Live Coverage Of ‘Let’s Talk iPhone’ Event

Let's talk iPhone

This is it folks! Apple’s ‘Let’s Talk iPhone’ event should be underway shortly (10:00 AM Pacific Time or 1:00 PM Eastern Time).

Apple is expected to unveil the hotly anticipated next generation iPhone. Apple’s special event is being held at the Town Hall auditorium at its headquarters in Cupertino, California.

Updates will be posted from top to bottom (bottom newest) so stay tuned (hit refresh to get the latest).

You can find our roundup of all the rumors and speculations that we’ve reported so far leading up to the event.

Here are some last minute rumors:

The event hasn’t started, less than 40 minutes to go.

Apple Online Store has just gone down for maintenance. It looks like the fifth generation iPhone will be available for pre-order, when it’s back.

Apple Online Store down

Sorry folks here goes the surprise element. Rounak has just told us that Apple’s Japanese website has just revealed that iPhone 4S will be launch on October 14th. Engadget also confirms it.

Less than 5 mins to go for the start of the event. Finally!

Here’s the screenshot of Apple’s Japanese website (thanks Rounak), which revealed that Apple is launching iPhone 4S on October 14th:

Apple's Japanese website reveals iPhone 4S launch on October 14th

The Keynote has just started! As expected, Tim Cook presiding over the event.

Significance of the Town Hall as the venue for the event, it was where Apple introduced iPod 10 years ago.

Tim Cook: “Today we’ll remind you of the uniqueness of this company as we announce innovations from our mobile OS, to applications, to services, to hardware, and more importantly the integration of all these into a powerful, simple, integrated experience.”

Cook is talking about the new retail stores that Apple has opened in the recent past.

He is talking about Mac OS as a digital download, MacBook Air and MacBook Pros.

He is talking about iTunes and iPod revolutionalised the whole music industry.

Tim Cook about the iPhone: “What’s amazing is that the iPhone 4 has sold over half of our total iPhones sold in the entire time we’ve been selling iPhones. It’s the number one smartphone in the world.”

Goes on to add: “We believe that over time all phones become smartphones. This market is an enormous opportunity. That’s iPhone, more coming up on iPhone.”

Next he is talking about the iPad.

Looks like we’ll have to wait a little longer to find out about iPhone 4S. Scott Forstall is on stage to talk about iOS.

Forstall: Over 500k apps in the App Store; 140k apps for the iPad.

Apple has paid out $3 billion to developers. That’s an impressive number.

Forstall has just announced the launch of a new app called Cards – “Create and mail beautiful cards right from your iPhone or iPod touch.”

Forstall: “We’ll print it on high quality 100% cotton paper and delivery the card through USPS. You’ll also get a push notification when it is delivered. That’s pretty neat.

Forstall: “We’ll affix Apple designed postage to the card.” Cards app will cost $2.99 in the US App Store and $4.99 in other App Stores. It will be available on October 12th. It looks like iOS 5 will be released on that date.

Forstall is now going through the new features in iOS 5 – Notifications Center, iMessage, Reminders app, Twitter integration, Newsstand, Camera app (lock screen shortcut, volume button for shutter), Mobile Safari.

iOS 5 will be released on October 12th. Finally, we have a release date.

Eddie Cue is on stage to talk about iCloud. He is going through the features: iTunes in the Cloud, Photo Stream…

Apple has launched a new app called Family and Friends.

Btw, this is image of iPhone 4S on Apple’s servers, it looks exactly the same as iPhone 4 (courtesy Arnold Kim).

iPhone 4S

Phil Schiller on stage now to talk about iPod. Yawn!

He is now talking iPod Touch. iPod Nano seems to only have got some UI changes. We have low expectations about the new iPod touch.

Here we go folks! The fifth generation iPhone is iPhone 4S.

Schiller: “Of course it starts with the Retina Display. But inside it is all new. The A5 chip is now making its way into the iPhone.”

Schiller: “Dual-core CPU, 2x as fast at CPU tasks. Also dual-core graphics. Up to 7x faster in the previous iPhone. One area you really see it scream is in games.”

It’s demo time with Epic games.

iPhone 4S

Schiller: You’d think if you put a CPU like that you’d sacrifice battery life.” Increased to 8 hours talk time, damn! “Fantastic battery life.”

More on iPhone 4S: “Our engineering team has worked really hard to advance the state of the art that’s never been done in a phone before. It can now intelligently switch between two antennas between send and receive to make even better call quality.”

