Steve Jobs Claimed He Had “Cracked” Integrated Television Set

As we mentioned earlier, we have started seeing excerpts and quotes from Steve Job’s official biography by Walter Isaacson that is expected to be released on Monday, October 24th, appearing online.

One such interesting excerpt is about Steve Jobs comments on television sets, which seems to suggest that Apple may launch its own Apple branded television sets in the future.

The excerpts were published by Washington Post:

“He very much wanted to do for television sets what he had done for computers, music players, and phones: make them simple and elegant,” Isaacson wrote.

Isaacson continued: “‘I’d like to create an integrated television set that is completely easy to use,’ he told me. ‘It would be seamlessly synced with all of your devices and with iCloud.’ No longer would users have to fiddle with complex remotes for DVD players and cable channels. ‘It will have the simplest user interface you could imagine. I finally cracked it.’”

There has been a lot of speculation of Apple branded television, with some reports claiming that Apple could launch “Smart TV” – an Apple branded Television as early as this year. According to a report by analyst Trip Chowdhry of Global Equities Research in September, Apple could launch not one, not two but three HDTV models by March 2012.

One could do more than just watch cable television, movies and TV shows on an iOS based Apple Television, you could plays games, runs apps, share what you’re watching or playing on the television and lots more.

According to Venture capitalist Stewart Alsop, one of the main reasons for the delay in launching the televison has been the cost of LCD displays. But since the costs of LCD displays have been coming down over the last few years, Alsop predicts that we could see televisions running iOS by 2012 holiday season.

We can’t wait to see Steve Jobs vision of an integrated television set. We would definitely be in line to buy one. What about you?

[via Washington Post, image via MacRumors]

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  • michael

    Like he said when he left . that he left apple but left her with a lot of unseen products and will be coming out in the course of the years untill 2015

    • Zolk

      And what happens after 2015? Bit full of himself, ole’ Steve, by the sounds of things…

  • I’ll buy one if it could be jailbroken 

  • Rob

    I wouldn’t buy a full TV. But I would definitely buy an apple STB that does all that has been described in this article, but is instead plugged into your existing tv (just like an apple tv but more feature rich).

    Maybe this would come out additionally. If it is just an integrated tv, I don’t see this selling very well.

  • MrEvil

    You think Samsung will sue them if they made a rectangular slim Tv?

    • anakin

      you do realize that it was Apple who first sued Samsung claiming they had the patent for “rectangular” shaped tablets? So you’re comment basically makes you look like a dumbass now.

      • Scott

        I think MrEvil is using what we call irony, anakin.

        • Luke

          Leave my dad alone, before i have to open a can of jedi on your ass

    • Apel

      No doubt. Lol

    • Pilak

      Try asking Siri, just might answer that question…

    • KushSmoka420

      HaHa, they should. No different then them suing samsung for a rectanle slim smart phone.

  • fas

    Samsung will make the sets for them, Apple will put their logo and software.

    • After which Samsung would again copy them 😛

  • Mac

    Guys just remember what I said if apple
    launch a tv set they will double the profit
    big time and they will be huge. but they need
    some sharp people like jobs not lazy hatered

    • Zolk

      The Smart TV market is cutthroat – Apple would have to make a very, *very* compelling case for customers to pay the usual Apple premium – and even then it’d be difficult, because a lot of people forego features on their TV’s for larger size. Will be interesting to see if they do anything, though.

  • devol

    I’ll take one. This was written with siri.

    • Apel

      Lol Siri is taking over internet

  • Mac

    two thing I need in the future smart tv by apple
    and ultra high speed fiber network by google
    you can download 1gbps cost $300 a month.

  • Ab

    I’ll buy it if siri is included….that way I can just say “go to bbc1” nice.
    Otherwise if I had a 4S I would expect to be able to understand when I say “record BBC David Attenborough life of mammals” and it understand, even when I’m on the tube heading home.

  • BTW, loving that I don’t have to wait for the page to reload for replying to someone’s comment

  • Cdc2000

    Apple tv with call time and Siri as remote hmmm

  • AppleGuy

    Sounds like Siri will soon change the name to “SkyNet!” There goes humanity……… LOL!

    • Paradox

      HAHA: Skynet Integrated Remote Interface

  • kraken

    iMacs and iTV is stupid. If the computer breaks you lose your TV/monitor, and if the screen breaks you lose your computer.

    And be prepared to throw out your TV every year when the iTV ‘S’ comes out with a handful of pointless features last year’s model doesn’t have due to nothing but software restrictions.

  • -X-

    To me it seems simple. They probably just took an iPad’s processor power, by 2012 they will make a 40″, 50″ and 60″ models, now wall mountable with hdmi and coax input. Behold, The iPad Apple TV!

    Fine print: Retina Display apple televisions coming in 2015.

    • Pilak

      With Siri compatibility and touch screen functions….

      That would be cool….

  • Zed Sefi

    I want a television that could grab all kind of TV channels from all around the world (There are millions of them) and stream any TV channel through fibre optics. There are so many TV channels to explore but we are limited with stupid regional restrictions!

  • Tigz

    I wouldn’t mind an update to the Apple TV2 where they use the A5 processor and bump the ram to 1 GB. I have no problem with connecting a tiny box to a standard flat panel tv if Apple doesn’t come out with one or if it’s priced too steep.

  • Daniel

    Doesnt mean i wouldnt like an apple tv set but it would depend on the price. Knowing apple, it would be quite high. Just saying…

    • Grime

      Ya think. lol I know what you mean!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Onikiri

      I think if this were true they would be around sonys prices with their bravia line. I would still buy Samsung series what ever number it is by that time. But in the end I don’t think it would be profitable for apple. They would have to convince people to buy a new tv every other year. Who in their right mind would do that. Wait this is apple here the same company that convinced millions of idots to buy a smart phone every single year.

      • GrandMasterFlash

        This happens in the computer industry because intel chips for example increase if not double speeds very quickly. No one is forcing anyone to buy the new stuff but happens is that the software being created for the current stuff gets outdated in the old devices. End result: your device becomes slow. Besides, it’s an age old thing; people want new stuff. You would want new stuff.

  • Cdc2000

    I think Siri was what was needed for apple to make a tv. Using touchscreen to control tv is kinda going back to the days of no remotes, and using a normal type remote for controlling tv is no different from what were already doing. But with Siri and FaceTime on a tv would be a game changer. Kinda like back to the future 2

  • KushSmoka420

    Sorry but apple will never compete in the tv market. for tv’s its all about the hardware, because no onboard software will ever match that of stand alone devices. A tv is a DISPLAY pure and simple. and Ironically Samsung is arguably the best maker of tv’s in the game, and they have decades of experience over apple and most other companies. I am not a fanboy but i love samsung tv/monitors for one reason they look (picture quality) like eye candy. and the minute that another company has a better looking set, i’ll switch…… would like to see a Mitsubishi laservu set.