Apple Testing Siri On Non-iPhone 4S Devices?

iPhone 4S - Siri

Ever since Apple introduced Siri – the revolutionary voice activated personal assistant feature, one of the things that has been hotly debated is Apple’s decision to make the feature available exclusively on the new iPhone 4S, especially after hackers have proved that there is no technical reason why Siri can’t work on non-iPhone 4S devices by getting it to work on the iPhone 4, iPad and fourth generation iPod touch.

JailbreakNation now reports that Apple may be reconsidering their decision about Siri for non-iPhone 4S devices. According to their sources, Apple is apparently testing a build of iOS 5, which includes Siri support for the iPhone 4:

Today, we have a very interesting bit of news, tipped to us by a source close to Apple. According to them, Apple is testing Siri on devices other than the iPhone 4S. The device specifically mentioned to us was the iPhone 4, but we can most likely assume that other devices are being tested as well. This means that we will potentially see a software update that allows Siri to run on older devices.

App Advice also claims that they’ve heard the same thing from their source:

The fact that they’re considering it after the iPhone 4S release and even letting employees use it outside of the campus as a test drive shows that there still is a chance this will become a reality. Yet, Apple has now finished the test drive and removed the feature from the employees’ iPhones to minimize the chances of it getting out.

App Advice also claims that another source has told them that the test on non-iPhone 4S devices went really well, except for the iPod touch as it’s microphone isn’t as good as iPhone 4’s, which could hold Siri from that device if it can’t be overcome by software.

Though this is great news for non-iPhone 4S users, both JailbreakNation and App Advice don’t have a track record when it comes to Apple related rumors, so please take this with a pinch of salt. We also think this will not go down too well with early adopters of iPhone 4S who have upgraded to a shiny new handset just for Siri. It will also affect the sales of iPhone 4S, which has been selling extremely well thanks to the hype that Siri has generated.

What do you think? Please share your views in the comments below.

[via JailbreakNation, App Advice]

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  • Ben

    I think they should enable it on all devices possible, Siri isn’t the only thing good about the 4s, the performance boost and camera are good too, and I’d like to see my passed down 4, have Siri as well, apple would be silly to have competition between it’s own products when the competition Is with other manufacturers that will bring in similar features on cheaper Devices. At least what they lose on the 4s will be more than made up by extra sales on a 4, as opposed to losing sales to the other guys.

    • Steven

      I think that they will try to release Siri to the 16 GB iPhone 4 and higher that way people cannot buy the n
      99$ iPhone 4 8 GB and get Siri!

      • OGT

        I have an iPhone 4 8GB :^(

      • Rob

        That’s highly doubtful.

  • Phillip Martin Chaffey

    from what iv read on siri it use to be a iphone 4 app before apple got there hands on the company that made siri

  • fas

    Atleast Siri should be there on iPad 2, because both have same hardware.

    • Paradox

      @Chpwn and Steven proved that Siri works on the iPhone 4. has nothing to do with the A5 chip. Now getting it to work on an iPhone 3G may be horrid, but we already know it works just fine and as quick on the iPhone 4.

      No tooting my own horn, but I said that those guys proving it works on iPhone 4 may put pressure on Apple to do it. Apple’s previous claim was that its an hardware issue. Those guys proved it wasn’t, so Apple is back-peddling.

    • Daniel

      Siri is useful on the iPhone. On the other iDevices, it is almost not needed.

  • mimi

    if apple release this on non iphone4s then im filing for class action lawsuit as il want a refund for the 4sand compensation for the exclusively right thats taken away

    • Brad

      Good luck with that.

    • Brad

      I was just curious as to how your well thought out lawsuit was coming. Normally I would find a way to avoid asking, but you really seem to know the ropes like no other. I hope I’m just like you one day… a true non-American inspiration in the flesh. Go kick those guys square in the pants mimi!!!

    • Paradox

      You payed for the phone, the upgraded camera, the faster A5 chipset.

      The software is the property of Apple and subject to modification. They own the copyrights to the software regardless of what you paid for your phone. You paid for a license to the use the software when you purchased the hardware. Apple has the right to use the software in anyway they see fit. If the iPhone 5/6 comes out with Siri, will you sue them because your no longer exclusive?

      Let me know if it works for you, because FaceTime was “exclusive” to the iPhone 4, if you can have siri exclusive on your phone, then I don’t want you having FaceTime, as that was a selling feature exclusive to the iPhone 4.

      • Rondell

        Well said Paradox…

    • me

      …now who’s the child?

      • Paradox

        You heard of the term sarcasm right?

    • Jamesie

      Get a life FFS.

      You got the A5 chip, which gives superior graphics and future proof performance. That alone, not forgetting the 1080p recording and better camera, are more worthwhile than Siri.

      Anyone who bought a 4S just for Siri was a bit daft.

    • Apple

      Apple should not release Siri to other idevice. Having Siri is why people upgraded and bought the iPhone 4s.

      If apple had said that they were going to allow Siri on all idevices then most people wouldnt have upgraded and bought the iPhone 4s.

      If apple does release Siri to other idevice then apple should do something special for people who upgraded and bought the iPhone 4s.

