Siri Hack Enables Voice Control Of Third-Party Apps [Video]

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We’ve already seen Siri being hacked to control the thermostat and even control the car using Siri Proxy.

Folks at MobFarm figured out a way to use the Siri Proxy server to control their third party app that’s available in the App Store using Siri.

In a blog post, they explain:

a proxy server (SiriProxy) intercepts the siri commands sent to Apple (we are in the middle), a plugin add some new commands to the list of accepted ones by Siri, takes the answers and open a tunnel with a chat server. The chat server sends immediately the command to the iOS app that is logged as user. The application listen for messages and if receives something parses the content and react accordingly.

You can checkout the video below, which shows the user controlling FastPdfKit (iTunes link) – a third party app running on the iPad using Siri on iPhone 4S:

MobFarm claims that this can be done for other third party apps as well in less than two hours.

Is it just us or did we just get a glimpse of how Apple’s rumored Siri-enabled Television may work?

[FastPdfKit blog via Engadget]