SBSettings For iOS 5 Released; Includes Notification Center Integration


BigBoss has just released a version of SBSettings for iOS 5. SBSettings is one of our favorite jailbreak apps, which offers a faster way to access iPhone Settings from any app without going through the hassle of exiting the app and launching the Settings app.

Developers can also create custom toggles for SBSettings that can be installed from Cydia, which can then be quickly accessed by users via SBSettings.

SBSettings for iOS 5 includes a number of new features and improvements such as:

  • Notification center integration
  • Your choice of using the old style window or the notification center. Or both.
  • You choose which toggles to appear in notification and window sections.
  • Current sbsettings toggles should be supported. Current themes should work in notification area as well.
  • You get to choose what will show up in notification section. More button row, no more button row, the extra text, no extra text, the dock, the toggles, no toggles at all, or any combination of. The notification area is a limited screen resources so it’s up to you to decide how you want it used.

You can checkout the screenshots of SBSettings integrated with Notification Center below:

SBSettings for iOS 5
SBSettings for iOS 5

BigBoss has mentioned that he is still working on the app and hopes to complete it before iOS 5 is released on October 12th.

If you want to test SBSettings for iOS 5, you need to add to your repository list in Cydia.

As always, let us know what you think of the new version integrated with Notification Center.


Please note that after installing SBSettings for iOS 5, you need to enable SBSettings under Notifications (Settings->Notifications->SBSettings->Notification Center toggle) to see the toggles in Notification Center.

[via BigBoss]

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  • Michael

    It’s great that there’s gonna be an ios5 update for an settings but you can’t say it’s released and then say they hope to get it out before the 12th. I checked cydia and it’s not updated yet. Maybe ” to be released”.

    • I agree, but you can get the beta now.

      • Vitaly

        What about activator? Sbs beta require to install it? I know that activator is not working fine with 5.0.

    • As WeddingGuy has mentioned you can install the beta version right now by following these steps:
      1. Launch Cydia
      2. Tap Manage
      3. Then tap on Sources
      4. Tap on the Edit button at the top right corner
      5. Then tap add
      6. Add and tap Ok
      7. If you’ve already installed SBSettings then should see updated versions of SBSettings, Activator and sbsettingstoggles.
      8. Tap on Upgrade to install the beta version of iOS 5 settings

      After it is successfully install you should see the SBSettings icon on the home screen.

  • Michael

    Ok. Very good. Thank you for that. Got it installed.

  • wolverinemarky

    SBSettings is definitely one of the top features to have for your iPhone great to see that its updates cant wait for the next jailbreak

  • FredMC

    IT is a travesty that Apple didn’t include some form of SBSettings in iOS. If they did I probably wouldn’t even jailbreak my phone now. The fact you still have to go thru 3 menus just to turn on Bluetooth is retarded.

    • Paul


    • Paradox

      LOL one of the primary reasons I jailbreak too … Wifi management, process management, bluetooth management, and memory remaining display. Simple things that are just a pain to do outside Sbsettings and jailbreak apps.

  • Sonic280

    So is activator working in iOS 5.0 GM? Does it require a reboot after installing? PS. Im on tethered jailbreak. Someone please enlighten. Thanks.

    • Michael

      Its working for me

  • Confused

    how in the world do you get it to show up in “notifications”??? I’ve tried all the different settings inside SBSettings that I thought would work and can’t get any of the toggles/info to show up in Notifications…

    • chema

      same problem here, I want SBSettings on my Not. center D:

      • Confused

        Yeah – I figured it out as SOON as I posted this – it’s under the Notifications app settings – mine was listed under the “not shown in notifications” – once I checked that to on – SBSettings was in my notifications. SWEET!

        • chema

          I just run to my computer to post it, haha just figured it out too xD now we can enjoy the NC+SBsettings

          • silver

            So how do i get the sbsettings to be on my notification thing?

  • fas

    Looks so mindblowing, cant wait for 12th.

  • justasking

    will this work for iPhone 4.0 and so on firmware or will there be update for other firmwares for sbg setting with notifications ??

  • Very exciting times!!! I’v been playing with ios5 a few months. Now all the tweaks are getting updated. New iPhone on the way!!! Just hoping for a quick jailbreak for the 4s. The new 4s will be great but it will be hard to give up my untethered ios5 jb on my 3GS. And go to a stock phone.

  • ipad tester

    just asking will this work on an ipad ios5?

  • will this work on an ipad?

  • Apps just keep getting better and better, specially if they rely on feedback from users. Venues like this site help a lot, too.

  • Not working right on 3GS iOS 5.0.1 – some icons are getting white randomly and the device slows down 🙁
    I’m so used to this app and now I have to wait for afix

  • emil

    how can i remove activator and sbsettings from iphone4s

  • Peter

    Thanks for mentioning turning on SBSettings in notifications. I couldn’t figure out how to make it show up.

  • Ndee

    Here is a new theme for SBSettings:

    Premium Leather SBSettings Theme

  • ash

    I installed SBSetting theme. now in the screen top center showing 2.23-9:05- 307MB. how can i remove it.

  • ash

    I installed SBSetting theme. now in the screen top center showing notifications. how can i remove it?