Dev Team Working On Very Promising iPhone 4S Unlock


Chronic Dev team broke the bad news earlier today that the exploits that they had discovered in iOS 5 beta that could have resulted in an untethered jailbreak for iOS device users and more importantly a jailbreak for iPhone 4S and iPad 2 users, has been patched by Apple in the final version of iOS 5.

But the ever-so dependable iPhone Dev team has just tweeted some good news for iPhone 4S users.

MuscleNerd tweeted few hours back:

Crazy Thanksgiving weekend! Very promising 4S unlock ( is in the works (Not i4, just 4S..that’s crazy part)

It means that they have discovered out an exploit in the A5 processor that powers iPhone 4S and iPad 2 that will allow users to unlock their iPhone 4S so that they can use it with any other GSM carrier.

MuscleNerd has also posted this image to confirm the unlock for iPhone 4S:

Since you first need to jailbreak the iPhone to unlock it, it looks like Dev team is gearing up to launch a jailbreak and unlock for iPhone 4S. Let’s hope that while the unlock will only be available for iPhone 4S users, it will at least support an untethered jailbreak for iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS along with the iPads and iPod touches.

Dev team haven’t provided an ETA on when it will be released but as always, we’ll keep you posted if there are any further updates, so stay tuned here at iPhone Hacks or join our Facebook Fan page or follow us on Twitter or subscribe to our RSS feed.

[via @MuscleNerd]

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  • ip4 craze

    Release 1st d untethered jailbreak..

  • Micro

    Untethered for 4S will be like a dream comes true with that speed of the phone 🙂 cant wait for allthise tweaks what im gonna put inside 😛

  • moe


  • Sound good! I hope Dev Team Release soon before I am going to Travel to Vietnam, wish they will release in next two week. Thank you hard working.

  • Jack Black

    Great this are really masters hoping for untethered jb all iPhone’s in the Netherlands are allready factory unlocked

  • SvS

    Yesssss. The iPhone is almost perfect… iBlacklist is a must for using it for your business.

  • Hendrix

    No need to jail break iPhone to unlock it, think about where the unlock comes from. Make a phone call and all is done, easy..

  • Jason

    WHO CARES… we need the iPhone 4S jailbreak first. I don’t know why anything would be worked on or completed before the Jailbreak for the iPhone 4S? Does anybody want a iPhone 4S for a iPhone 4. I am getting so board with the 4S, with no Jailbreak. It sucks to be perfectly honest. Really Really sucks… Please guys, help us out… 🙁

    • Spencer

      Yes also the 4s’s that arn’t unlocked after 60 days of having it at least for verizon you can get it unlocked through verizion. Sprint also offers that but If you have AT&T they will not offer that sorry.

  • Andy

    I thought apple start selling unlock iphone weeks ago. Why does dev team still bothers to find unlocking solution.

    • Jason

      Excellent Point!!!!!

    • iRSX

      Actually, they started selling unlocked iPhone over a year ago (outside the US) *points and laughs* Haha!

      The reason they’re still looking for these exploits is because people who get their phones from carriers with a subsidy can now switch and still use the same phone.

  • Don

    Iphones come locked up what they do else where is up to them. Before posting anything ignorant please READ carefully and understand that dev,s have to jailbreak phones for true customization etc. regularly it would be possible but I do hope a untethered jailbreak will come soon great job to the dev’s

  • Jarhead

    At this point I’d settle for a tethered jailbreak for the 4s. I’m left scratching my head why the jailbreakers are using the betas for the framework for the jailbreak when it’s apparently obvious even to a non-programmer like me, that the gold is the finished product available to the public. And the devs should be working on that which is readily available to the public. This would eliminate time spent on combing through useless code. I’m probably way off the mark on this, but from reading the tweets from Musclenerd and posixninja this is what appears to have happened.

  • CristV

    did they said baseband that will work with?

  • lando

    How it will be release?waiting for the unlocked iPhone 4s SU at&t to be unlocked for all gsm sim card in all over the world…

  • MuscIenerd

    It’s official, no Jailbreak will ever be available for 4S ans iPad 2.

    • Jason

      Where do u you get your information from?

      • bull ass

        fuc*** freak! they gonna release the jailbreak before xmas!

        • ususers

          again… 12 year olds should be playing with matchbox cars not using the internet. Roght Mr. a$$

  • Wupiwupi

    And i believe of Santa Claus too 🙂

  • Boris

    Россия с вами, пaрни))) ждем и надеемся))) Russia with you, guys ))) waiting and hope ))))

    • OGT


    • Борис не боись!!!!

  • In fact, unlock is not an important for most of users. But, Jailbreak is the difference story. I am waiting the jailbreak news. Because Indo not want to lost some great software such as SBSettings.

    • Зло

      Jap kids need jailbreak for games etc and the rest of us to have normal functional phone .I really do not know what is more important 🙂

  • KD

    WTF?!! So soon a unlock & untethered for the 4S?? Still their is not a unlock for i4. So the new one is easy to unlock but the older one is harder? 0_o

  • Zed Sefi

    Now presumably even if we can manage to get a jailbreak (tethered or untethered) for the 4S and iPad 2 on iOS 5 for those like me who ignored upgrading to 5.0.1 (using Charlie Miller’s exploit hopefully), I wonder what is the point anyway if you are going to lose the jailbreak again (possibly forever) in case anything goes wrong on your device and you gonna be in a must situation to format it again (remember that SHSH blobs are useless now and this is kinda similar to iPad 2 jailbreak on iOS 4.3 that people have lost once upgraded to iOS 5 without being able to save 4.3 SHSH files).

