QuickNote And QuickMemo Custom Widgets Allow You To Take Notes From iOS 5 Notification Center

QuickNote is a useful custom widget that allows users to take notes right from the iOS 5 Notification Center.

This means that you can quickly take notes from any application by just swipping the status bar (via the Notification Center) in iOS 5.

Here’s a description of the app from Cydia:

iOS 5 Quick Note Widget for iOS 5 Notification Center. This provides you a notepad area to jot down some quick notes for easy reading and recovery. 

Notification Center addons can be configured from the Settings app, in the Notification panel.

You can checkout some of the screenshots of the QuickNote custom widget below:

You can download the jailbreak custom widget for free from Cydia. After installing it from Cydia, you still need to enable it via Settings -> Notifcations -> QuickNote, so that it shows up in the Notification Center. You may also need to change the position (Notification Center -> Edit) of the custom widget so that it shows up above Weather and Stocks widget as otherwise the keyboard overlays over QuickNote widget, making it difficult to figure out what you’re tying.

You can also checkout QuickMemo, which is another custom widget called QuickMemo that does the same thing.

As always, let us know what you think about QuickNote and QuickMemo in the comments.