Speed Test: iPhone 4S Vs. iPhone 4

iPhone 4S

iPhone 4S comes with Apple’s faster dual-core A5 processor, which offers up to twice the power and up to seven times graphics performance.

Initial benchmark results of iPhone 4S have revealed that it is approximately 70% faster than iPhone 4 when it comes to using Mobile Safari. So how fast is it when it comes to opening apps.

MacRumors points us to a comparison video posted by YouTube user Eurosausage, which highlights how much faster, the iPhone 4S is compared to iPhone 4 at launching apps.

In the comparison video, Eurosausage opens quite a few apps and games. As you can see iPhone 4S launches apps noticeably faster than iPhone 4.

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  • drublic

    is not that noticeable to make me want to buy it, my iphone 4 works fine…

    • T

      If you think the 4s is good, just wait until the iphone 5 comes out… It will be a huge improvement over the 4s. That’s what my $ is gonna be used for. My iphone 4 works just fine, untethered/jailbroken.

      • socius

        Oh dude…don’t bother. Wait for the iPhone 5s. That’ll be so much better than the iPhone 5! But man a year after that though, just wait, iPhone 6 is gonna kick ASS! So don’t buy anything ever!

        • arsh

          Hahaha !!! Super awsome reply!!! Liked it 😉

      • Fahhad

        Your right, man my money is also important. I am waiting for Iphone 7. Which will have a OCTA-COre Super fancy proccesor.

    • Bob bobo

      Yeap, not worth the investment. Maybe for the ones that already have 3g or 3gs. iPhone 4 is perfect atm. I would swap over a new form factor so until they put out iPhone 5 I’m good with 4.

  • iThink games wich require more resourses would couse greater speed diferense.

    • Wite Boy

      which there really arent that many at all that do need too. honestly, its best to wait

  • fas

    The 4S is so much more quicker.

    • -X-

      Compared to 3GS….yes it is. Compared to i4….who gives a flying f***??

    • aaa

      yes it is so much quicker. its 2 seconds quicker than Iphone4.

      • Cece

        WOW! A whole two seconds? REALLY? I can’t wait to get the 4S now. Sike! I’ll still wait for the 5. until then, my 4 is perfect.

  • RelicS13

    theres no turning back for me, i sold my iphone 4 already, iphone 4s it is!!

    • -X-

      Well…You sure seem to be a “OMG I GOTTA HAVE THE NEWEST AND GREATEST NOW OR IM GONNA FUKIN DIE!!!!! AAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!” type of guy.

  • mrpelon14

    looks the same to me…..sticking to my iphone4…..only difference is siri…..but i could care less

    • DWhid

      I agree, I love my iPhone 4, and will not be upgrading. Who cares about siri.

      • -X-

        Lonely losers that cannot score chics will have a heart attack if they can’t have Siri. But, for those that still want the electronic know it all ho, she will soon be available to i4 users as well.

  • Zoxxx

    You know in Sweden iphone 4 is 500€ to 600€ for 32gb and in Us top is 400$ !!! And only half sec faster than iphone 4 !I will bi totaly Moron to buy that shit agean .No thx

  • Brett Simonsen

    Got my 4S today and I must say that Infinity Blade runs as smooth as butter on it, wasn’t aware there was that much room for improvement but it’s very noticeable!!! Also, for those knocking Siri, you’re missing out because the dictation feature is almost flawless, no more typing long texts just say it and Siri does the work for you. Very nice.

    • Brett Simonsen

      Oh yeah, I forgot. I upgraded from a iPhone 4 so for me to be saying the upgrade is worth it means something.

      • -X-

        Really? Cmon. Give us a break. I have an iPad 2 and did my own comparisons. The differences are not all that great to my iPhone 4 and not enough for me to upgrade to 4S. Now if u compare it to a 3GS, then yeah, the differences are amazing. And that is what apple users want. Nothing short of amazing. I4S simply plays catch up. The rest that are smarter, will wait for the iPhone 5. But then again, i really dont care So go ahead, waste ur cash.

  • nabariba

    the music is so gay

  • Kt

    Of course the 4S faster cuz the 4 has been a year old. The 4 slow is has been used. If you compare new iPhone just open and the iPhone 4 used in a year and you still can tell that new iPhone 4 running faster

  • Jorge Hernandez

    I am selling my iPhone 4 for $400, and it only cost me $200 to buy iPhone 4S.

    So in my case it actually COST me money NOT to upgrade.

    So if $200 and a faster phone is “all” I am getting, it sounds like a win/win.

    • Well you’ll win when you have to pay evern more money for the iPhone 5 because you just wasted an upgrade

      • Gogitossj

        @ Fuck you….you are so stupid, have you ever seen devaluation on the iphone’s?…You idiot. A little math for you.