Schiller: “Data can now download up to 2x as fast. Theoretical max performance used to be 5.8 up and 7.2 down — now doubles to almost 14.4Mbps down.”

iPhone 4S is a world phone so it will work on both GSM and CDMA networks.

iPhone 4S gets an 8-megapixel camera.

Schiller on iPhone 4S’ camera: “CMOS backside illuminated sensor — gets 73% more light than the iPhone 4 sensor, and 1/3rd faster. On top of that, we place a high-end IR filter for greater accuracy and uniformity.”

“We have an amazing lens system, five lens elements. It’s now a really wide f2.4. Compared to most point and shoots we can let in a lot of light.”

Schiller takes a dig at other smartphones – specially Droid Bionic.

Schiller: “We take stunning Hd video, and for the first time, 1080p video. 1080p, real-time video image stabilization, real-time temporal noise reduction.”

Yup the rumors were spot on! iPhone 4S comes with the virtual assistant feature – Siri.

Forstall: “For decades technologists have teased us with this dream that we can talk to our technology. But it’s never come true! It’s such a let-down! What we really want to do is just talk to our device!”

Forstall seems to be asking Siri all kinds of stuff and it just works. Very impressive!

Scott: “I’ve been in the AI field a long time. This blows me away.”

You can also ask Siri to read out a message to you, Siri reads them from your notification queue. Perfect!

Siri's User Interface

You can do instant Wikipedia and Wolfram Alpha searches by voice using Siri

Forstall: “Compose and dictate email right to Siri. Set timers. Look up contacts, create notes, search the web, search Wikipedia. It’s absolutely blow-away. Well, who is Siri? Just ask!” Siri: “I am a humble personal assistant.”

Schiller is back on stage: “Thanks Scott, that is the coolest feature of the iPhone 4S. Siri does dictation — now whenever you see a keyboard, you’ll see a microphone. Talk to Siri, tap done, and in the blink of an eye it comes back with your text. Speak with your natural language.”

Schiller: “It’ll be built-in with support for English, French, and German. It will be beta at the start; by beta we mean we’ll add more languages and services over time.”

It’s demo time!

Schiller: “So that’s the iPhone 4S. Black and white, 16GB for $199, 32GB for $299, and 64GB for $399. 64GB is the first time in an iPhone.”

Schiller: “The iPhone 4S is not the only phone in our lineup. The iPhone 4 will now be available in Black and white for just $99. Thei phone 3GS in 8GB: free.”

iPhone 4S will be available for pre-order from October 7th and will be launching on October 14th.

Sprint will also be offering iPhone 4S on its network.

The first countries to get iPhone 4S – US, Canada, Australia, UK, France, Germany and Japan.

It will be available in 22 countries on October 28th and 70 countries by the end of the year.

Tim Cook comes on stage and wraps up.

That’s it folks! Thanks for tuning in, we hope you enjoyed the our coverage. Do let us know what you think about the iPhone 4S. We think the spec bump and Siri makes it a great incremental upgrade.

Special thanks to folks at gdgt!

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  • psp

    cool…2 more hours! can’t wait

    • andy

      Dear Iphonehacks, will Siri work on iphone 4 with ios5 or just on iphone4s?

      • Siri is exclusively available on iPhone 4S, however we can count on the jailbreak community to figure out a way to get it to work on the iPhone 4, however, we’re not sure if it will be able to work as well due to lower hardware specs.

  • CAN’t WAIT!!!!!

  • Roi Poulsen

    Will it be posible to stream live tv from the event ?

  • Josh_801

    The event will not be Officially covered/stream by apple, as usual. They will post a few hrs after a video with the conference available to users. CNET and Engadget will both have Live blogs you can follow.

  • eang

    come on iPhone 5

  • GreatWarrior

    cool apple hrry up can’t wait more to exchange my ip4 with iPhone5

  • MIKE


  • fingers21

    Just release ios5! I’m running beta and it’s fantastic, but hammers my battery! Even with all notifications, location services off.

  • Jordan2611

    What time will it be streamed uk time?
    Anyone have links so I can watch it?

    • fingers21

      6pm, but not sure of any streaming sites.

  • Your Momma

    Uh, so where are the streaming updates?

  • I am betting there will be no iPhone 5. Only a 4S.

  • DDt

    Just wondering why this event is not mentioned on the Apple website? Another red herring??

  • Our iPhone 4 with bumper, which is almost 15 months old now, still looks brand new, its amazing that in less than 30 mins, it will be called the old iPhone. We still don’t seem to be tired of the design, love it as much as we did when we first got our hands on it.

