iPhone 4S – World’s First Phone To Support Bluetooth 4.0

iPhone 4S

Couple of days before Apple’s Let’s Talk iPhone event, we speculated that the next generation iPhone could come with Bluetooth 4.0 support rather than NFC.

Guess What? iPhone 4S does come with Blueetooth 4.0 support, making it the world’s first phone to support Bluetooth 4.0. It was strangely one of the features that Apple didn’t highlight at the event.

Bluetooth SIG reports:

The new iPhone 4S may look like the iPhone 4, but it has many important differences inside. One big addition is the use of Bluetooth v4.0. This will allow the new iPhone to wirelessly connect to the next generation of devices coming out later this year with Bluetooth v4.0

Back in July, Rounak wrote:

New standards, however good they might be, need a major player to back them for mass adoption. Believe it or not during the media format war between VHS and BetaMax, VHS survived only because of porn industry’s backing. Similarly, Apple’s backing can play a huge role in the survival or death of a certain standard.

There has been a lot of speculation over the next generation iPhone and whether it will have NFC. Considering Apple’s decision to include less-than-a-year old Bluetooth 4.0 in the newly launched Mac Mini and Macbook Air, it seems that there are some chances of the next iPhone getting Bluetooth 4.0 than NFC. The reason Apple might go only with one of these technologies is space. If Apple wants to add NFC support in the new iPhone, then it would mean two chips, one chip for Bluetooth (like in the current iPhone) and another for NFC and knowing Apple’s obsession for slim devices, it can’t be ruled out.

Apple doesn’t just adopt a standard to include a check mark in comparison lists with other products, it does so to actually provide functionality to its users. Currently, the iPhone and other Apple products support Bluetooth 2.1, a four year old standard. The merits of Bluetooth 4.0 include low energy consumption, larger area of coverage and better encryption. Although NFC has been adopted by big companies like Google, Samsung and Nokia, barring Google Wallet we haven’t seen any useful application of NFC, at least in the US.

It looks like he was spot on and Apple may have skipped NFC in favor of BlueTooth 4.0. But we’re curious to know why Apple didn’t come out and say “iPhone 4S is the world’s first phone to support Bluetooth 4.0”.

Any guesses?

[via Bluetooth SIG]

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  • Yuse2b

    most likely it will be a key feature on ip5
    Apple wants people to be guessing all the time so they can hook people on their products

  • Tali

    My guess is because the general public wouldn’t know the difference between 2.1 and 4.0. Just saying you are the first to include something doesn’t mean anything if you don’t have a way to apply that technology in a meaningful way.

  • phil

    well all who were waiting for iphone 5 take this! lol why apple come out with a new phone the same year

  • I’m glad they updated to Bluetooth 4.0. The new Bluetooth features coming out in vehicles alone will be worth including the feature.

  • Zed Sefi

    Is Bluetooth 4.0 compatible with all the devices that support 2.1 and lower? I don’t want my Bluetooth headset to fail connecting with iPhone 4S because (it doesn’t meet the high standard requirement of this Bluetooth profile).

  • Kwopau

    Couple days ago? You mean Yesterday.

  • Exappleuser

    Uhhh maybe because it wouldn’t be the first. There is already a phone that supports 4.0.

  • fas

    How does it help. People care less about tech more about looks.

  • mkimid

    What is the advantage of bt4 ? most of profile has been disabled in iPhone.

  • Robert

    Bluetooth 4 support? how? where?
    Don’t forget the easy fact that iphones (including 4) still don’t have a full implementation even of bluetooth 2.1! It supports only 6 out of 25 profiles that bluetooth has!!!