Samsung Mocks iPhone Users In New Galaxy S II Ad [Video]

Apple has sued Samsung for blatantly copying their products, while Samsung has counter sued Apple for infringing patents related to mobile-communications technologies.

So while that patent war has been playing out in the court rooms, Samsung is expected to start airing a new Samsung Galaxy S II TV ad on Thanksgiving that mocks Apple’s iPhone users.

In the ad, Samsung highlights the bigger screen and support for 4G network as the key advantages of Samsung Galaxy S II over Apple’s iPhone 4S and also makes references to the iPhone 4S not-so great battery life and the fact that it looks like iPhone 4.

Here’s a description of the ad:

fans are shown lining up outside an Apple Store-like location nine hours before it opens. “Someone just left,” says one woman. “Why would they be leaving when we’re only nine hours away?” asks her male companion. “Uh oh,” says another guy in line, reading off his phone. “The blogs are saying the battery looks sketchy” then one guy asks “if it looks the same how would people know I upgraded”

Just then, a cool group of young men and women come into the line’s view sporting a Samsung Galaxy S II. The crowd is drawn to the phone, although one guy haughtily dismisses it. “I could never get a Samsung,” he says. “I’m creative.” “Dude, you’re a barista,” his friend replies. The ad also makes much of the S II’s 4G compatibility (iPhones are still on 3G), which leads to the kicker: “The next big thing is already here.”

What do you think about the Galaxy S II ad? Do you think Samsung’s approach of mocking Apple fanboys work? Please share your views in the comments section below.

 [via Mashable]

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  • Javeezy


    Not impressed at all, IPhone the best phone ever.

    • Apple

      Samsung suck!!!

      Don’t want a phone with too big of a screen, it doesn’t feel right in your hand. iPhone size is perfect, fits right in your hands and pocket.

      They might have 4G on the Samsung galaxy S2, but iPhone will still outperform any Samsung phone.

      • Aro

        I must agree about the size, but when it comes to “outperforming”, no man, try to be a little more objective. Iphone needs a lot of improvements on the next iphone, if it wants to really compete with Galaxy SII or maybe Galaxy S3

        • A Black Dude

          it does? what imporvement does it “need”. sure there are thing they can just throw on there to eat battery life but really what do they need to improve on? the os runs smove on an underclocked processor. andriod users have to over clock to get consistant performance and hurt their already sh**ty battery life.

          • asangha

            Next time do some research before blindly saying iphones a better phone. when it comes to hardware the samsung galaxy s2 is far better in almost everyway. i agree apple has the better software. but from a hardware perspective the galaxyS2 is a superior phone. apple has a lot of catching up to do

      • Vinsanity

        So are you saying if Apple released iPhone 5 with a bigger screen it will “suck” because it’s too big to fit in your hand?

      • at&tH4t3r

        get bigger hands you homo.

        • Apple

          You must be stupid or retarded to leave such a comment.

          How in the world would someone get bigger hands?

          Next time think before you post, f***ing dumbass bitc h.

      • Kaylee

        Firstly, some iphone parts are actually made by Samsung, secondly you are a retard if you think the iphone 4g out does the Samsung Galaxy s2. Check you tube you will find lots and lots of videos proving this. Oh and one more thing, you should really stop buying your phones as a fashion statement without actually reading up on them first, because you are wasting your pocket money on a over advertised hunk of junk.

    • mex

      Speaking of “phone” only- maybe . But those devices are not anymore only phones, face it. The “phone” as device is dead . People need all-in-one device in the pocket. And “Phone” is only another app. But iPhone can not do anything else then phone with 3.5″- am I right?. Only the Messiah helps still the sell 🙂
      The add shows you perfectly iSheeps

      • Apple

        So you are judging a phone base on it screen size?

        Last I check a phone screen is just a display, it doesn’t make or break a phone. What’s counts is how the phone is built and what performance it has.

        In this case, what other phone has a better camera then an iPhone 4s?

        At the release of every iphone, I see a huge line of people waiting to get there change in line to buy one. I never see people waiting in line waiting to get a new Samsung phone or android phone or any other phone in this case.