      • Paradox

        @ apple they did do something special for those that upgraded.

        They gave you an incredible camera, 1080p HD video, image stabilization, and the A5 chip.

        I wish I could buy the replacement part for the camera on the iPhone 4s and install it on my 4. That would seem fair to me 😛

  • helnaw

    Who really cares? Facetime was a big deal too, I’ve used it twice & I’ve had the iPhone 4 since day one.

    • RHOMBUS!!

      FaceTime was definitely not a big deal sir. And nobody cares. You people and your out of line assumptions make me go a big soft one.

  • Malik tindell

    It is my opinion that apple iPhone 4 is still the best creation that they introduce to this world. The iPhone 4s yes still might be faster but still have not had the game winning hit the today society is looking for. So they should just give the people what they want and just update the iPhone 4 with siri and work real hard toward the iPhone 5.

  • mimi

    the 4s is only sold on the basis that a5 chip was neded for siri..false advertising, if it can be done on a4 ..siri was the standout feature if 4s thus enabling it on others would mean again false advertising while profiteering ..i was happy with my 4 but thought the 4s had that little xtra if it turns out that 4will be givn same software as 4s then they made me sell a perfect ligit phone to a uselesa upgrade considering price..thus il ask for refund of atleast half the cost of the phone..enuf takers will warrent a law suit for false claims on 4s ..a true ameriacn way.

    • pacomac

      Give it a couple of months when you see iPhone 4s specific software hit the AppStore and you will realise that there is more to the 4s than Siri. Don’t be so short sighted.

    • Paradox

      useless upgrade? if you bought the 4s for just siri then thats mud on your face. Spending all that cash just so you can talk to the phone.

      If i wasn’t in a contract for another year I would buy a 4s not for siri, but for the superior camera and HD video with image stabilization. A far superior feature to Siri and far superior to the iPhone 4.

      Good luck on the refund…….

      If you want, I will trade you my 4, for your 4s and throw you a bone of lets say $50.

    • Jamesie

      Thre is no clear marketing that links the A5 to Siri. FaceTime was a great example. It was the 4’s one more thing, and it ended up on iPod touch, iPad, and Mac.

    • Rob

      False Advertising? I don’t think apple has ever said that the A5 chip was needed for Siri, thats what a lot of people assumed but I don’t remember apple saying so.

  • mimi much as it sounds stick with it,just wish apple keep superceeding phones rather than minor upgrades at high costs..would not have minded so much if the cost was lil lower as im loyal apple buyer but sometimes even us buyers no matter how good the products are have ro spk up at some of the high costs in buying reletivly minor upgrades..4s should have been £400 and 4 liwerwd ro 300 ..dont mind 5@500 long as its a new design with all the features we have now..oh and defo way better battery pls

    • Paradox

      I understand what your saying, but the cost never changed. They released a new phone and kept it the same price as last years model. If a person payed 500 for an iPhone 4 two months ago, do you think they would be happy if two months later someone bought the latest 4s at less than 500? Apple should be applauded for keeping the prices the same and only lowering the previous model. Most companies would still be sailing the old model for 500, and make you pay 550 or 600 for the newer edition.

      If the upgrade is not worth it then miswell stay with the older model. the nextgen iPhone is always just 6-10 months around the corner.

      I feel your pain. Sometimes I wish they wouldn’t release a new phone so often. But unfortunately, its not something apple or any other phone manufacture can do. They always have to release new phones, because someone will always copy their ideas, and make their phone one feature better. Its cat and mouse games in the phone industry thats killing the consumer to have the latest and greatest. Everyone wants to be the cool kid on the block, not watching the cool kid with his new toy, as you thumb at your old one. Its human nature, and unfortunately one of our worst traits.

      • Paradox

        sailing = selling … gah horrid mistake…

  • Jake

    For you guys debating on suing apple for false advertising, i suggest you read the tems and conditions that comes with the phone and on itunes when you upgrade software. Every word of it. Read it.

  • Weebsurfer

    So has anyone contemplated the reason Siri is “Beta”? I’m thinking apple intends to release it for all IOS once they work out the kinks. Yes there’s kinks… Likely due to throwing a few million users at the service in the span of a week. They made good bucks already on 4s and they’ll just find other features for people to upgrade for.

  • zoran

    YES it should be available on at-least an iPhone 4 – mine is only a year or so old – bought new – and to have a feature that CAN run on it is ludicrous not to offer it to RECENT purchases.
    This is the first “corporate” move I have seen from Apple after being a daily user since 1993.
    Really disappointing.

  • Avster

    Siri – pain to have to connect with Apple’s servers for each request – for example, dialing a phone number from your own address book! What used to take seconds can now take 15 seconds. iPhone 4 users – you’re better off with what you have for voice dialing.

    FaceTime – don’t get two things. 1) why the wifi restriction if other apps, like Skype, allow 3G? 2) should make it compatible with iChat / AIM, which would result in vast usage.

  • Cj

    I never heard apple say it siri was on iphone 4s only because of the a5 chip. I never heard them say it isnt suppourted on ip4 because its to underpowered. That was sepulation form other people. Siris is in beta. They might release for ip4 when out of beta.

