JailbreakMe.com Transferred To Saurik – Cydia Founder; Safe For Jailbreaking Again

JailbreakMe 3.0

When we writing the post about JailbreakMe.com being sold to an unknown entity, we wondered why Jay Freeman a.k.a saurik – founder of Cydia hadn’t bought the domain.

As it turns out, we were quite late in reporting the news as saurik is indeed the new owner of the JailbreakMe.com domain, as the person who had initially bought it from ConceitedApps was kind enough to transfer it to Saurik.

Minutes before we published the post warning you to avoid using JailbreakMe.com, Freeman announced the news on Twitter:

Yesterday, we learned that jailbreakme.com was sold in July; today, I talked with the new owner: he is actually very likable and awesome. ;P

…and tonight, jailbreakme.com was transferred to me (convenient, as I host the site ;P); so, going forward, we no longer need to worry! 😀

Saurik or the iPhone Dev team were the ideal folks to own or control the domain, so this is good news as there were concerns that the domain could be used to host iPhone malware.

So JailbreakMe 3.0 can be safely be used again to jailbreak iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch for iOS 4.3.3 or lower. You can checkout this post for more details on how to jailbreak your iOS device on iOS 4.3.3 or lower.

Thanks Mgrove03 and HusAli for the tip!

[via Saurik]

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  • psp

    how much is it sold for?

  • JDogg

    I’m sure it was sold for an “Undisclosed Amount of $.” I’m sure the entire jailbreak community, as am I, is ecstatic that it’s in the very safe and capable hands of Saurik!

  • Paradox

    Could you please include the rest of the version information for jailbreakme? Verizon Versions and iPad2 as well?

    Thanks! I love having a jailbroken iPad2 and this was the only way it was possible.

    I hope somewhere in the iOS 5 world someone finds a way to break the iPad 2 again. Hats off to Saurik for securing the site.

    Hats off to Comex for originally developing it. RIP Comex, RIP Steve

  • HusAli

    You’re Welcome 🙂 !

  • Zed Sefi

    Why RIP Comex? He is not dead, LOL

    The jailbreakme.com is still not functional thou, displaying the tribute image of Steve Jobs :/

  • Okay, do you see how easy and smooth this potentially bad situation went ? Why why why big companies can’t just agree behind scene on something and just do for better user experience ? Instead we see courts and arguments and nothing productive. Huge /clap for Saurik.

  • fas

    That was a nice gesture by the owner.

  • Mazolo

    I thought Apple bought Comex and all his belongings. I was supprised to learn that Comex is only 19 y.o. I’m old enough but I cant jailbreak iPhone, the only thing I was able to break though was the face of my iPhone 4. At least there’s something I can break. Maybe I’m more into hardware than software. Please Saurik should you have any space to spare on the JailbreakMe dom Ican host the hardware upgrade to iPhone 4S or maybe iPhone 5 hardware features.

    • Hello my name is justice I wanted to know how you get cydia on your iPod touch can you please explain to me how you do it…I just be watching people on YouTube to see how they do it 🙁

  • Qwer

  • madscientest

    not a fan of saurik… i thinks he’s greedy and shallow for making the cydia store.

    I do like to add the reop “sinfuliphonerepo.com” to cydia to jb the cydia store app…. take that you hypocrite!

  • Gene

    When is a newer version coming out so i can do this on my ipod 4.3.5 and i dont wonna do it with redsnow or something else thru comp i wona do it from my ipod

  • Thankz

  • How do you get Cydia on a iPod touch 4 generation

  • Hii

  • Najim Barry

    When are u going to jailbreak iOS 4.3.5 n above.

  • afshin

    what is iOS me?
    iphone3gs unlouck

  • Thanks a lot for the update.

  • Grekoh

    Work good it cool

  • Evan

    When are you making a IOS 5 jailbreak for ipod touch

  • Ruda
  • Ruda