Apple Disables Home Screen Shortcuts For Settings Toggles In iOS 5.1

One of the cool iOS 5 tricks so far is the ability to create custom home screen shortcuts for various Settings toggles.

The method is nowhere close to a replacement for popular jailbreak tweak – SBSettings, but if you’ve not jailbroken your iOS device then it is neat solution to quickly access the relevant Settings toggles so enable or disable them.

However, Apple seeded iOS 5.1 to developers of iOS developer program and iSpazio reports that the custom home screen shortcuts no longer work in the upcoming iOS software update.

The hack worked as it was possible to access various Settings toggles via a URL. For example: the shortcut for Airplane mode toggle is prefs:root=AIRPLANE_MODE. It looks like Apple has disabled access to these URLs in iOS 5.1.

It’s a pity as designer UI designer Jeff Broderick has also created a web-based ‘Settings’ panel, which uses these same URL schemes that allowed you to save the custom shortcuts for the Settings toggle for free.

In case you missed it, checkout the video below of how the home screen shortcuts for the Settings toggle worked:

We wonder why Apple decided to disable it as it was quite a harmless trick.

[via iSpazio]

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  • motionblurred

    While Stratus is pretty cool it made me feel uncomfortable about it. There are a lot jerks out there who would have found a way to misuse this.

  • Larry

    The might Apple once again being oppressive. The only reason I’ve ever jailbroken my phone was for SBSettings…specifically so I can toggle Bluetooth on/off without jumping through all the hoops that apple makes you do.

    I found the home screen shortcuts to be the next best thing, and now they’ve disabled that as well. Love the phone. HATE Apple.

    Can someone tell me WHY they won’t allow easy access to these settings?

    • JeffS

      I totally agree. SBSettings has always been my main reason for jailbreaking as well. Why does Apple have to make it so difficult to access the Bluetooth and WiFi settings?

  • mimi

    What a bunch of jerks. THROW US A BONE, APPLE.

  • 4s Owner

    Shocking! Purchased ‘Iconproject’ solely so I could toggle Bluetooth and Airplane from the home screen! Another wasted £0.69 and yet another gripe with Crapple! Maybe theyre gonna surprise us with some form of quick switches similar to sbsettings?

    • Axe

      Yeah precisely. I fell being cheated. It’s not because of how it cost but the value behind it. Apple should not approve paid apps but later force user not using it. People pay for the apps, God damn it ! This make me more reason to jailbreak so i can pirate their f*cking apps !!!

  • Simplicity

    For a company that obsesses about simplicity it is strange that they have not found a way to simplify things (like following sbsettings lead).

    • djman10

      And it would be so easy for Apple to add these shortcuts either in the multitask bar or better yet in the notification center. Quite frankly having those in the notification center should have been part of the initial iOS 5.0 release

  • Disappointed

    Sbsettings was one of the main reason I jailbroak & will again as soon as an untethered option is avalable. Work wifi blocks home email & it’s not a good idea to leave Bluetooth on when not in use. Why settings general bluethooth when a shortcut allows one touch access? Love my iPhone hate crapple. I paid for an approved app to save a couple of steps now they disable it!?? WTF?? Were’s my refund?

  • paul

    Aaaahhhh!!!!! Apple can be so frustrating sometimes. Hopefully they will include toggles with their drop down notification. Can’t wait to jailbreak my 4S and use sbsettings again.

  • momo

    you know why they do this? it coz Apple can keep eeking out new things from the jailbreak community by implementing those ideas in future products, if Apple really ,seriously wanted to stop jailbroken devices from appering it could so easily send out silent updates all night long to updating transcripts

  • djman10

    I hate Apple and their control issues. I wish I did love their iProducts so much!!

    • Brando212

      yep, I love apple’s products but I despise them as a company (especially their legal devision for obvious reasons :p)

  • Krish

    I dont like apple even though I have got iphone.

    Apple makes the products/software to be compatible only with their products..instead of making people to get attracted to their products to become a big hero…bad apple

  • PebsUK

    If i ruled the world, every day would be – “f%$k that just do it my way!”

  • Nosferatu

    one word…Android 😉

    • ^^Another idiot brainwashed by his ignorance

      one word .. dufus

  • mStrovis

    Still works as of now with even more setting icons than in the video.

  • Lee

    Of course. It’s functional, useful, harmless and clearly provides a capability ALL IOS users want (simple toggles). Therefore Apple must take it away. The platform is so good, and could be so much better.

  • Joeymac

    Apple needs to realize their products are worthless without being able to jailbreak them or unlock them.. Their profits would double over night if it was easier for this to be done. When you buy something with your own money and own it you should be able to do whatever you want to it.

    • David

      When you own a car, there’re still certain engine modifications that are illegal. Even if you own your house, burning it to the ground is against the law and will get you charged with arson. Now, while a phone’s operating system is an entirely less significant thing, I think it requires clarification that Apple is far from being the only group of people seeking control of the ownership experience.

      Besides, there is always the jailbreak course of action. However, just like when modifying the engine in your car, don’t be surprised when the original manufacturer will no longer support the changes that you’ve made.

      • Dennis

        True, but those are extreme examples and are not really valid in this context. Let’s use the house and the car in a proper comparison: I buy a house and a car, but the main keys do not unlock the trunk and the basement. They are locked with a key not in your possession. You are allowed to pick the lock, but if you do you will void warranty. You have a few hand picked choices as to how you want to decorate your house and style your car. you are allowed to decorate your house and style your car in any other way you want, as long as it is safe – But once again you will void warranty.

      • Dennis

        I was a little to fast 🙂 your ‘car example’ is perfectly valid, but your ‘house example’ is not.

  • fas

    That is a real bummer!

  • Scott

    To use a quote that Steve Jobs often said, “this is sh*t!”

  • Andy

    You know what Apple officially offered me as a ‘refund’ for the buggered functionality of settings shortcuts via IconProject after I bitterly complained on their feedback form? You won’t guess, but laugh – three free song credits!!! My a… I don’t even WANT their f****** songs from their f****** iTunes f***store.
    I shall write back to them again and am very keen to see what they offer me next. After all, all the apps dealers (such as IconProject or OneTouch etc.) that promise the settings shortcut functionality are effectively cheating their customers, and Apple is the culprit. Why doesn’t someone sue the Apple f****** in the States?