        • Simon

          Alot of phones out there have similar or better camera. HTC Sensation XE has a pretty good 8mp camera.

          • Adam

            the camera on the sensation is 8mp, however, the aperture on the lens and the lack of brightness from the duel LED flash makes it a worse camera. I honestly think my 4s would give my 14mp compact a run for its money.

            and yes, the SII may have better hardware, but… iOS doesn’t need that power as the software is so light and will run perfectly on even less power than it is currently getting from the A5 processor.

            I agree that it is very narrow minded to come out and say ‘iphone is the best, end of.’, but everyone has they phones that they feel suit them, or give them what they need from a phone. I have an iPhone 4S because personally i think you get everything you need from a phone… and more.

            Rant over.

  • Michael

    I’m happier with the iPhone 4S then the SGS2. Samsung are technical good, but the rest sucks. I have 4 Samsung product and had big problem with two of them, will never buy a Samsung product again. Customer Service is horrible

  • Jonesy

    I’m an iPhone fanboy and it would take a lot more than bringing up iPhones worst qualities to pursuade me to purchase any other brand.
    Cheap digs do not sell phones, reputation does

    • Justinsane

      What he said

  • iGalaxy

    Samsung Galaxy is for people that couldnt afford an iphone…

    • Zang

      Actually… I changed from iPhone 3/3GS and then 4 to now an S2.

      Why? Simple, I’m a hacker and love programming things etc including logic boards and rewriting code for the UI etc is fun.

      I can happily afford an iPhone. Hell the S2 is about the same price from where I am.

      I remain firm in my view that for people like me, the S2 is awesome. However for normal users who don’t want to code or anything, iPhone is what they should get.

      iPhone = Best normal user experience

      Android = Best hacker user experience

      btw… it needs to be at the least a decent android spec for god sakes.

      • A Black Dude

        like 99.99% of andriod users are casual users. why would someone want to do someone else’s job they got paid for just so their device can work the way its expected? why is that a good thing? by the way the, I thought hackers liked challenges? fiddling with something open book, that’s what hackers like to do? you sure about that? why have so many hackers spent countless hours of their lives cracking ios software then?

        • Justinsane

          i also second this opinion. average users don’t use android operating systems for penetration or such and android doesn’t have the Apple powerhouse–which incorporates simplistic functionality of otherwise not so easy feats such as wireless streaming and home entertainment remote controls into point click operations–thus power and ease of operation appeal more than the tech savvy crown needed to follow an android exploitation uprise. yayuh

      • Michael

        I think your some way right. But i like programing to. And think even a Galaxy is to small for that. I got a MacBookAir. But even realy love iPhone and iPad because the “Just work”, and that’s in some way even magical.

    • Sam

      I agree with you. iPhone is the best phone ever made starting from 2G till 4GS. Apple is the best.

  • Stan

    They can laugh at us (Apple users), but we still rule the world. Without Apple, we could still be using phones with keypad.

    • mex

      Lol 🙂 So if there was not Ainstein we well not know about gravitation now?
      Besides not Apple invented tuchscreen phones. They invented almost nothing but miths 🙂
      The add shows you perfectly iSheeps

      • lindnjoe

        It was Newton not EINSTEIN that developed the theories on gravity. So if we are iSheeps then you are what dumb assdroids?

  • Zig

    Suck eggs fanbois. No big screen nor 4G for you.

    • Mark

      With a name like ‘Zig’, how could I ever respect anything you say? The biggest screen in the world can’t fix a sh**ty OS. From a design point of view, iOS beats all.

      • AC

        comeon… iOS is missing alot of features.. and just with iOS 5 finally have some features that other phones had for a long time….
        Apple is behind on bringing things to the phone.. as they always been with the iPhone… starting with the original iPhone.. no MMS, no copy/paste, the list goes on… any piese of junk phone at that time had those features but Apple iPhone?! NOPE

    • Justinsane

      I have a slide projector hooked to a t3 wifi connection but I can’t understand why the big screen and fast connection aren’t as fun as my 40″ LCD with basic cable. I guess i should rethink my priorities. I know.. an 1989 Bronco with a big block motor vs a BMW i300 series. You can’t trade a small upgrade in visibility with a huge increase in speed for an intensely tweaked view space with average speed. iPhone or no phone.

