How To Dismiss Banner Notifications In iOS 5

iOS 5 Notifications

One of our favorite iOS 5 features is the revamped iOS 5 Notification system, especially the Notification Center as it finally makes it a lot easier to keep track of new notifications.

However, one minor annoyance at times is the iOS 5 banner notifications that show up at the top of the screen in-app and on the homescreen, as there have been quite a few instances where we’ve accidentally tapped on it.

Rene Ritchie over at has figured out a way to handle the banner notifications:

Touch and pull down slightly on the banner, then flick it up and away. (You’re really activating Notification Center for a moment, but it has such a terrific, tactile feeling to it.)

Rene also talks about another method but it seems to be less reliable than the above method:

“Swipe” from right to left. (You’re really not swiping, it’s a subtle down up motion that’s a faster but not as reliable version of the above.)

The video should give you a better idea and let us know which one works for you:

We still hope that Apple figures out a better way to handle the iOS 5 banner notification to avoid accidentally tapping on them.

[iDB via TiPb]

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  • Kwopau

    Cool tip, i didn’t know about this. Now I know if it gets in my way. Thanks

  • Jenn

    Awesome. I prefer sliding to the left. So many times already, the notification bar has blocked the button I needed to tap. And when you have to wait, it feels like forever.

  • Great8

    Those notifications are a bit annoying. Nice to know you can get rid of them. Now only if you could delete email from the lock screen or notification center or just make the lock screen the notification center.

  • S.V.

    The swipeing works perfectly, the banner only got in my way while playing family feud lol now I can make it go away!

  • lflasers


  • Patrick

    There is a jailbroken app called ‘NCQuickDismiss’ that adds a small [x] button where you can just tap on it to close the notification.

  • Avster

    How do you guys turn off the notifications overnight? Is the only way to either turn phone off or turn wifi/cellular data off?

  • fas

    Common they are quite small to tap them accidentally.

    • JB

      Agreed! And they aren’t annoying either.

  • Da

    Just another person complaining about something so little get over it

    • JB

      Always gotta bitch about nothing as usual. How do you accidentally tap such a small part of the screen. Especially the top edge. Are these the same people that complain about news tickers and sports tickers that take up a minimal part of the tv screen. The banner notification only appears for a mere second. Geez!

  • Nino brown

    Totally agree with JB. You guys complain about almost everything. One minute you want something, next minute you want to get rid of it. Everyone was excited with notification centre. Now it’s annoying…..pffffff!!!just get rid of ur iPhone and get urself these old fashion mobile phone to make n receive ur calls damn it!

  • Kevin

    I dunno, never happened to me before, so a solution for this problem wouldn’t change much of my iPad expirence, but what does bother me is, for example when I’m playing fruit ninja multiplayer, the little notification banner thing, pops up whenever you swipe down from the top while in land scape mode. which means, it pops up almost always in multiplayer.

  • Lynchhh

    I don’t see why you people are being so ignorant, I love the notification center and the banners but I still found this information useful. I hate when I’m showing something to someone on my phone and I get a text that I really don’t want them to see. If you don’t like the tips then don’t read them.