    There is a serious need for a smart hacker to create self-dependant .ipsw (custom) firmware file for iOS 5 that can be restored with a third party app designed for it (not iTunes). I remember TinyUmbrella had plans in the past to create a version of their app that can be used entirely without iTunes at all. Is this thing ever possible now anymore?

    Alternatively if Cydia system can be improved (hint: mobile substrate) so that in case there is any problem with any cydia tweak that may cause crashing or have incompatibility issue with another app (which would cause the phone to be stuck on Apple logo loop or similar); then there should be a mechanism to prevent this, because once system crashed we will be forced to restore and thus we gonna lose the jailbreak. I hope that the guys behind Semi-Tether app are considering this matter seriously as a solution to this big problem.

    • Zed Sefi

      To be very clear about this, I have been a jailbreaker for over 4 years. From experience whenever I had an iDevice that runs unjailbroken firmware, the system was very stable and I never has any issues like crashing or being stuck at boot logo or such, and the few times that I needed to do something were not forcing me to format my device at all (for instance resetting network settings or resetting all settings without erasing any contents).

      While, on the other side of the coin, whenever I had a jailbroken device (no matter how many apps and tweaks installed from Cydia whether they are in hundreds or just a few like mobile substrate, Sbsettings and Winterboard) I always had the risk of becoming vulnerable for the need to format my device again. During the life cycle of my jailbroken devices lives I lost the count of the hundreds of times that I was forced to format my device without being willing to upgrade the software intentionally (I had to rejailbreak on average of twice a month, once a week or even sometimes within few days or even hours, based on the tweaks I am installing when they tend to have clashing issues between themselves).

      You will never know, no matter how secure you feel, that you will wake up next day in the morning to find your iPhone stuck on Apple logo without a warning. Even if you are the most careful person in the world, an update on Cydia for infinidock may have something against shrink tweak and BAM! Your iPhone crashes and won’t even boot! (this is an example to clarify my point).

      A jailbreak without the ability to reserve the firmware is like driving your car down a hill without brakes. Yes you are fine for now but sooner or later you will crash and have a bad accident when you reach the end of the road.

  • fas

    Now when the unlocked versions are available, who needs this anyways.

    • Jason

      You said all off that because…..

  • Thanks for your hard work. I am waiting for the unlock for 4s to be launched soon. C

  • ifonix

    thanx for the hard work.

  • vaskany

    if they will unlock 4s i4 will be unlock to they . thanks for Siri on i4.

  • Brooks Clanton

    I’m not sure exactly where to post this so I’m gonna try here…i have the tethered iOS5 jailbreak and for some reason it disables double-tapping the home button to bring up iPod controls or the shortcut to the camera. is there a fix for this or setting that re-enables it? I have noticed it works fine when its running after it died with semi tether. Thanks for the help!

  • Kitty

    it ll be released day after premiere iPhone 7 lol 😛

  • John

    With the list of empty promises from the Dev Team getting longer as the days go on. I call BS! Kind of like that baseband downgrade from 6.15 that has been promised several times now, I will believe it when I see it.

  • What a great news ! Last time I checked there is over 30M jailbroken iDavices on the planet. 30M !!!! That’s a lot of people waiting on JB. If one of each of this 30M made 1$ donation Dev team could of release unlock for any baseband I bet on that 😀 Anyhow very good news and keep it up guys !

  • One more thing can anyone explain a bit what this screen shot means ? I mean I understand UNIX Root user is a superuser with access to all folders , commands and anything that have to do with file system or phone functions but anything above that I totally lost ..anyone ?

  • maxrfon

    Well, as usual a lot of bla bla instead of doing real cool hacking job…
    The DevTeam is a puppet show, nothing else. Let them try to hack something real serious, like we did with the SE Xperias.
    PS There is nothing but just an attempt to flash the modem on the picture.

  • Ivan Cruz Brazil

    It’s wonderfull. My Ipad 2 needs, so much, Jailbreak.

  • jayson

    when will the untethered jailbreak for Iphone 4s be release? i’ve been reading blogs everywhere and it all says the same thing “SOON”. i know the dev team is hard at work but i don’t need the freaking unlock. can they just release the untether jailbreak already plzzzz.

  • Really looking forward to it. I hope this brings untethered as well hehe

  • ususers

    The reason there is no jailbreak for iPhone 4S is because it cannot be done, pulling your chain and keeping you in excitment is the name a of the game here. There will be no JB for iPhone 4S it cannot be done!

    • bull ass

      shut the f**k UP! you’re lying!

      • ususers

        Kids should not allowed to use the internet as the poster above has just proved that, no need to get your diaper dirty boy! I was just stating my opinion, but come back here in like 4 to 6 months and let me know if ou were able to JB your mommies iPhone4s because by your post you’re not old enough to buy one.

  • Ryo

    Who cares about unlock when you can buy unlock iPhone 4S virtually anywhere now?
    The dev’s have been great all up until Apple acquire comex. From that point on, Apple has been winning the cat and mouse game. I mean look at the iPad 2? We’re all still stuck on 4.3.3 for jailbreak! Unlock? Forget it! It’s been a year since the last unlockable baseband. Well, we can still hope… I will be keeping my 4.3.3 iP4 until they release a new jailbreak because I absolutely need iBlackList and MyWi.

  • dick

    who cares abt unlock just release the untethered jb

    • mpmike

      or just tethered for now