  • Zain

    Apple can mock back by showing how lag and unsafe about android,no offence btw…my phone that has same speed as 3GS,but in gaming(like angry birds),my android phone always lag while iphone stay fast…and reports have said that android is attacked by alot of malware

    • Zang

      And no offense btw, have you tried the root application setCPU? You can happily overclock the phones… To a point obviously for safety reasons…

      As well then add cyanogen rom? It’s one of the fastest Android implementations.

      Also, even stock, the S2 don’t lag from what I saw, and once I changed the kernel/ROM and overclocked the thing… well… let’s just say my phone is faster than netbooks at the moment.

      • morris

        and watch your battery drain awaaaaaay weeeeeeee

        • cody

          obviously you’ve never had an android. ive owned at least 5 since the original, and might i say that its battery life doesnt drain as fast as you may think with it being overclocked, or while running a custom rom.

          this biggest point with having an android over an iphone is customization in my opinion. that being said i own both a samsung vibrant galaxy s and an iphone 4. they both have their pros and cons. it really just boils down to the users preference

          • Justinsane

            one word. jailbreak.
            second word. simplistic
            third word. powerful
            fourth and final. boner-city

  • The bazik

    Nice ad. Very funny…. That’s what called marketing

  • The bazik

    Nice ad. Very funny…. That’s what called marketing

  • John

    I think most times it’s a matter of money you have to spend. For me it was never a problem to buy a unlocked iPhone (im in Italy, where it is not always usual to have a phone with a simlocked contract). So if someone does not have the money for a iPhone then they search for reasons why the 4S is not so good then a SG2S for instance….
    I had the Galaxy several times for testing purposes here in my hands. Well it’s not bad, but it looks “cheaper” made for me….. The whole thing is plastic and the display looks for me to have a blueness touch…….

  • Ben

    I think the commercial is AWESOME, I had a 3G, 3GS, 4 and skipped the 4S for the Samsung Galaxy SII, way better phone, the screen is amazing and blows the 4s away.

    Now if the 5 ever comes out with bigger screen and better processor and better batter life I will probably go back, but I am not upgrading just for a dual core, and lame Siri.

    • A Black Dude

      do know how stupid you sound when say the the iphone needs a better processor….why? just to say it does? when it runs smoother than any other os.

      • Justinsane

        iPhone has Apple (marketing genius’ and billions of funding) to get their hands (apps) into everything from Viper Alarms to Home security systems and make it safe and reliable. Android has a bigger screen and faster connection?? Well androids do come with free malware and such. The iPhone 3gs is fast as hell on the right firmware–in comparison to todays 4 and 4G–and the 4G runs like silk on a factory issue safely clocked chip. It’s just no contest.

      • at&tH4t3r

        do you know how stupid you sound when you say the processor runs better than any other os ???? lol, nice one f***-o

        besides that you missed the posters point entirely. He is saying that if the 5 comes out and has a larger screen/better processor he will consider going back. However, for now will opt not too since the 4s upgrade merely consists of a better processor/siri

        • A black dude

          Which smartphone os runs smoother then ios then? I have every major reviewer of mobile tech backing me. I totally understood his post which is why I responded Asking him why does he need it to have a faster processor. You apparentlly can’t understand mine f***-o

  • Eduardo

    Whats really funny all Android phones try to take a jab at the iPhone in their ads, while the IPhone doesn’t even try, they’re like non existent to Apple.

    • anakin

      really Eduardo? Name one ad that “try to take a jab at the iPhone”. I’d really like to see it.

      As for Apple, they’ve been doing attack ads for years (“i’m a mac, i’m a pc” anyone?). Sorry dude but comparing apple to any other tech company out there, Apple wins as the most arrogant one there is. Period.

