Microsoft Office May Be Finally Coming to iPad

According to The Daily, Microsoft plans to release the Office suite for the iPad. The app is likely to become one of the tech giant’s more lucrative ones.

Sources reported to The Daily earlier today that Microsoft is working to bring the Office suite to the iPad. It’s already an old rumor, but since the OneNote app was launched earlier this year, we may be much closer to an actual release. Word, Excel, and PowerPoint iPad apps will likely make their debut according to SlashGear, and the Office 365 feature is rumored to be integrated as well.

MS Office logo

Mobile productivity is definitely becoming a focus for many consumers. Though late to the party, Microsoft is one of many companies that are taking advantage of the growing tablet base to launch mobile and iOS-specific apps. Expanding its base is a smart move for Microsoft, especially with the controversy surrounding the upcoming Windows 8 computers and tablets.

Apple’s iWork suite has been available for the iPad for some time, and was recently made available to the iPhone and iPod Touch earlier this year as well was updated to work with iCloud. However, Office is Microsoft’s most lucrative software, second only to Windows itself. Office is the standard for document productivity on the desktop, so it’ll be interesting to see how well it does on iOS in comparison to Apple’s iWork.

Microsoft’s desktop version of Office hasn’t been updated for Mac OS X 10.7 Lion yet, but The Daily’s source also said that this should be out by the end of 2012. It’s possible that we could see the iPad apps much sooner than that.

What do you think about the possibility of Word, Excel and PowerPoint finally coming to iPad? Will you buy them when they’re available in the App Store?

[via TheDaily, SlashGear]

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  • hxclos

    Nice! I thought getting an iPad for school would be cool but I was really disappointed with Apple’s Pages. I can’t print documents at school because the Macs in campus only have Microsoft Office installed.

    • Paradox

      You can send the file as Microsoft doc from your pages app on the iPad. I do that all the time at school. Just an FYI

  • Paulantone

    Why should anybody pay Microsoft a penny when you get 90% of the functions of all Office applications, all for free on Google docs?

    • moe

      I agree. google docs is dope on my ipad2

  • Ryan Phan

    By the end of 2012???? Wow… I don’t wanna wait that long 🙁

  • fas

    You can disagree with them but what you can’t do is ignore them!

  • Chad

    This is an awesome possibility for our company! We currently use MS Tablet PCs to do our estimating and proposals. The template is in MS Excel and we run a Tablet PC Edition of Windows which allows us to draw diagrams, have clients sign proposals, etc. right on the excel forms. I’ve been searching for a way to use our system on the iPad but haven’t found one yet. This will hopefully be an answer!

  • jeremy

    I work for a retailer and this is one of the biggest questions for any tablet. “Can I put Microsoft Office on my iPad?” It would be a smart move for them during the interim of a Windows 8 at some point becoming reality. I know there are many other apps that can do these functions, but the average tablet convert isn’t accustomed to these differences. So for the sake of helping me keep a job selling tablets, Thank you in advanced microsoft for swallowing your pride and making this happen!

  • Dominic

    Great news… i am hoping that they include handwriting to the list of wants… it would make it easier and more functional…