    What about you guys think?

    • mr me

      my wife has the 4 and still wont upgrade, i may get this one if it has something good 🙂 I use to have the 3G but it got to old lol lets see what comes out!

  • Mike Michel

    oh my !!! since i got hooked in the apple mania, i need to say that Apple devices are really cooooollllll…, i’m agonizing on my sofa…keep my self busy till the new IPhone5’s been revealed….
    bahhhh….c’mon Apple !!!

  • As a very fond MobileMe user I’m hoping along with the iCloud there will be some goodness for us iWeb users.

  • I’m not as excited about the new iPhone (now that we know its not a redesign) as I am for iOS 5 and iCloud coming out of beta.

  • fingers21

    As long as he talks about ios5, I’m happy! A release date would be nice!

  • fas

    Common we needed live stream for this!

  • fingers21

    So, all these dumb shits that keep saying they’re going to android, it’s much better! 500k apps, android is about 490k behind!

    • Bullfrog

      Ya, and I suppose you have 500,000 apps on your phone, right? Poor, liitle old me, I can only have 10,000. Idiot!

  • Mickey

    iOS 5 will get released by Oct. 12! Woooohooo! Now for iPhone 😀

  • fingers21

    Cool, October 12th. That’s all I needed, this is shit without live stream!

  • Steven M

    This had better get good quick. I’m getting impatient. So far, the first 40 minutes have been a recap of things we already know and Apple bragging on themselves with a bunch of statistics. If this is only going to be an hour they better make this last 20 minutes count.

    • Steven M

      At this point I’m thinking that this had better be a 2 hour event or at least over an hour. I don’t think 15 minutes will be enough time to talk about the new iPhone and iPod line.

  • Boozy513

    Man I’m getting watever cums out. Apple is a good ass company and I been impressed since the 1st phone. And there r only 2 company’s that I will never switch from Microsoft xbox and apple iPhone lol

  • Kwopau

    Haha no iPhone 5

  • psp

    omg so there is no redesign?

  • Mac

    Yeah, im pretty much disappointed

  • bunker

    come on apple, u can do better than that!!!

  • Rob

    Wat a bunch of moany fcks most of you are omg it still looks the same get over it I’d rather have upgraded hardware over fashion…..

  • lol HSDPA AND A NEW PROCESSOR!!! I wont be buying a new one this year

  • fingers21

    iPhone 5 will be June, to get apple back on track with its release dates! Hopefully there ‘one more thing’ will be something pretty awesome!

    • Kwopau

      Who knows. It is possible that October may be their new release dates for the iPhones along with the iPods.

  • fingers21

    And all those cases for a redesigned iPhone! Oops, there’s a huge waste of money! I love my iPhone 4! Make it faster and better, I’m in!

  • Brett

    so this is why Steve Jobs left apple…..

  • Bullfrog

    Not even a bigger screen?! Cmon Apple, you’re killin me! All the hype and all we get is an iphone 4 with better specs? I bought an Android 2 months ago to “try out” until the new iphone arrived. Let me tell you, it kicks the crap out of the iphone. I think I’ll keep it ; )

    • n1md4

      did exactly the same… bought samsung galaxy s2 to try out android and since i got it my iphone 4 32gb is sitting in the corner collecting dust! wont buy the iphone 4s. galaxy s2 also got 8mp cam, 1,2ghz dualcore, bigger screen… i wont go back to a smaller device with less power. and i do not need any speech assistant wich isnt THE point for getting it for me. big disappointment here …

      • Duke

        How exactly does the 4S have less power than the android?

      • ctrev08

        I did the same 2 I have had every iPhone up till now I was a huge fan boy but it was taking to long to release so I got the of thrill until it came out well the more i used it the better it got way more custemizable if i wanted to do thiz stuff on an iphone i would have to jail break then install a bunch of extenisons that slowed my phone down and make it crash all the time. My screen is way bigger than my iphone 4. Just as nice of a screen. Has dual core plus dual memory. And to top it of i have 3d which i thoight was a gimmick at first but theres no better way to show off your phone than putting on avatar in 3d or take a 3d video. I was still hoping iphone 5 would blow me away. The main thing i wanted was a bigger screen cause i could never go back to that small iphone screen. But its stats are about tied with mine and my thrill shoots 1080p and 720p in 3d which i can hook up to any 3d tv. The biggest feature is this voice bs. Hah hate to brake it to ya but my phone has that to all i got to do is press the mic button on my keyboard and it does all the same things. The funny thing is i barely use it unless i am by myself cause i fell wired talking to my cell phone. Its a cool feature my dad uses it for everything but it is really not a big deal to me. Looks like the iphone raign is finally over just a few months ago i would have defended iphone any day but it looks like there just playing catch up now. 16 months for a better camera a outdated processor and virtural ai. I dont see spending 300$ on that. ps. My lg thrill 3d was 49.99 at target good bye apple u had a good run but just like the apple 2 days ur raing is over.