      • A Black Dude

        that was the point of his post…..he’s saying they are arrogant and thats what he likes about them…

      • Justinsane

        iphone = point click winner
        mac = point click winner but no games
        pc = point click meets freedom meets compatibility plus GAMES
        who cares who slanders who. if you’re going to slander..make it worth the mud.

    • at&tH4t3r

      more specifically this is Samsung taking a jab at apple has nothing to do with android.

  • nik

    we bought samsung in past, twice..and i regret for every single penny i gave to that company that has 0 support. not impressed, not tricked again, ever. samsung never again.

  • joviJ

    Samsung have been a blatant copycat and they want to mock iphone now..screw you samsung..

  • joaquinms

    I think it is a great ad to be honest, it’s good to see friendly competition and it is true that people are willing to wait days for a product like the iphone. I love my phone, but it has its flaws and maybe just maybe the iphone isn’t the best phone in the world. Having a healthy competition will push people to make bigger and better products!

    • Michael

      All phones have flaws. I have owned all the phone based os’ and not one of them have been as smooth as iOS. I know practice makes perfect and the day will come when Android is like iOS, it just works.

      • Justinsane

        iPhone lacked basic features for years. pissed me off. as i look back im thankful they focused on basic reliability and security of my pr0n data. now they are cranking out the features with a good foundation.

  • A Black Dude

    I like how the iphone screens are live, and the s2 screens are mocked

  • Marc

    Got to say… They nailed iPhone users in that ad.

    • Justinsane

      yeah, they made lots of valid points as to why S2 is superior. for instance the inability to be seen with an upgraded phone. thats IMPORTANT in my book. who cares about a zillion secure apps when you got a big screen and mofos saying “DAAAMN HE GOT A NEW PHONE SON”

      • at&tH4t3r

        I believe the ad was not trying to make a point of the fact that the 4 and 4s are identical, more a point of how petty& gullible the users are.

  • fas

    Samsung needs to grow up!

    • Justinsane

      their TV’s are second to none i think..or is that Sony?? IDK. maybe it was microwaves they did well. it’s not phones because apples and lemons cant be compared. booya

  • Sneak

    I love my iPhone 4s but you people who say the screen size is perfect must have small hands.

    • Justinsane

      I enjoy the size because of my pocket. Sometiems i wish it was bigger…but then again the HTC is too big IMO.

  • Sebastian

    I got a Samsung and maby it’s good, because now i know, I NEVER will buy one again. Service is horrible. A cheap copie. There are some smal different’s and you can say you like that more. But Android is like Vista and iOS is Apple magic.

  • Eric

    Lmao.. RON PAUL

  • OGT

    Fanboys Really Sucks!!! Make me feel Sucks…! :^/

    • Justinsane

      dast fanny boys sucks! that’s not even an argument. Android is spread amongst to many hardware platforms. Apple focus’ on one to four very similar platforms at a time (touch,ipad,iphone,whatever) and therefore can guarantees safety of data and reliability. I hate to follow the crowd because I was NEVER a macintosh fan and always will prefer a PC. But the best phone starts with a lowercase i.

  • Devol

    Wow. All the droid fanboys posting in here about the 4s running on 3G, it’s STILL a more reliable device hands down. The s2 May be a good phone but it’s not better than the
    4s, my shopmate just bought one and it’s very chopy here in Tucson. And when the next iPhone comes out and looks new and crushes all other phones when it runs on a 4g network. I like to have my phone just as much as the next but I also like an amazing end user experience. The display, Siri ( and you know that if siri was released first on an android you would be holding it over the heads of iPhone users, so suck it!) the smooth operation of re os and the high end look and feel will ALWAYS beat out other smart phones. Have fun getting viruses and running the
    Equivant of norton antivirus on you PHONE. Suckers.

    • Justinsane

      devol u rule. norton blows and android is mediocre. Samsung needs to stick to televisions.

