Siri Co-Founder Leaves Apple

All Things D reports that Siri co-founder Dag Kittlaus has left Apple just after iPhone 4S launch, which features the intelligent personal assistant feature that has received rave reviews.

All Things D reports:

There were several reasons for the departure, which was amicable and has been planned for a while, sources said. They included Kittlaus’ family being in Chicago, a desire to take time off and an interest in brainstorming new entrepreneurial ideas.

Apple had acquired Siri back in April 2010 where Dag Kittlaus was also the CEO since 2007. Siri had initially launched an app in the App Store, which has beenremoved after the launch of iPhone 4S.

You should also watch the interview of Dag Kittlaus and VP of engineering, Adam Cheyer by Robert Scoble over at building43 in 2010, where they talk about the technology behind the application and lots of interesting things.

All Things D reports that other key execs from Siri are expected to remain at Apple.

[via All Things D]

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  • fas

    Oh, he could have worked from Chicago!

  • Paul

    So does this mean that Siri will remain in Beta? Or will Apple hire someone else to take over Siri?

  • axe

    from siri now to series…. and the saga continue…

  • rubbish

    im wondering if siri was only a one stop shop meaning iphone5 will do away with it..just was a stop gap for a while

    • RiffRath

      Did you read other key execs from Siri are remaining with apple

  • JB Digit

    If siri was an app in the store… where can we get the old one? ehehehehe

    • JB

      You can’t. It has been removed. I had it and when I went to sync the app store removed it.

      • Jrmedic19

        Yes you can. Just do a google search and ssh the api into your phone.

  • BrianC

    Has anyone noticed that Siri spelt backwards is ‘Iris’ ?

    • tetra

      OMG! Thank you for noticing this. very brilliant discovery

    • Zolk

      There was a German movie (social sci-fi, I guess) about a very vain and accomplished concert pianist named Iris, who decides that she wants to have a clone daughter. She achieves this with the secret help of a genetics scientist to allow him to experiment, under condition to keep it secret until the daughter is of age. She names her daughter Siri. Good movie!

  • Chuck

    Has anyone noticed Apple spelled backwards is Eppla? Lol

    • Kwopau

      You mean Elppa

    • fingers21

      Haha what a dumbass

  • hxclos

    There is a video on YouTube of the original Siri that was developed in collaboration by DARPA and SRI. It was pretty cool except it didn’t talk back and because it was a third party app, it didn’t have access to your personal information. The app was pulled shortly after it was acquired by Apple.

  • City23

    I think apple will let out 2 more iPhone then fall to HTC. Steve Jobs was the brilliant mi d there and apple made a come back we he went back to apple in 1996. Apple sky rocketed with his ideas after that. Now that he’s gone there’s no one else who sees what his mind saw. I love apple products and that’s all I use but I see HTC taking over the mobile phone industry.

  • Christian

    Apple will always be the way to go. When iShit I would love to go on my iToilet lol