Apple Announces Special One-Day Shopping Event On Black Friday, November 25th 2011

If you’re planning to buy an Apple product then Friday may be a good day to buy one as Apple has announced that it will be holding a special one day shopping event on Black Friday, which is this Friday November 25th.

The teasers first appeared on Apple’s online stores in Australia and now also show up on Apple’s US online store.

The special one-day Apple shopping event. This Friday, November 25. 

Mark your calendar now, and come back to the Apple Online Store for the special one-day event. You’ll discover amazing iPad, iPod and Mac gifts for everyone on your list.

But don’t expect huge discounts, Apple typically gives a small discounts compared to other retails. According to MacRumors, last year Apple offered $101 discounts on their iMac, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air lines and $11-$41 discounts on the iPods and iPads.

[Apple via MacRumors]

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  • Ryan Grill

    Does anyone think their retail stores would also be included?

  • Micro

    So this is only when u want to buy online ?
    Cos i checked Uk site and its saying the same thing black fryday but no further info

  • Guy

    It includes stores in US according to email I received

  • Don’t expect too much from the sale. It’ll probably be around $10 off their products.

    • Hiddenvalley

      Or it’s probably something like this…

      Spend $600 and receive a $5 gift card to any Apple Retailer.

      Yep, sounds exactly like Apple’s business model.

  • mark

    50 bux of the iPad 2 ( all models) at the best buy. I’m assuming they will at least match that.

  • thomas

    If you want a good discount go to craiglist :p

  • fyta

    The macbook air is $200 off at best buy right now. no black friday shenanigans, and better then apple’s weak offered discounts.

    • There’s already a line forming at the local Best Buy here, for the door busters.

  • City23

    That’s one thing I HATE about apple. They are so freaking greedy. They never have sh** in sale or on clearance. With the billions on money they make off us, they can’t give back to the people that buy their product. SMF’nH

  • fas

    You call that sale? Hardly anything off!