  • Michael

    Android users can say ” get 4G”. Well let me tell ya, 4G is only good in select cities. 3G on AT&T? Just about everywhere. I like that seeing how I travel everywhere. When 4G comes to iPhone? AT&T will probably have 4G everywhere. Android,… still hangin on to select cities. It’s fine if you live in a city. There is a device for everyone. Play ground talk gets you no where (except maybe your face in the dirt). In other words let em mock, talk or even poke fun. In the end everyone will know which device or os will dominate. Or will they?

  • Mykel

    Just a video still no match for apple.. Apple rocks!

  • Marius

    The sgs2 is for hackers… Nope,it’s for people who wanna “feel” like hackers. I’ve just gone from android to iPhone 4s and I ain’t going back. The commercial is lame and clearly points out the average intelligence level of the sgs2 user… Fight time! 😉

  • The 53rd

    I just like how it took the piss out of that hipster.

  • Pravs

    SGS2 is simply awesome, love the ad 😀

    • Justinsane

      sure it is. the ad was comical at best. targeted at the masses with simple adjectives and one uncommon noun. i bet the SG2 does kick ass..but lets not put em side by side cuz we all know iPhones can do it all except purify water.

  • Justinsane

    I like the S2 because it has big screens and big means good. I also like it cuz 4g is one number higher than 3g. Obviously you cant do math because if you could, you would know that bigger and faster is better. Nobody cares about track records and customer service. Oh and people are sooo over security. I’m done ranting here. i 4 life

    • Devol


  • Jim

    It’s all about what you the individual wants . Not got an iphone ? Want an Iphone , then buy one. Want an Android phone , then buy one .

    Apples Iphone was not the first touch phone out there . Microsoft had touch phones out before Apple . What Apple did that MS didn’t was create an OS designed for touch screens, with an easy set up that didn’t need high levels of knowledge etc to get it to do things .

    Apple funnily enough use Samsung to manufacture chips , seems a strange set up but Iphone or Android users will only suffer from these two companies trying to screw each other over . Its not about the customer anymore its all about domination . Seems very dictative to me and not customer focused at all

  • Stupid Prakash

    Hahahaha. I’m so stupid

  • Steve

    HaHa, I love the add. I had two android phones before the iPhone4, its totaly just a better phone, sound is better, gfx better, os better and most of all, i dont want to walk around with a massive phone is my pocket. RIP Steve Jobs, just wish you were here to kick their ass.


  • 4s Owner

    Ha this ad is very good! Made me laugh though Siri didn’t see the funny side! Gosh you Apple enthusiasts need to lighten up and give credit where it’s due! The world is full of outstanding tech from lots of different manufacturers/developers and for that I am truly grateful. 🙂

  • Gerard

    This commercial didn’t make sense to me. First, it looks like an iPhone. Second, they are calling people they are trying to win over stupid. Third, why do you need to bash another company to sell your product?

  • Hacker

    It’s funny how people bad mouth Samsung when they make components and chips for the iPhone and even displays. I only like apple more cuz it has more apps like 400,000 more apps and of course that means more bad ass video games have u played modern combat 3 it looks like modern warfare 2 and has all the games and weapons even go online and do domination if you video games and you even have killstreaks like airstrikes for customization there pretty much tied I got android ported on iPhone as dual boot which is f***ing awesome but I do like the speed on sg2 freaking fast and I love widgets which apple hasn’t perfected yet and u got to love there navigation On the road voice guided which is free and better then apples so the way I see it I need both cause apple is my iPod touch for games and entertainment and Samsung better for a phone with better gps but I believe Siri will become smarter and improved in the iPhone 5 to become the king

  • Karthi

    LoLs! i like the part when he says….’if it looks the same, hw wld ppl knw that i upgraded!’ that’s freaking hilarious! xD but that wasn’t a healthy way of promoting stuffs alright….

  • Jb

    All I have to say is I’ve never seen a line in any country waiting for the release of a Samsung phone. Case closed!