        Sold Iphone4 $400.00
        Buy an Iphone 4S $200.00
        Profit of $200.00
        A year from now Iphone5 $500.00 (with wasted upgrade)
        Sold Iphone 4S $400.00
        Buy an Iphone5 $500.00 out of pocket $100.00
        Got it? You dummy……it is still a win/win

        • -X-

          All of you on this thread are serious impatient nerds. It’s a win/lose because the upgrade isn’t that amazing you turds. My first iPhone, the 3GS 32gig @ the cost of $199 because I waited for all the bugs to be worked out from first iPhone and for them to make a faster one. Just now I upgraded to iPhone 4, at the cost of $99 for a 16Gig. But wait…my prices are wrong…you say. Not if you have an inside connection they’re not. Next year when i5 comes, I can easily sell my i4 for $200, and get i5 for $100 out of pocket. Bottom line is….patience wins over whatever BS you impatient Apple store line campers have to say.


    “the music is so gay” lol

    My white iphone 4(second)is just 3 months old, and works very well so far.
    I’ve no contract, so I will get iphone 5(?) next year.

  • Jose

    I think Siri might be having trouble with overflow of data, it won’t find anything for me anymore, worked like a charm this morning

  • Fareal

    Definitely worth it. All who disagree probably don’t understand the hidden potential that iPhone 4S has. Rookies!

    • iRock

      Wow… 1 whole second!! Whoop-dee-doo!! Apple fanboys are more delusional than we all thought!

  • City23

    WoW, 4S is only one second faster. Let’s say 2 even though the video shows that it’s one second faster. Why should I do….extend my contract for 2 years and be under the high price AT&T fees or wait one second for anything on my iPhone 4 to load.
    Wait for iPhone 5 it is!!

  • Ted

    yea i got the 4 and 4s.. 4s going back to apple tmrw,. my 4 is FASTER than the 4s..

    • iRock

      That’s how I felt the day I got my iPad 2. My ipad 1 felt faster and battery life was noticeably longer on my iPad 1. I’m not falling into anymore apple hype cuz of that.

  • badboy

    great phone and still no flash support = fail

    • -X-

      Who cares about flash when you have SkyFire web browser and most sites are embracing HTML 5….you brainless turd.

  • someone4

    its sad no SIRI for iPhone 4.

    I know iPhone 4 cannot handle SIRI, even if it could, Apple probably wouldn’t allow it as it would take away a reason to upgrade.

  • thejoker

    a4 and a5 has chips as well as same Ram 512MB. I seriously doubt there’s any hardware reason for Siri to only run on the 4S.

  • Nosferatu

    if android’s voice recognition system can work on considerably older phones no reason Siri can’t work on an iPhone4. Anyways, glad people are liking this phone but I’m content switching to the Galaxy S2. Does pretty much everything this thing does IMO.

  • Disappointed Dice

    “the S stands for speed” jobs speaking about the new iphone 3gs at its release. WELL not so much for this time around. I fully believe that iphone 4s stands for 4s(iri). Personnally, all this extra time for launch, and this hype of the DUO CORE chip is dissappointing, of course its underclocked, and same ram just seems like purpose of the chip is to help lower consumption and less heat produced. Yes the cam does a nice job in low light settings, so thats a plus, but as far as useability its all iphone 4. Agian my personal view was iphone 4s was produced due to the diffrent carriers now offering it. They wanted to make one assy line agian. SIRI is CRAP!, and aint it a bitch that apple decides to pull the app for all other devices except 4s……. Not that any one is missing anything grand. And really why da hell does siri have to sound the way it does, comon apple, of course i would of preffered a sexy voice talking to me, but at very least make her sound smooth and fluid like with its replys. ios5 claims 200 new features, ive yet been able to see a full list, all ive seen are post “200 new features!, and heres a few” which are always the features that the author found intresting…. Twitter…. Is one of these features, and imo waste of time, now the messageing notification is awsome, wireless sync, great!!!. They even polished up the emoji keyboard with some newer icons, nice!. And i do dig the ability to customize a vibrate alert per contact. Very nice!. But im clueless as what all features are, and ive been non stop on this thing all nite trying everything out. For those who were hella smart and held off with thier iphone 4’s, wise choice. Nothing you are missing. (Excluding cam) trust siri is a joke and is turned off on my new iphone. Update to ios5 and you have the iphone 4s experience.
    –If i recall right, wasnt it in the 80’s when Jobs(RiP) got in to a pissing match with a ceo or some topgun in apple, jobs bounced, apple went stright down?…. Jobs comes back, brings apple to top. Now he’s gone, and apple puts out the iphone4S…… Just saying…….

    • -X-

      It’s sad to see u have no life and wasted an hour to type something nobody will read. I just saw a bunch of text and thought…”wow, what a loser, I’m gonna comment with what you just read….now”

      • aaa

        this time ‘4S’ stands for ‘4 suckers’