iPhone 4S’s Antenna System Infringing On Samsung Patents?

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Danish professor Gert Frølund Pedersen who originally predicted the controversy surrounding the iPhone 4’s antenna issues has come forward once again.

9 to 5 Mac reports that the expert now says that Apple may be infringing on Samsung’s patents.

As we’ve reported before, iPhone 4S includes significant upgrades to its antenna system. The ability to switch between two antennas dynamically for both sending and receiving means that the dead grip issues observed with iPhone 4’s antenna system should be practically non-existent for users.

Professor Pedersen states, simply:

The idea is good enough, but the question is whether they are allowed to use it.

He and others at the Danish university of Aalborg speculate that Apple will run into some legal problems. Samsung has two patents (one | two) that cover technology on intelligently switching between different antennas.

One particular method of changing antennas in these patents does so by checking if the device is in portrait or landscape mode. Pedersen thinks that this feature may be included in the new iPhone 4S’s antenna technology. Since we don’t have much concrete information on the device as yet, the professor goes on to say:

I can not say that they are directly breaking the patent, but there are not many ways they can choose the right antenna, without coming to break many patents.

This is hot on the heels of Samsung’s recent move to ban the iPhone 4S in Italy and France and it looks like Samsung has not yet used these patents in its litigation with Apple.

So this could potentially add more fuel to the fire in the patent war between Apple and Samsung.

[via 9 to 5 Mac]

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  • Grime

    Not sure if Samsung has looked into this, but their looking into it now. Its really heating up in the patent arena.

    • Zolk

      “they’re” – and you really need to substantiate your claim, or re-word it to say what you actually mean.

      • Kevin

        Thank you Grammer Police! I never would have figured out what he meant without you sitting anonymously behind your keyboard waiting to publicly shame anyone who makes a simple grammar mistake. Thank god you have no life as well as all that free time to sit around and wait for these horrendous mistakes. Your need to boost your low self esteem has saved us all from unspeakable confusion and total anarchy!

  • Smiles

    This whole patten this is stupid that’s like me saying I want a patten on wearing clothes no one else is alowed to weare any. It’s a frigin phone how many ways are there to make one, and why shouldn’t all companies be allowed to make touchscreen phones. It’s totally stupid to tie up the court system costing tax payees billions with this stupidity. Why not work together and better things for all. Because this guy may make a better screen that guy an antenna the other guy a processor etc. I just think it’s a waste of time and money,

    • Mike

      You’re dumb

    • Smiles is a douche

      Seriously, you think these lawsuits over patents cost the tax payers money?? They pay their own court fee’s dumb ass!! And I don’t think you could string a logical sentence together if you tried! Douche Bag!!

  • Haha smiles- stfu dumb ass. Apple takes other companies to court too.

  • Jack Black

    Stel je voor, ze bouwen bluetooth 4.0 in de ipod nano wat vaak gebruikt wordt als horloge, dat zou zo episch zijn. Bijvoorbeeld notifications van je iphone doorsturen naar je ipod nano, Muziek besturen/kiezen, Batterij percentage zien, Naam van degene zien als je wordt gebeld, een warning geven als je iphone buiten bereik is via bluetooth zodat je je iphone nooit laat liggen etc etc. Dit zou de ipod nano echt revolutionair maken … wat vinden jullie ervan?

    • None Ya

      What he ^ said.

  • Here we go again ……

  • Andi54

    Who started this patent war exactly….oh yes, Apple because they’ve run out of ideas…

  • fas

    Stop this war and let the world be a better place.

    • Melvarius

      fat chance of that fas. there be money involved and the greed monster is a very hungry beast.

  • Applefan

    Face this apple. Why do you go against other companies you are living on other patents

  • ron

    who started all this shit – apple, i am happy that i sold my iphone 4 , and i have GS2 now

  • Idroid7

    I need gs2 for my iph4