  • Extreme184X

    I’m definately an iOS guy (ipad), but…it’s obvious the Galaxy S2 way better phone in every-way when comes to hardware. iOS indeed was way better apps than android, but lacks of most important BUILT IN things that android has. such as: file browser, word editor, pdf reader, zip compression and decompression. These things are built-in all current operating systems wether pc or mac, rather and downloading or paying for it.

    apple horrible move releasing iphone4S, rather than releasing the infamous iphone 5 which would of compete with the galaxy S2. Iphone 4S is not threat to Galaxy S2, and samsung currently selling more phones than apple due to apple’s unwise release. But very aware apple is gonna come out with some incredible gadgets next year.

  • IOwnedBoth

    I actually have owned the Sprint Galaxy SII and the IPhone 4S. Regarding size, while the galaxy screen is significantly larger than the iPhone, I did not find it to be too large. The phone is about the same thickness and fit just as easily in my pockets. In my screen resolution comparisons, I called a draw (based off of actual observation and use, not mere specifications). Overall, both phones perform excellently but one thing I must say is the Galaxy SII has a clearly superior battery!! Not sure if is the iPhone 4S battery drain problem but my Galaxy outperformed my iPhone battery to the point that it would be embarrassing to give actual numbers. All that being said, I currently use the iPhone because my wife’s phone broke while I was testing the 4S and she absolutely hates iPhones.

  • you

    “I could never get a Samsung, I’m too creative” hahahahhahahahahha great line hahah

  • Jim

    Yea was a funny line , but you can only create what apple lets you unless you jail break the device . Again its dictatership on apples part.

  • mex

    But we are not talking here about “phones”, we are talking about all-in-one devices , which iPnone can not be with 3.5″. Isn’t it?
    And G S2 is the smallest of the kind. Not as usefull as the biggest Galaxy Note for ex. But there is choice in between also.

  • Mark

    Wow. Just makes me not want to buy a Samsung phone. Talk about alienating a potential customer…


      Very good point … Who creates an add to laugh at his consumers???

  • Amsterpelli

    I wonder how they plan to approach the recent increase in Android malware…
    As for 4G and speed of your phone…,32068,1266774999001_0,00.html

  • Adam

    Lol — lots of the internal components of the iPhone are made by Samsung… So what does that tell ya…!?

    iPhone 4S vs Samsung Galaxy S II. Both phones hardware wise are great. The OS part iOS vs Droid is a tossup. Pros and cons for each…

    Droid OS is open and is not restricted but is easily compromised by malware.
    iOS is not open and is restricted which helps protect you from malware.

    So it is just a matter of preference for what device an user chooses.

  • Ryan

    Love the ad. I have an iphone 4 and an ipad and they are great, but fanboys do need to made fun of sometimes haha. Everything they say in the ad is true.

  • tako

    Iphone maybe great but for those who like to be treated like sheeps , u can t do anything without apple s permission u do what apple say , no open os ,no memory card u make me laugh all those people , i used to have iphone 4 but now i am free i use android do what i want with my phone

  • City23

    iPhone is NOT the best phone unless it’s Jailbroken. iPhone need to catch up with the big screen thing. If iPhone 5 doesn’t get a bigger screen I might leave the dark-side. I have been an iPhone user since the 1st Gen.

  • Chris

    Just gonna say as Steve Jobs once said…
    “They just don’t get it”.

  • Apel

    Lol iv used the galaxy s 2 and it sucks. For something with high graphics to work you need to shut off all ram and then it will still lag

  • Apel

    Btw if you guys remember 4s has HSPA+ which is about the same speed as 4g exept is just called 3G were most companies use the same thing and call it 4g

  • Zvrk

    Only 9 hours more 🙂 hahahaahahaha People is not about phones both phones are extra good , its about idiots in the line .Good advertising .Right in the center !Come on Apple strikes back .This is great !!!

  • Fk

    I’m wondering why android fans are checking out iPhone blog.

  • johnny

    bloody fan boys…

  • Original

    Please Accept the iphone 4S & Apple Are The winners . All you Haters On here talking So much Sh** about the iphone , i mean why yall so Mad ?, is Obious is A better Phone . No matter What the iphone Runs,Performes,Calls,texts,web Surfin,photos,camara & have Apps Better then Any Samsung phone Ever Made. The fact That ios 5 came out with some features that other Android phones have , Just makes the iphone Even A Better Phone .Screen wise , maybe Yes A couple of million iphone users want a litle bit bigger screen. Samsung is breaking there heads trying so hard to make a better phone then the iphone , they have i think over 100 phones Vs One Phone .
    A P P L E . That is all i have to say . <3.

