Siri Co-Founder Leaves Apple

All Things D reports that Siri co-founder Dag Kittlaus has left Apple just after iPhone 4S launch, which features the intelligent personal assistant feature that has received rave reviews.

All Things D reports:

There were several reasons for the departure, which was amicable and has been planned for a while, sources said. They included Kittlaus’ family being in Chicago, a desire to take time off and an interest in brainstorming new entrepreneurial ideas.

Apple had acquired Siri back in April 2010 where Dag Kittlaus was also the CEO since 2007. Siri had initially launched an app in the App Store, which has beenremoved after the launch of iPhone 4S.

You should also watch the interview of Dag Kittlaus and VP of engineering, Adam Cheyer by Robert Scoble over at building43 in 2010, where they talk about the technology behind the application and lots of interesting things.

All Things D reports that other key execs from Siri are expected to remain at Apple.

[via All Things D]

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