Apple’s Product Line Versus That Of Samsung’s

Apple presently sells three variants of the iPhone, the iPhone 4S, iPhone 4 and the free iPhone 3GS. That’s one up from their last year’s product line up which featured just two models.

How many phone models does Samsung, the world’s top smartphone vendor, presently sell in the U.S.? 134!

Their lineup includes flip phones, Android phones, WP7 devices, Bada OS based phones and a lot more.

Have a look at the images below to know the difference between the product lineup of the two companies:

As MG Siegler puts it:

“Choice sounds great until you have to choose.”

While at first that statement might seem outrageous, choosing a phone amongst say, a dozen models, does seem a tedious task. Apple’s focus on a few devices means buyers have well defined parameters, on the basis of which they can make a choice.

That doesn’t mean that an extended product lineup isn’t good. In fact, to increase adoption, a wide product lineup is essential, which is why Apple didn’t discard the iPhone 3GS, more than two years after its introduction.

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  • waakkaka


  • Axe

    Apple has its own first core value to follow according to Tim Cook, “Focus”.

  • fas

    Samsung is churning out devices faster then it can breathe.

  • xdata

    三星废品 别以为跟谷大爷合作就以为自己的东西好了

    • mato


  • Allen

    Variety is good… To a point. Being a previous Samsung owner and converting to the iPhone when I switched carriers, I was not extremely satisfied with the software support of Samsung. Each model varied components which made it difficult to get upgrades on the new Android releases. Apple does it right and as mentioned earlier “focuses” on it’s product line and quality support.

    • nityal

      hi im in india……..not every one can afford buying apple phones they are costly and has more restrictions become the no.1 brand by selling phones four models is not the best and samsung is doing that by a wide variety of phones to each and every community……which apple lacks u cannot see apple phones soo frequently but samsung its like a part of the people ……im using iphone 4 and its ok

  • Faraz

    Each product has its own “PLC” Product Life Cycle. At some point, the 3GS will reach the end of life cycle and perhaps continue at the smallest rate momentum which I belive is perfectly fine. There are families which can’t afford the 4 and 4S version for their
    children thus making the 3GS version and excellent “economic” choice. It is still and iPhone maturing to 4 and then 4S. Variety is good and Apple has it. And that’s the way it should be. And that is my perception, as a product manager.

    • I think Apple will move the 4 down to the 3gs position once the 5 comes out and continue on with that approach. The 3gs is doing really good with stock being sold as fast as they get them. It’s doing so well that ATT raised the price to 99 cents, which still equates to millions of dollars a year in extra revenue vs selling it for free.

    • dubstep

      Moral of your story… one doesn’t need good grammar to be a ‘product manager’. Thanks for the comment.

  • Frank

    Wow so Samsung has copied that many versions of the iPhone in different phone cases ……no wonder apple is pissed

  • Sneak

    Lame article! All the writer wants is to stir up trouble. The world would be lame is everyone has the same phone. Other company choose to make a variety of phone for different people. My grandma does not need a smart phone. My parents could careless about Internet so they dont need to spend extra money on a plan. My friend who is 6’10” thinks my iPhone is a toy because it’s so small. There are millions of people with different needs of a phone. So tell me what’s wrong with choices?

  • Tito

    What is this article supposed to be showing??? Samsung makes many different phones for many different markets. Smartphone? Feature Phone? Android? Windows? Etc. Etc. Apple makes a smartphone. Thats all. Of course their product line is not going to be as vast as Samsung’s that makes many different phones.

    • Mikey


      Pick an os and argue based on that at least.

    • David

      Agreed x 2

  • AnonymousDeveloper

    As I am not an Android fanboy (I own over 15 Apple devices), I must say there is not much choice when choosing from Samsung, especially if you want to choose a phone that competes with the iPhone. There are three main choices: Samsung Galaxy S II, Samsung Galaxy Note, and Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

  • Whyt

    I like a sense of variety, and so do other people.
    As one of the comments above pointed out, what use does an elderly person have for and iPhone especially if they have limited vision.
    What use does someone have for a phone that gets internet, when they don’t use it when there out?
    Does a child need a fancy phone? No.
    What about the guy whose barely scraping a living? He can’t afford and iPhone.

    There are many requirements from a lot of people. Apple just limited it’s market, but at the same time made it’s products something special. Something that’s seen as exclusive.

  • Phyroath

    I don’t care. I used iphone 3GS for 1 year – day and night and i end up selling it – I am losing my eye sight in just one year because of smart phone. Have a good eye sight!

  • GetReal

    Get Real people! From the pic of Samsung’s offerings, they rip off every phone manufacturer. Not just Apple. 😉