  • iRate

    i can see why steve jobs quit if this is all they are bringing out! its practically the same as what ive had for the last 17 months! Apple suck!

  • Shaun

    Hugh disappointment 18 months from the last phone and still no bigger screen, I willnot be buying.

  • King Kong

    Looks like it’s a greate improvement

  • Shaun

    Hugh disappointment

  • Kokowawa

    Fuck apple… I won’t make them $600 richer… Apple is fucking it’s customers over and over with little upgrades every now and then

  • dman

    huge mistake if this is it !!!

  • dman

    Sammy here I come…

  • Gustavo

    Well, looks like Apple again ignores what the people wants. this could be the start of a big fall for the Cupertino bunch…we all were expecting a totally new Iphone, not an Iphone 4 with a new chip, I am taking more seriously in consideration those SAMSUNG Galaxy smartphones this time, i am tired of Apple considering me a FOOL.

  • ephraim

    Now i will wait for the all new NOkia Sea Ray


    Who the fudge wants only power??? I want power and new innovative design but no… Huge dissapointment *sigh*

  • Kiwiholden

    Engadget crashed at the start of the event

  • Kiwiholden

    Engadget crashed at the start of the event.

  • bob0917

    The best Android out there is the Samsung Galaxy 2 and the iPad 2 beats it so this is going to beat all the Android device except for screen size. If that is important then you have a choice but Apple is beating Android in court as well so I can’t see disappointment in a device that I like that gives me what I wanted a better phone that looks like the one I like and am going to sell and pocket $200 and have a faster phone better camera more memory.

  • Kwopau

    So willthere be a pricing for this?

  • fingers21

    Hey, if all you muppets want to leave apple, feel free! Go buy your shitty samsungs, it means a smaller queue for me waiting for my iPhone 4s!

    • Gustavo

      Who is the puppet?…and Apple is the pupetter.

  • Rip

    So the new iPhone is the same as the old iPhone but a lil faster with a better camera. LMFAO!!!
    1 and a half year wait for that??
    I’m sooooo glad that i got the Samsung Galaxy S II this past Sunday. I was so blind to how far behind apple is until i got the droid. Apple revolutionized the smartphone but droid is just way ahead of them.

    • fingers21

      It would seem, most the world has forgotten about the Japan earthquake/tsunami, the reason the new iPhone was delayed!!!

    • devol

      dude….android sucks and the galaxy is just as bogged down and complicated as any other droid phone. you can tout whatever bullshit you want about how much apple sucks and how much better android is but the simple fact of the matter is that apple will always be better than android because it JUST WORKS BETTER. this comes from someone who was TOTALLY anti apple until i tried my first iphone. then i saw how it just worked right out of the box and i didnt need anyone to show me shit or i didnt have to read any tutorials to figure it out. it was just natural. until andriod can match that ease of user interface they WILL NEVER be able to compete.

  • iLynk

    Wow its true what everyone is saying but they are gonna buy new iphone regardless of minor upgrades. They will have android fever than jump on apple cock. Apple will always milk us but regardless we like it so get over it. Its never gonna change. Apple comes out with new phones once a year and android what every 2 months something new comes out. Regardless what happens everyone is getting milked for money.

    • Lavender

      None of what you’ve said really matters if it makes people happy. But the problem is the coltan and rare earth minerals used in all devices like these.

      They are mined by exploited and enslaved people in authoritarian countries, under stewardship of evil mining corporations. It makes mobile phones the new blood diamonds of the world.

      We really need our scientists to develop resource recovery and recycling of rare earth elements – and our politicians and diplomats and independent humanitarian organisations to lobby and advocate for greater labour protection, dignity and fair remuneration around the world.

      Then we can all have iphones! … and jphones, kphones, etc… whatever we want, guilt free.

  • Kwopau

    Oh wow now we have 64 gb added to the iPhone. But really, who needs that much space when icloud is there.

  • Boss

    I am not impressed with iphone 4s

  • Cooper

    I’m going to stick with my 4. Not enough for me to make the jump.