    • mimi

      ahh.we must have all missed that part of the speech! when they never said anything but let us to assume

  • Siri is great technology but it still need loads of improvements because right now it really has lack of functionality. At the first it felt really great but after using it for a while and testing more function you can see that it lack of many features but as this is first version of Siri for mass auditorium probably it will get way better over next versions

  • RF

    Right.. You’ll get zip for your lawsuit.

  • mediascape

    This does makes sense.

    1) Siri is in beta for a reason (to test on smaller market, like the -iphone4s- first )

    2) Releasing siri to every user at the same time would result in servers dropping and or crashing and bad PR which apple doesn’t need after the death of Steve Jobs. –

    I think will see siri on the iPhone 4 at least within a few months — and maybe ipad1 and 2 and the most recent iPod touch after as well.

    iTunes match is delayed – apple has lots of kinks with iCloud and siri on the 4S – battery issues.
    Once all of this equalizes, I think we’ll see a major iOS update with siri packaged.

    They did this with iBooks and most recently with GarageBand remember. Released only on the iPad, then in the coming months ported to all devices.

  • Netrunner

    What I don’t get is why is there only an issue about Siri NOW!? Siri WAS an app that was available to iPhone 4 users BEFORE Apple bought it. No one made a fuss about it then. You had to register a user account to be able to use it and it worked just fine on the 4. I’m not sure if it was something you had to pay for but I used to have Siri till Apple bought it and made it unavailable on the app store. Even if you had it installed, it was disabled on the phone and removed from the app store after one of their iTunes updates. So if you didn’t have it then and didn’t complain about it when they took it away, why complain now when you can’t have something you didn’t know was previously available for use in the first place? For those who bought the 4S just for Siri, you’re missing out on the other cool shit you paid for.. I don’t want what you have.. If I did, I would have gotten a 4S. I want what I ALREADY had BEFORE you, that was taken away by Apple and used to catch suckers like you to spend ANOTHER $800.00 (I’m just gonna right ahead and assume you got the 64G version) on a product that you really didn’t need.

    • Paradox

      Siri the app and the current Siri while similar do have differences.

      Siri the app if I read correctly (never used it) was a sandbox app (had no integration outside its own app). It did much of the same things it does now but it couldn’t interact with other applications. It was almost like yelp and dragon naturally speaking apps combined.

      The new Siri still performs the same functions as the old, but now is part of the root system, meaning it can interact with your other applications. It couldn’t do that before as a sandbox app. Telling it to set up an appointment, or ask what events you have today, read an email etc …. required the app to become root.

      I may be way off base, as I never tried the former Siri, but I believe thats the basic difference between the two.

  • Siridar

    Apple was going to release iPhone 5 but condition of Steve Jobs didn’t allow this. Then Apple decided to release just iPhone 4S and postponed to release iPhone 5. They also decided to add Siri Beta because they know 4S’s specs doesn’t enough for hard users who wait

    • Rob

      Where did you hear about this? I’m pretty sure apple intended to release the 4S regardless of Steve Jobs’s condition. The only reason it took them longer to release is because the Verizon iPhone 4 and white iPhone recently came out and no company in their right mind would release a new device with a stock full of iPhone 4 needed to be sold. I’m sure after the next iPhone whether its called 5 or 6, the apple will release an iPhone 5s or 6s.

  • Siridar

    iPhone 5!

    Result:do not wait Siri for other devices

  • Kimk69

    This is why it probably wont happen because of people like that who want to be different and don’t give a shit about any body else. They just want to show everyone that they have the new phone with the new feature and really don’t even care that much about it. Just bragging rights. Just be happy you have it and have the best iPhone ever made. I have an iPhone 4 and will upgrade on nov. 18th and can’t wait. I’m jail broke on iOS 5 and it’s a little slow now. In one way is just by tapping home button to go to the first page it’s slow and choppy. I’ve had the new phone in hand and I can’t wait to get it for the speed enhancements and camera. It definately handles iOS 5 better. Games mirrored on to the TV.

  • Danger

    I upgraded from a 3G to a 4S, so huge differences there. I did it mostly out of a kind of necessity.
    I would love it if 4 users (and iPad, …) had Siri as well because I think everyone should have awesome technology. At least all Apple customers.
    Although, I believe Siri shouldn’t necessarily be a free upgrade. I paid for it, why not the next person?
    Thoughts? What would you pay? $30? $50?

  • Harry

    I like Suri when I had on my 3GS. It worked just fine.

    Google voice search works for all Android devices. You don’t see them locking down phones.

    • Paradox

      google voice search works well on iPhone too .. difference is siri works with many other apps in the capacity of a dictation system. much like dragon…. not downgrading google search .. but just pointing out the difference. I have loved google apps on y iPhone 4 and my 3 prior to that.

  • Q

    This is good, if apple going to install it to non-iphone 4s. This is not even good for non-iphone 4s user but oppotunity of Apple to get new customer that they choose to get new low price device of Apple product with quality and wonder application than another operation phone.