iTether: iPhone App That Offers Unlimited Tethering For a One-Time Fee Briefly Approved By Apple

Apple has approved a tethering application from called iTether in the App Store. The iPhone app is a companion app for the Mac and PC versions, which allows users to use their iPhone’s data connection to surf the internet on a Mac or PC over USB.

Apple has previously banned such applications from the App Store possibly due to pressure from carriers like AT&T, Verizon and Sprint who offer tethering plans for $20 per month that can be used using the Personal Hotspot feature that is available for iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS users. In the case of iTether users have to pay only a one-time fee of $14.99, which is the cost of the app and no recurring fees.

Here’s a quick description of the app from the App Store:

Tether is an application that allows your Mac and PC to take advantage of your smartphone’s data plan, providing you access to the Internet on your laptop anywhere there is cellular coverage from your smartphone.

Tether is easy to install, easy to use, works practically anywhere, and is very cost-effective.

To download the PC software visit:

To download the Mac software visit:

It is widely speculated that Apple will remove the iPhone app from the App Store and the approval was a mistake by Apple’s app review staff. However, Tether claims:

“We were very clear with Apple what our app did. They asked us a bunch of questions and then approved us.”

It won’t be the first time if Apple pulls the app from the App Store. Back in 2008, Apple had briefly approved a similar tethering app called NetShare into the App Store, only to remove it within a few hours. Since then we’ve seen jailbreak apps such as MyWi that offer the personal hotspot functionality and incidentally is also one of the main reasons why users jailbreak their iPhone.

So download iTether using this App Store link before it is removed if you want to enjoy tethering for a one-time fee.

Update 1:

Strange, but the app is still available in the App Store. Is Apple okay with the apps that allow USB tethering? We wonder what carriers like AT&T think about it.

Update 2:

It looks like Apple has pulled the app from the App Store. You now get the following error message when you click on the App Store link. Thanks JB Wi for the heads up.

If you managed to download it before it was pulled then you don’t need to worry, it will continue to work for you.

[via 9 to 5 Mac]

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  • mato

    wow! but its pricey!

  • Kimberly

    🙁 so I still can’t tether my iPhone to my WiFi only ipad2 without jail breaking it?! I knew the wifi only iPad purchase was a mistake.

  • Stan

    $14.99? You must be kidding me.

    • Brad

      So cheap

  • Glen

    But, does it hide tethering from the carriers? Tried all the other apps and got busted by AT&T!!!

    • Ozkar221

      Try (pdanet) from Cydia it hides tethering from carrier I used it for a year now I got the 4S so I can’t use it till I’m jailbroken but I notice that I used to download at 150kbp-200kbs with my 3GS on AT&T now it’s 20kbp-70kbp on sprint it’s dam slow

      • Ramiz khudafi

        Haha that sucks you should stick to atat..mywi works for me an it’s free if you know what your doing..only on any jail broken device

        • Ramiz khudafi

          I’m running 4-5.5 mbs

    • Kraken

      My guess is that it doesn’t and the carrier will automatically add the tethering plan in response to its use like they do for the jailbreak apps. It makes sense that this app would be approved to be used in conjunction with the carriers tethering plan.

  • J

    wasn’t there the HOTSPOT function on the iphone that does the function mentioned??

  • Ros

    Ha? I have USB tethering from 4.2.1 built in, whats this deal is about?

  • Stupid Prakash

    Relationship between carriers and Apple turning sour I guess

  • Amej

    I don’t understand why can’t any one use hotspot same way which is built in

    • Mechmix

      Because that is a monthly fee.

      • Zang

        Only for those of you that are in the US lol… Quite a shame…

  • Jason

    This app is too vauge. It doesn’t say weather this is for folks that already have a tethering plan nor does it outright say its better than getting a tethering because its cheeper for a one time fee rather than paying $20 a month.

  • buffybear

    Excuse me, $15 pricey? Are you nuts???
    One time cost vs monthly fee; you don’t have to be a rocket scientist. This WAS my last reason to stay jailbroken. Really really tired of waiting for untetethered ios 5 jb. Goodbye all, this makes an honest man of me.

  • Michael

    What’s the point? I already have a tether plan from AT&T that costs me an extra $ 20 a mo. I don’t see this app saving me $220 a year.

    • Xcao01

      you really don’t see the difference between paying $20 a month and a one time payment of $15……..

    • dubstep

      Oh so, you’re saying you’re an idiot…got it, thanks….

  • buffybear

    It’s actually a $225 savings for the first year; $240 thereafter. If you love AT&T that much fine. Better in my pocket though.

  • Smokey

    Question: Won’t At@t make u change ur plan from unlimited data? That was the problem I was having b4. They say sure u can do it but u will be taken off the unlimited plan…

  • JB Wi

    Already pulled form US !!!!

  • Nice

    I had MiWi on my iPhone AT&T automatically upgraded my data plan, but threaten them that I was going to end my contract and they gladly put the unlimited back on but I think they slowed my Internet DOWN !

  • Dice

    Cant DL it, it shows up when i search but csnt get it. Oh well. Another reason to await for jb

  • buffybear

    Don’t ask, don’t tell! Grandfathered w/unlimited. Plan to keep it that way. Worked fine w/pdanet. Planning to keep it that way!

  • Ryu

    Got it this morning and it works, you HAVE to download the sister app on your PC or MAC from to make it work, it also has to remain open – no multi-task 🙁 but works without JB so far. This will make waiting for an un-tethered JB easier for while, missing my MyWi

    • Paradox

      So being that its been pulled now and is unavailable … any chance of uploading it to file ape for us? and supporting the other underground movement…… I wouldn’t suggest it necessarily for apps that are available…. but if I can’y buy it anymore because its not for sale .. then is it really all that bad?

      😛 🙂 ^_^

  • I got it before it got pulled. Works well, speeds are not blistering fast but I’ll take it for what it is.

  • fas

    This app will soon make it to Cydia.

  • Worm

    Nice app. Works well

  • Daniel

    Hey… Any chance that you’ve gotten this app. via email? I would truly appreciate it

  • informed citizen

    This is crap –
    No free trial – they take your money and it still doesn’t work.
    Smells like a scam to me