  • Zed Sefi

    WOW at the amount of comments in this post!

  • Zak’s

    Haha iPhone lOsers admit u r absolete :p


    Some points consider before I kill myself over stupid comments … Especially android I’m a hacker idiot who think cntrl+alt+del is programming…

    The Samsung phones’ gps doesn’t work with no sim car and no data connection and it takes up too much time compared to the iPhone .

    The samsunng s2 needs almost 25 seconds to take 5 pictures whilst the iPhone 4s does it in like 2

    The samsungs touch screen is nowhere as responsive as an iPhone … U can try this with a piano app and place 5 finger and see what happens.

    I won’t even bring up games since I’ve never seen a good game on android

    Apple has siri and android has iris???? Seriously check I out

    Compared tO the 4 and 4s the Samsung is sloooooow.. I know people will give me hell but I’m sorry it just is . There was a comment here about adjusting clockspeed and all that nonsense … Wow roll over and die

    I own both phones … And bigger screen makes it unergonommic .. Chunky and the pixel density is low… Stop reading reviews and ask someone who’s used both 🙂

  • isay

    So you’re saying I should leave my elegant iPhone and migrate to super cheap quality plastic crap , which runs super laggy Android . What’s the use of powerful specs when … Phone lags and graphics sucks … Senseless !!… And this is where Apple™ are perfect at ” Hardware and software integration ” … And I’m sure they’ll never be able to copy this .

  • nizar ghosn

    ?… The s2 is just awesome phone, it gather everything the man would expect in a today phone. ?. And. ?… Apple, yeah this is the begining of the down slope, you, people at apple, you where creative but the holly madness of steve(god bless) would bring you down unless the new manager could help, i am an iphone user since 2007 till the s2 shows up. .. Cheers

  • I am a Samsung phone owner and I can’t say I’m an iPhone fun… I think people are usually buying iPhone just because of the brand, not for the specs or something… Anyway, I love this ad! 🙂

  • Emo

    I think this Galaxy SII ad is set to kill the good vibes that Samsung brand has build so far. (Just like Creative Technology.) It’s pissing off lots of raving fans of Apple rather than “selling” them on the features of SII. The Apple campaign on “i’m a mac, i’m a pc” sells attitude (of a winner). People love it. It’s a totally different feeling with this SII ad. Look at the whole list of responses, apple fans are not taking the “bite”, more are just pissed off with Samsung.

  • JK

    I live in Korea and I was using an older Samsung T-Omnia phone for a couple of weeks while I waited for the 4s to come out here as I lost my 3gs a couple of months ago. A very painful couple of months to wait I may add! I visited Samsung after service a couple of times and have never seen people freaking out at the poor young salary men engineers like this before. Went 2x in 2 weeks and the last time I was there, they had to call the police because some guy was going to kick the service manager’s a** because of the poor quality phones. I agree their phone’s look sharp but their GUI and text input systems are seriously lacking in comparison to an iphone. Sorry Android… the Koolaid tastes better.

  • Ken

    iPhone has a huge base and track record, updates IOS often, keep above others, keeps current, and fresh. No other phone with so much capabilities with a single manufacture has done this. If you have a problem with the phone, service is there for you. AND if you want a larger screen, GO LARGE and get a ipad! If you want HUGE SCREEN handheld, get plugin glasses with LCD for you to get a 80″ Screen with iphone. Others can say we are ‘iphone’ cable, better than iphone, but isn’t is a wonder WHY others compare to iphone? Well, iphone IS #1, that’s why all this discussion and comparison is happening. Sure there maybe something Better than iphone in some aspect, but all over iphone still is the best, and will rule. It’s higher technology and will trump others always. iphone 5 will trump what others have now, and so life goes on. There are also MORE apps, which apple monitors (thank goodness as many apps now have scams, hidden costs, exploit operations, etc).

