Unprecedented Demand For iOS 5 And iCloud Almost Broke The Internet – How Did It Go For You?

iOS 5

Yesterday was probably Apple’s biggest days when it comes to software launches with the release of iCloud – its new cloud based services and iOS 5 – its next generation mobile operating system.

Unfortunately, it also meant that there was unprecedented interest from users to download iOS 5 and migrate from MobileMe to iCloud services.

It seems to have also exceeded Apple’s expectations as things didn’t go off that well for Apple, many users had trouble upgrading to iOS 5 and were hitting error 3200 due to the high load on Apple’s servers.

The Next Web reports that the traffic due to Apple’s software updates was so high that it was just not Apple but even the entire internet infrastructure was experiencing difficulties under the load.

The traffic at the LONAP (LONAP is a London Neutral Internet Exchange Point where Internet and content providers exchange traffic) increased from a normal peak of around 18Gb/s to around 28Gb/s.

Andy Davidson, Director of another London-based network exchange, LONAP, told Cult of Mac:

The traffic last night was around twice what we would see on a typical Wednesday evening. There was as much traffic as we would see for a major sporting event (such as England playing in the World or European cups). Such volumes have never been seen before for a software upgrade.

Apple also had issues coping with the migration requests coming from users who wanted to move their data from MobileMe to iCloud. They eventually had to limit the number of migrations and requested customers to come back later:

Due to high demand, we are temporarily limiting the number of users moving from MobileMe to iCloud. Please try again later. We apologize for any inconvenience.

It looks like most of the traffic and with it issues have settled down today, but MacRumors reports that some users are reporting that iCloud mail has been down for some users.

This obviously brings back memories of 2007 when Apple launched MobileMe. Let’s hope that things settle down quickly.

Let us know how was your experience in updating your iOS device/s to iOS 5 and migrating from MobileMe to iCloud.

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  • Torrent, P2P based download of firmware would couse much less problems with speed and etc.

  • Alex

    Thats why I downloaded the gm seed two nights before the official release, so I wont have to deal with this stuff.

    And the gm seed IS the shipping version of ups.. Soooo… Yea…

    • Alex

      *of iOS…

  • Brando212

    I didn’t have a problem getting the iOS update (though i had to put my iTouch into recovery mode in order to upgrade due to my previous jailbreak) it downloaded just fine

    my problem was downloading the mac 1.7.2 update and the recovery partition update, they kept timing out on me in software update

    • Brando212

      edit: 10.7.2 update

  • LOS1NeR

    Yeah that icloud sh@t is not working for me either. I’ve been trying to set that up since 7am eastern time. With no luck. I can set it up on itunes but on the iphone4 no luck. just says try again later. I keep hearing that same theme song…..Here we go Again!!!!on our own……

  • Pappy

    I tried early in the afternoon and had problems with different error messages and called Apple 3 times. On the fourth call the tech new exactly the problem. It was overload. So I waited until late at night and upgraded with no problems.

  • Maxtor182

    I tried all day yesterday to merge mobileme to icloud. Finally worked around 2am eastern this morning

  • Bullfrog

    Not any problems whatsoever.

  • Shy Zalah

    I didn’t had trouble at all to update to ios5. It’s very intersted if there wes more users that have problems then users that havn’t.

  • Thom

    All I keep getting on my iPad is This device isn’t eligible for the requested build. I’ve reset the iPad from instructions from Apple Tech support and it still doesn’t update.

    • Brando212

      have you tried putting it in recovery mode?

  • LOS1NeR

    Ok enough, is enough. Nothing is happening, it is 2:35pm east.time with no luck on iCLOUD syncing. i will wait now until tomorrow. You know im not even surprised this is happening like common its Apple, should of known by now. Thanx Apple.

  • Matt Dutchyshen

    I had a bitch of a time! Either from error message (-48) when backing up my phone. To error message 3200 right after it extracted the files when it tried to update. But finally around 111pm central last night I got it

  • Theman420

    Hello to all. Great Features!!!! But I dont seem to find a way to put the camera short cut on the lock screen to my iphone 4 after installing ios5…. any clues?


    • LoneWaffle

      double press the home button while the phone is locked.

  • Theman420

    Great Ty much!

  • Onur

    had like 10 unpleasant encounters with the 3200, but at the end it let me pass and now im in the Cloud 😉

  • fas

    Well this was a major software update after 18 months.

  • Timmy

    Didn’t Apple learn anything from the MM launch? What stopped them from releasing Lion updates on Monday, along with the other related software updates so that on Wednesday they would just have the iOS updates and activations to deal with ?

  • lee

    I don’t have any problem updating to iOS 5 and Mac OX 10.7.2 but when I try to move my MobileMe account to iCloud it said unable to move try back again. Does anyone know what’s happing here pls thanks.

  • Doxi

    I started the download at about 6:30 pm and wasn’t finished until around 11 or 11:30 pm. Thank God I had nothing to do last night. Couldn’t believe it took so long.

  • British Joe

    Yeah, My wife’s and My Iphone 4 went well both upgraded no problems whatsoever, about 1 1/2 each with the reinstall of Apps.

    My Ipad 2 had a little trouble it Crashed 4 times and all with a different error # each time, Anyhow it took a couple of hours, and worked in the End, it was early in the time line and Im putting down to the servers being busy. So far the update is rock solid and I love the updates.

    Method, Pull any USB devices you don’t need, update your OS, update Itunes, Plug in and follow the prompts. Yay!.

    • British Joe

      When I say 1 1/2 I mean 1 1/2 hours, the Cloud worked right away for me, and Ive actually have it in the same folder as my DropBox, and all works very well together.

  • CJC

    has anyone been having issues with Facetime not working on 3G ? i thought it was suppose to. also the notifications on the lock screen are lil different than what they said, i am not able to go to a specific message and slide on it to reply. ?????

    • Drumersgrl

      U have to put ur finger on the icons and slide. Figured that one out. Double tap home button in sleep mode to add camera option to lock screen ( would b better if it was always there). For me I haven’t figured out where the app icon is for the iMessage or is there one? And totally disappointed that Siri wasnt included. Hopefully Siri will b available to iPhone 4 users soon. And also apple said the contacts interface would b different mine is still the same. So far I’m not too impressed but maybe I just don’t know what I’m doing lol. Although my fav feature so far is the text shortcuts come in handy if u hate entering in ur email like I do

      • iBounce

        iMessage is part of the original message app. When it is in imessage “mode” communicating with another idevice the speach bubbles are blue and you can see the recipients activity.
        Normal messaging to any other device speach is green

  • Chris Williams

    None here. All is well.

  • OG Mack

    I’ve been trying for several days to upgrade to IOS 5 and I keep getting this 3194 error saying that the phone is not eligible for the requested build. I’ve called apple twice. This is really starting to piss me off. Any suggestions?