Apple Releases iTunes 10.5.1; Launches iTunes Match In The U.S.

Apple has just released iTunes 10.5.1.

Though it doesn’t seem to be available via Software updates, when you click on the Free download link on the iTunes page, it takes you to the download page where iTunes 10.5.1 is available for download. 

Based on iTunes 10.5.1 beta that was seeded to developers, it includes a number of performance and stability improvements for iTunes Match – one of the major features of iCloud.

iTunes 10.5 that was released last month included the following new features:

  • iTunes in the Cloud. iTunes now stores your music and TV purchases in iCloud and makes them available on your devices anywhere, any time, at no additional cost.
    • Automatic Downloads. Purchase music from any device or computer and automatically download a copy to your Mac and iOS devices.
    • Download Previous Purchases. Download your past music, TV, app, and book purchases again, at no additional cost. Previous purchases may be unavailable if they are no longer on the iTunes Store.
  • Sync with your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with iOS 5.
  • Wi-Fi Syncing. Automatically sync your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with iTunes any time they’re both on the same Wi-Fi network.

You need to go to the iTunes download page (this link) to download iTunes 10.5.1.


It looks like Apple has also launched iTunes Match service in the U.S.iTunes Match is a new service that Apple had unveiled along with iOS 5 and iCloud at the WWDC 2011 Keynote address in June. It allows users to store their entire music collection (up to 25,000 songs), including songs that they’ve ripped from CDs or purchased from anywhere else in iCloud.

Here’s how it works:

iTunes determines which songs in your collection are available in the iTunes Store. Any music with a match is automatically added to your iCloud library for you to listen to anytime, on any device. Since there are more than 18 million songs in the iTunes Store, most of your music is probably already in iCloud. All you have to upload is what iTunes can’t match. Which is much faster than starting from scratch. And all the music iTunes matches plays back at 256-Kbps iTunes Plus quality — even if your original copy was of lower quality.

It costs $24.99 per year. iTunes Match will initially available only in the U.S.  and expected to be available in other countries sometime later.

Apple was initially expected to launch iTunes Match service along with the launch of iCloud and iOS 5, but has delayed it to fix the outstanding bugs.

Via: MacStories

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  • googolo

    cool why would I pay for that 25 $. All that music I already have. What’s the point.

    • Paradox

      Both my iPad and iPhone are 16GB models and I have over 20GB of music. SO I would pay $25 to not have all my memory taken up with music and then not have enough …… You ask us “why would you?” Good question…Not sure why your asking us.

      • Paradox

        I’m sorry did I say 20GB .. make that 52GB .. I didn’t realize I had that much .. gee bus .. I have to slim this down a bit…

        • googoolo

          You are an idiot, obviously. Can you listen to all that 52 gb at once??!!! It is the music you already have payed for. Is storage that much worth? Now if i would be able to download any song from itunes library for 25 $ a year. That would be worth that money. This is just like mobileMe. Useless but cool new feature that hipsters have to have.

          • Paradox

            I’m an idiot? hmmmmm

            at 256 kbs sample rate, I would be lucky to fit collections from 4 or 5 artist on my 16 GB iPhone, which in reality is only 14Gb after the OS takes its chunk. With this cloud based service I can select any artist from any collection I have without worrying about storage. That makes me an idiot. Ok sure I see your logic.

      • googolo

        Yes, you are an idiot. And that’s why apple is making billions for nothing.

        • Paradox

          You substantiate nothing with fact. You rant without providing data. Please provide your rationale for your statement.

          To further my rationale.

          $199 for an iphone 16gb
          $399 for an iphone 64gb

          $200 difference …

          $200/($25 per year) = 8 years iTunes match service

          So by buying the smaller capacity iPhone and subscribing to iTunes match I save money.

          Lets look at this further…

          first 2 years I spent $249 ($199+$50) for my option
          You spend $399 for your option.

          Then you and i Upgrade….

          Your now at $798 for four years
          and I am at $498 for four years

          So essentially I am saving $75 a year ($150 over 2 years) keeping that money in my wallet not Apples.

          You actually are they type of person that Apple is making their money off of.

  • Jason

    So u can live in the cloud

  • Matt Man


    iv been waiting so long for this!

    now i can have unlimited songs that siri can play for me in seconds! wooooooooohoooo(i only have a 16gb and couldnt fit all my songs)

  • Damir

    It is nice to have a high 256-Kbps AAC DRM-free quality — even if your original copy was of lower quality. I can hear the diference.

  • fas

    Finally it is here 😉

  • Shalashaska

    @iphone hacks…i think i may have found a small bug in ios 5..tried it on my and friends iphone… go to settings-general-network- and then click cellular data on and off many times in a row…the menu then replicates multiple times so you get a long scroll down section saying the same thing…dunno how significant that it but hey 🙂

  • Paradox

    Like it so far .. most of my “previously owned ripped music” wasn’t decent quality with even some pops and what not in the audio…. everything is sound very rich, very nice, coming from the cloud now. of 8K songs it checked on this computer it needed to upload 2K of them. Mind you I have a lot of obscure techno/trance radio rips that I knew it wouldn’t grab. But I am shocked at some of the stuff it did 🙂 quite pleased.

  • Sam

    Can jb phones upload to iCloud?
    Can jb phones use iTunes match?

  • Matt Man

    its not working for me. it says that my songs are on the cloud but i cant see them on my 4s. i turned on the setting. does it take awhile to load?

  • Mario

    If your songs don’t match it will upload them to the cloud that could take a while depending your Internet speed

  • Diego

    iTunes Match is temporarily not accepting new subscribers.
    Check back later.


  • Mario

    I thought u can stream music it just downloads onto your device once I play it? What’s the point of having iTunes match if it’s going to download into your phone ?

    • Paradox

      I’m trying to figure that one out too … I guess you can delete as you go .. idk … guess we will find out more when they actually produce some better how to forum.

    • Paradox

      Ok after some snooping around I found out how it works.

      The song starts streaming the second you click it. It “downloads” the full song to a cache on the phone. If you go offline IE airplane mode or whatever it will clear the cache. Sooooooo it technically is streaming as its not downloading every song to your iDevices library, just to a temp folder. Its explained as doing so to give better audio quality and the ability to skip ahead and go back without restreaming.

  • Key

    update: now available via Software Update.

  • Woooo…………….!!!! That`s Great Now Listening Music will be much easier then before now I don`t have to search for every song SIRI will do that for me………………!!!!

  • Mario

    But it still downloads into your iPhone and uses you hard drive space from your phone

    • Paradox

      It uses a temporary cache. Songs are not added to your phones permanent library. you can test this simply by turning on airport mode and trying to play one song. In airport it will play the last song you loaded up, but none of the others. if you switch to another, then back to the previous song, it too will not play. So while it is “downloading” , it is only using enough HD space to hold the immediate song your listening too.

  • Gamer

    Wouldn’t it be possible to just change the tags on a song then get it remachted

  • moodi

    Is this update safe for Jailbreakers ???

    • Paradox

      the update is only to iTunes .. not your phone or iPad. everything needed to sync up with match is already in your settings menu.