‘Let’s Talk iPhone’ Event By The Numbers

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Apple’s key numbers are revealed only during quarterly financial results or Keynotes.

So as expected Apple revealed a lot of stats and numbers related to its entire ecosystem of devices at the Let’s Talk iPhone event, and needless to say they were impressive.

Apple Stores:

  • 357 Apple stores in 11 countries.
  • 100,000 people visited Apple’s newly opened Shanghai store in China.
  • Apple’s Hong Kong store sold more Macs on the opening day than any other store in the world.


  • Apple sold six million copies of OS X Lion in just three months, an 80 percent increase over Snow Leopard.
  • MacBook Pro and iMac are the best selling notebook and desktop in the U.S.
  • The Mac platform saw a growth of over 23 percent since last year as compared to PC’s growth of 4 percent.
  • The Mac install base has reached 58 million, with a 23 percent market share as of August.


  • Even after 10 years of its launch in the same room where today’s event took place, iPod commands more than 3/4ths of the Music Player market.
  • 300 million iPods sold over the past decade.
  • 16 billion songs downloaded through iTunes till date.
  • Quarter billion iOS devices sold since 2007.
  • The iPhone 4 accounts for half the iPhones sold till now.
  • iOS holds a 43 percent share of the total mobile OS install base. Android comes in second at 33 percent.
  • 18 billion app downloads with more than a billion a month.
  • Apple has paid more than $3 billion to developers.
  • 67 million users on Game Center. Apple doesn’t mention how many of them are active.
  • 3 out of 4 tablets in the U.S. are iPads.
  • Epic, the makers of Infinity Blade made $20 million in revenue through sales on the App Store.

Just like any other company, Apple releases stats of only those products that are doing well, which is why we saw no stats related to iAds or Ping.

Although Apple’s products, especially iPhones, are seeing sales in huge numbers in China, corresponding figures in India aren’t that juicy. Apple sold a mere 62,000 iPhones in India, way behind RIM’s and Nokia’s Indian shipments.

Taking into account Apple’s 30 percent cut on all payments made to developers through the App Store, Apple earned nearly $1.3 billion which should be enough for Apple to break even costs of running the App Store. (Dan Frommer seems to agree)

Additionally the 43 percent versus 33 percent share of iOS and Android shows that Android has a long way to go when it comes to tablets and Music Players. Eventually it will catch up because of its extensive list of hardware partners, but as of now Android is going good only in the phone department. More importantly this is the chart that would actually matter to app developers – how large is their target audience.

Today’s event also highlighted Apple’s intention to hit a lower price point in every device range. It is doing so by either expanding the existing product line, like it with the iPhone 3GS or price reductions for the iPod Touch. The iPhone hit the $0 mark (on contract of course), the iPod Touch hit the $199 mark and the iPod Nano now sells for $129. Even in software Apple seems to be following the same trend, when the company launched OS X Lion for $30. Same with iCloud. Except for iTunes Match, all other iCloud features are absolutely free and without any ads. It remains to be seen whether this strategy propagates to the iPad line of products, perhaps in response to Kindle Fire’s aggressive pricing.

With Apple’s strong relations with suppliers in Asia, it may drive these prices even lower, taking competition to a whole new level.

What do you think?

[via Engadget Live Blog]

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