WinterBoard For iOS 5 Available On Cydia

Jailbreak iPod Touch On iOS 4.2.1 Redsn0w

Jay Freeman a.k.a saurik – founder of Cydia and developer of WinterBoard has released an updated version of WinterBoard for iOS 5.

WinterBoard is one of the most popular jailbreak apps that allows you to download custom themes from Cydia, that can be applied to change the look and feel of your iOS device. It is one of the reasons users jailbreak their iPhone.

Please note that though WinterBoard v0.9.3901 is compatible with iOS 5, all the themes available on Cydia may not work with iOS 5. So you might have figure it out by trial and error.

You can checkout the video of WinterBoard running on iOS 5 below:

To find out if your other favorite jailbreak apps and tweaks are compatible with iOS 5, checkout this post for the details.

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  • Gustavo

    nice, but i have ios 4.3.1 and winterboard don’t work anymore 🙁 .

    • windowsFan

      it should dude….

  • thank you iphone hacks.
    i posted a comment in another section and you guys heard my prays..
    thank you

  • fas

    Why does anyone even need winterboard on iOS 5?

    • axe

      e.g: when u install lock second, u need winterboard. that’s why.

  • Paradox

    I’m glad they are updating all the jailbreak apps to work, but I would really like to see the unteathered user land exploit sooner than later. I don’t mind tethered on my iPad, but on my only source of communication when on the road…. I can’t risk having it locked if it loses power or crashes.

  • Wayne

    Since new update on my ipad to Winterboard 0.9.3903 when select themes they dont respring and change. was ok before update.

  • Wayne

    Gone back to previous and all ok now.

    • Nithiltk

      How to go back to the previous version of winterboard

  • Kayla

    Uhh I just updated my phone to iOS 5 and cydia won’t work .. Can someone please help me /:

    • tomban01

      Kayla: you must click on redsnow again and click reboot rembember to go i dev mode first 🙂 cydia works fine on ios 5.0 i have iphone 3gs 🙂

  • Cookie monster


    • Cookie monster

      Cydia is awesome