    • ricky

      same here

  • ricky

    i’ll stick to my iphone 4, i want a bigger screen

  • What a waste of time…..

    Truely dissapointed. Wont be downgrading. Thanks apple. You suck.

  • axe

    hahaha… chinese pirates got served !!!

  • Powelly

    Might as well stick with my 3GS lol.

  • psp

    can iphone4 use siri?

    • fingers21

      Finally, a sensible comment! I’d like to know this as well. I think it would need the faster memory to run properly, but hope I’m wrong.

    • Kwopau

      Unfortunately no, only the iphone 4s will have siri assistance built in. previous models won’t have them.

  • CultofMicro$oft


  • No iPhone 5 redesign. That’s just disappointing. “the IPhone 5 is actually the same phone you just payed $300 for with a few updates.” thanks Apple, for nothing. If I didn’t own apple everything and this phone was just entirely too convenient to sync my stuff, I would be long gone by now.

  • Rob

    Good luck with the android switch I expect u get 2 updates if ur lucky and within 6 months ur shitty android phone is out of date with patty apps

  • Mhhh is down :S

  • mavINKED

    all of you are titi babies… jesus… the specs on the phone are the reason to get this. if you want a bigger screen get an iPad2. this is a smart phone and the screen size would be nice. my iphone4 was stolen and i have been testing out a motorola atrix and i have to admit that android phones sucks balls… i cannot wait to get a new iPhone… i take a lot of videos and pics and this was great news to me

  • Asger

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    You don’t have permission to access “” on this server.
    Reference #18.3425d7c3.1317754432.54fb6425

  • Kiwiholden

    How disappointing no iPhone 5

  • Kiwiholden

    How disappointing no iPhone 5.

  • Jayydoggy

    Bullshit. No bigger screen size. Very dissapointed. Sucks ass. And the worst is. I’m an apple fan.

  • ddbach

    pretty disappointed.

  • carlos

    Apple still has a more stable platform and more interesting apps. I switched from iphone to motorola atrix…the battery sucks…the phone freezes..i can’t even answer a phone call at times…i have to carry the charger and turn off functions…you uncheck the alarm in the morning and it still rings :)…The camera sucks…you can’t take a picture indoors…try sending a movie by email…it’s a hassle….The widgets though are cool…Definitely going back to apple…although they are greedy…but they are still the best on the market

  • Rob

    Android no support for hardware…. Always left down to a modder/hacker to port over updates….android is the real money milker

  • Traxx Trigga

    so they redesigned the inside of the phone, upgraded the power, memory, antenna system, faster uploads/downloads, battery, camera, and software adding an intergrated speech recognition system better than most talk-to-type software you can buy for home computers. Plus 3 different models, and made it available on yet another carrier… and everyone complains about not having a bigger screen. oh…….. ok…. idiots.

  • bob0917

    What if Samsung loses it court battle to Apple in the US and the carrier are not permitted to supply servive to them as in Australia, no Galaxy no tablets because they copied all of the losers(Apple) technology. People amaze me look at the iPad 2 it is killing all the Android products bar none is every head to head speed test and the iPhone will probably beat it it not the same old iPhone going from a single core to a dual core is a big jump.

  • great8

    I dont get what everyone was moaning about. Apple never promised a redesigned phone every year. In fact the pattern of past iphone would show that we most likely werent going to get a redesign this year. There was also zero evidence that there would be a redesign; no leaked parts, only a few knock off cases in china. On top of that I dont want a larger screen. The phone is already big enough. I dotn want to carry around a larger phone in my pocket… no reason for a bigger screen other than numbers.

    only thing I wish Apple had thrown in and didnt was an upgrade to the maps app with turn by turn and better traffic

  • Michael

    Yeah it’s a dissapointment but the exciting thing is the iOS 5. That’s rad and that’s what I’ve been waiting for.

  • …there is no joy in Mudville — mighty Casey has struck out.

  • Boozy513

    A phone is a phone no matter what, if a drops is so much better then go 2 their website or release date…. O yea they don’t have any. Apple has revolutionized the world!!!!! A stood will not last as long as a iPhone will. Cuz notbuying the new iPhone will not hurt their pockets, cuz have u ever heard of a stood selling out n minutes!!!!!

  • Zang

    Actually, bigger screen? Why? :/

    I have an iPad for movies and a MacBook Pro for anything else as well as a media server and aTV.

    I love it, I def want one.

  • Jorge

    What about 3g compatibility with tmobile?

