line so far at the Los Gatos retail store in California.


Photo of Steve Wozniak waiting in line (via MacStories):

Update 2:

Some more photos:

Update 3:

Updated with more videos from Germany, Australia and Japan.

Some of you might call this crazy but Robert Scoble had aptly put it “waiting in line for an Apple product is glorious, even if it is idiotic.”

Have you pre-ordered your iPhone 4S? Are you getting it delivered or planning to pick it up from the Apple Store? Or are you planning to join the line to be the first to get the iPhone 4S?

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