  • Mike

    WOW! you retards are honestly arguing over the littlest differences..
    CLEARLY its about a persons preference. One phones faults is another phones strength. Every phone has a good and a bad. Stop being dumb stupid nar nar Sheep and pick out the phone that you like best. A year from now every phone thats out is gonna be considered a obsolete piece of dogsh**ttt. Why does it matter what other people think?? have you really been brainwashed by all these companies to think one is way better then the other?? I switched from the Droid Incredible 2 to the new iphone 4s. The incredible had a way better camera and cracked the phone to make my battery last for almost a week at a time. I picked the Iphone 4s because I have a macbook pro, and a mac pro. everything syncs amazing now on and off the phone. I can control my computer with my phone wireless and the same with my phone. THAT IS WHY I PICKED IT! Who cares about processor performance, most people dont even use there phones full potential… so whats the point?!?!

  • Dom

    “Check out this thing, it’s huge!” Huh? The ad actually makes the devices seem the exact size. It almost sounds like a play on Samsung itself there.

    Samsung is trying its best to steal the “awe” from the iPhone. The add is funny though.

    At the end of the day, for me and many others, it’s all about the experience, which Apple delivers nicely.

  • Critical Thought

    the galaxy s2 is much better. I have an Iphone 4 and my friend’s Samsung beats it in every way. He can have every app running and it’s not even close to maxing out the hardware. He can also play movies in the 16:9 format. I wish the Samsung was out when before I bought my Iphone

  • Ryan

    First of all only because it is not an “apple’ product that does not mean it is worse nor better, look at the specs and what it can give you. Most people just say oh not an “Apple” product it sucks. pure bias LOOK at at the whole picture!

  • Benji

    First of all I am going to start by stating that the majority of you are idiots; it’s evident in your grammar, your way of thinking and the general lack of technical knowledge throughout most of these comments.

    The Samsung has better technology? I found this claim highly amusing. If any of you are actually going to bother comparing some real benchmarks check here:

    As you can see the iPhone 4s destroys the S2 and even Samsungs high end tablet in both CPU and GPU performance benchmarks and if you look around the web you can see many real world tests where again the iPhone dominates, get over it.

    As for the camera, just check comparison photos, the iPhone again dominates the S2 in both video and stills.

    Ok so 4G? Well as some of you may or may not know; 4G currently uses its own individual chip and a second chip is used for 3G (Calls). This has a great downside, the battery consumption is awful but hey, you get fast data speeds! So while the S2 wins on data speed it suffers on battery life.

    The S2 has a bigger screen but it doesn’t have as high resolution as the iPhone smaller screen. It’s also worth mention that it makes it easier to use and accessible to everyone because of its size. Check out why here:

    Let’s face it, if you want a big screen on the go then buy a tablet…

    Both have similar sensors that aren’t really necessary to compare.

    While the S2 is slightly slimmer it holds up nothing against the solid build quality on the 4S, it just screams with build quality and almost any prime review states this.

    So the clear winner in technology is the iPhone, is not even arguable. So what about the operating system?

    Well most of you agreed that iOS is a better operating system and although this comes down mainly to opinion, the fact of the matter is it will always have better integration. Apple develops both the hardware and the software so they will always work seamlessly together. Apple may control the experience but because of it it’s made it better and to the users who want the extra goodness you can simply jailbreak. Although there is currently not a 4S jailbreak there is one in the works due soon.

    Let’s not forget the developer support is all Apple. All the best apps comes to Apple first as well as the best exclusives. Why? Because it’s where the money is at and with such an easy SDK compared to Androids (just Google it if you don’t believe me) it’s an easy choice for developers.

    iPhone is better, scream, cry, do what you need to get over it. Then go buy one.

    • iOS5

      What a douch. Before you say anything foolish..mua here.. iPhone 2, 3, 3G and 4s.. now prefers Mytouch 4G. Now using 4s and mytouch 4G but mostly mytouch. iPhone is nice, works well too and also a bragging right.