  • Jorge

    What about 3g compatibility for tmobile?
    Good news?

  • Kwopau

    Also, I will stick to my iphone 4 and wait for the iphone 5. It’s not a huge update afterall, I can wait for the iphone 5, and iphone 5 will have siri assistance included.

  • I am extremely disappointed with Apple. New iPhone is disgrace to Apple and in general to iPhone engineering labs.

  • Chris

    So let’s take stock in what happened. Here’s what the consumer wants:
    1. Redesigned iPhone
    2. Speech to text – voice assistant

    Here’s what Apple delivers:
    1. Tons of hardware upgrades that we don’t really need since the iPhone is already fast
    2. Speech to text – voice assistant
    3. Dual antenna and world phone (CDMA and GSM in one phone).

    In order to add the dual antenna feature and world phone, they would have had to redesign the phone’s casing anyway! That means they had to spend money on new manufacturing equipment.

    Think about that, they bought new equipment to manufacture these iPhone 4S’s anyway, so the cost to change the general design of the case (ie: a tapered design to look more like an iPad or even just some other minimal change) would have been next to nothing and would have satisfied the consumer. I’m shocked that no one at Apple realized that and spoke up, just a simple redesign wouldn’t have cost them much and would have made consumers much happier. Right now I’m pretty unimpressed by Apple.

  • Christoph

    Any word on an unlocked, no-contract 4S? I’m traveling a lot out of the country and generally buy a local SIM card. I’ve waited with upgrading to see what would come out today and I want to go with a 4S if possible instead of with a 4.

  • fireknight25

    Way to go Tim, you screw up your first assignment as the CEO of Apple and you give us trash! Steve, we want you back! This guy doesn’t know what he is doing. Say good bye to your stocks and share holder, Apple. Good luck next year, you should have learned from your previous trash the “iPhone3GS” and the fact that people don’t like knock off of previous designs. We want innovation not reduplication.

  • Thenip

    Fucking dissapontment!!! No 4g Lite or bigger screen…give me a break…no need to upgrade for this bs…contemplating on switching to an android phone with 4g…ATT 3G is piece of shit and I’m tired of paying a premium just for having an iPhone 4 with shit 3G speed

  • Bandrax

    All this for iphone4S… Im good with my iphone4. thank you.

  • Scotch

    Wow. I was expecting more. Way more. But it’s apple it will e good getting it when it come s out

  • IsraelFox

    Wow this was dissapointing ill stick with my iphone 4 i dont see the point of waisting my upgrade

  • Mike

    I didn’t buy the iPhone 4 last year to wait all this time for another one?

  • nick

    can anyone tell what will be the price of

    ” iPhone 4s without any carrier plan “

  • Slick

    I just can’t believe Siri wasn’t included in IOS5. Does it really take an A5 processor to run Siri? I have an iPhone 4 and will probably stick with it ’til something ‘special’ really comes out. The Galaxy S2 is not the answer for me. I don’t think I could even fit that massive thing in my pocket. It’s honestly just a smaller tablet. So who is gonna go to Sprint now that they finally jumped on the band wagon…haha, yeah right.

  • Zolk

    Well, I haven’t got my HTC Evo 3D yet, but (recent HTC security hole, notwithstanding) I will still bypass iphone4s.

    Siri is the most intriguing feature so far, that I’ll miss by not going iphone. More memory and a better video/photo camera is definitely a worthy if unexciting upgrade.

  • the ghost

    Ive been an iPhone fan since day one..i lost my iPhone 4 and decided to try out the droid (lg g2x) and i haven’t looked back since…the things you can do on a droid is amazing!!

  • andy

    Dear Iphonehacks, will Siri work on iphone4 with ios5 or only on iphone4s?

  • Rob

    Glad there’s no 4g would be a waste since 3G isn’t perfect ….iPhone 4s a nice phone, can’t beleave faggots are moaning about design…just fashion fanboys….

  • Brian

    No surprise here!!! Oh BTW if ur us it’s stupid bur if ur Apple then it’s smart business

  • iPhoneFreak

    Extremely dissapointing, I think i speak for many that larger screen and 4G support is what many of us were waiting for but instead we are being told otherwise by Apple. They do make great products but I am going to try The Samsung Galaxy S2 since they have the product i want!

  • Dao

    Great! Been trying to find a reason to switch to galaxy s2. Today just found the perfect one. Cya IPhone

  • ohYea

    how about a hot, real flesh-and-bone assistant with every iPhone? now that would be a hit! XD