Siri0us: Jailbreak Tweak Brings Siri Dictation To iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and 4th Gen iPod Touch For Free [Updated]

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As you probably know, hackers have managed to successfully port Siri – Apple’s revolutionary voice activated personal assistant feature that is exclusively available on iPhone 4S, to other non-iPhone 4S devices such as iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPad and iPod touch.

However, so far the hackers have said that it won’t be possible to release the Siri port publicly without pirating some of the iPhone 4S system files.

But hacker Eric Day has just done the unthinkable. He has released a jailbreak tweak called Siri0us, which magically brings Siri’s Dictation feature to iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and 4th generation iPod touch. Day has got the hack to work by relying on Nuance speech recognition system on the device rather than communicating with Apple’s servers and the result is just like using Siri on iPhone 4S.

You can checkout the video below of Siri working on iPhone 4 after installing the Siri0us jailbreak tweak:

You can install Siri0us using these simple steps (and as the developer has warned proceed at your own risk):

  • Launch Cydia (Please note you need iOS 5 or iOS 5.0.1 for this to work)
  • Tap on the Manage tab
  • Then Tap on Sources
  • Tap on the Edit button and then on the Add button
  • Enter the following URL to add the Siri0us source:
  • After the sources has been successfully downloaded, tap on the Return to Cydia button.
  • Then tap on the Search tab and search for Siri0us
  • Select Siri0us from the search results
  • Tap on the Install button
  • And then on the Confirm button to successfully install it.

That’s it, you should now be able to use Siri’s Dictation feature on your iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and iPad by tapping on the small microphone button next to the space bar.

Day has the following advice if your iOS device keeps respringing.

DONOT restore! Use iFunBox/iPhone Explorer/SSH to remove /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/AssistantServices.framework from your device.

Kudos to Eric Day! It is just amazing what the hackers can do.

As always, let us know how it goes in the comments.


Developer and hacker Eric Day has removed Siri0us from Cydia, you can read all the details here.

[via iF0rce]

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  • Peter Parker

    Im confused I dont see anything on my 3GS

    • revo

      well, i got the same. After install i didn’t see any differents i mean No Siri :S

      • R M

        u can see on keyboard!

      • comeon

        come on this doesnt work on ipod 4 genaration any one want to help me please

  • Leandro

    Testado num 3G[s] iOS 5.0 oldboot e não funcionou!

    • comeon


  • dave

    its only a dictation program that works in notes so thats why you cant really see it, its not the full version of siri as that would be piracy

    • revo

      It doesn’t works in notes too ^^

    • jeremy

      not true works on everything notes safari sms everything on your phone im iphone 4 and my aunt has it on her 3gs i put it on both of ours

  • Adam

    Doesn’t seem to work or add anything to iPhone 3Gs 5.0.1 w/ Semi-Tether.

    Tried ReSpringing a couple times, No dice. Tried using “just boot” from RedSnow and seeing if it had to be fully rebooted, No dice. Hope others have better luck.

  • nismo1

    you don’t see any special icon on homescreen. Just go to any application that brings up the keyboard, like sms or email and keyboard will have the siri icon next to spacebar for dictation. works pretty good.

  • fas

    Excellent tweak, a must download for all Siri lovers.

  • OGT

    I was thinking to install it. But reading your posts guys..! Forget it…!
    If iPhone 5 is coming for March or April, I can wait to get Siri 5 months..!

    • Corey

      Where are you getting your info? And the next iPhone will not be called 5 bc it will be the 6th phone and get released with ios

      • Corey


        • Grayson

          Where are you getting your info for ios6? first i heard of that

          • Corey

            What do you mean? Every year there’s a new phone with a new os. The 4S accompanied 5 so it’s safe to say the next one will come with 6. The point I’m making is the next phone won’t be called iPhone5 as the 4S is the fifth gen iPhone. That would be stupid. It just worked previously bc 3GS was the 3rd gen so naturally 4 was next. It would be dumb to have ios6 (the next os) on iPhone5 (which is really the 6th phone). They info I was referring to is him saying he’d wait until march or April for the next phone. Where did he get that the next phone was coming 6 months after the release of iPhone 4S.

      • OGT


      • Tabataba

        Actually , the only reason apple skipped the name Iphone 2 and launched the 3G was to reflect that the 2nd generation Iphone was compatible with 3G networks. Then we had the 3GS, the 4 and 4S. so the next Iphone will be called 5. There is no reason to skip 5 now.

  • Paradox

    Confirmed working on an phone 4 running 5.0 (9A334) Verizon

    Tested both in notes and sms.

    The only reason I wanted Siri…. for texting a quick reply while driving! So Thanks Millions Eric Day! This will keep at least one person safer on the road.

    • Paradox

      LOL also works in the search bar … sooooo you can ask your question in the search bar and then just click search the web. (won’t be location specific, but still may answer some questions)

    • Key

      you’re an idiot. you’re still going to look down at the phone and read exactly what was recognized to check for errors, thus taking your eyes off the road just the same.

      • Paradox

        I hold the phone a steering wheel level for a second and read it compared to trying to thumb a paragraph for a minute or longer ..

        I didn’t say safe … I said safer.

        Compared to majority of the people out there, it’s a semi-decent compromise. Now if more cars started making texting options standard on their vehicles we’d be safer yet. But again .. the key word is safer not safe.

        But as for calling me an idiot… what your telling me is when your on the road, you never pick up your phone to see who’s calling or what someone just text you? My vehicle tells me who’s calling and my controls are on my steering wheel. If I had an android or blackberry it would do the text features, unfortunately on my year and model, iPhone capabilities where not yet supported, and they haven’t integrated that yet with updates (most likely because of apple). So, I spent good money to keep my phone on the console, both hands on the wheel the majority of the time, and would call instead of texting if I received a text. All hands free…. Now because I will press one button instead of numerous to send a text I am an idiot. OK. I’ll except that if you don’t touch or look at your phone at all while you drive.

        • KillerPubes

          OR…. If you could just leave your damn phone alone alltogether whilst driving and maybe not kill some poor innocent person with your utter, UTTER selfishness? That’d be better!

        • Scintie

          How about just leaving the damn phone alone while you drive? Some technology was just a horrible idea (cars that allow you to text from them). If you have to text or talk in the car maybe you shouldnt drive period.

      • moe

        your actually so stupid. read what he said again and hit your head on a wall.

  • Grayson

    Just Use Vlingo In The App Store Its Even Better Than Siri0us Plus it Has All Main Features!

  • Lg1

    I have an iPhone 4 and Siri dictation seems to work perfect on my device I am actually typing this message with my voice thank you

  • il Santi

    It doesn’t work on my 3GS iphone

  • Luke

    Do i have to put some keyboard language/hardware configuration for it to activate? No luck on 3Gs =[

  • steve

    Not working on 3GS (iOS 5.0.1), no mic icon next to space bar.

  • Buzzath

    I don’t see a thing on my 3GS

  • zhi

    this cant use in notes, whatapps, line, facebook…. it just works in message

  • idgold

    Works great on my iPhone 4 iOS 5.0!!

    • Eric

      On iPhone4.

  • Eric

    Seems to be workin on 5.0. Thanks

  • Flavio Piu

    Working here 100% on a iPhone 4
    (SMS , Notes , WhatsApp , in Search…)
    It´s my first contact with Siri….. it´s cool !
    Buit i have to tell something…it´s a “slow service” for me…
    You have to wait a lot to understand and write on the screen…
    But it´s ok !
    Thanks for the guy who do that for us !

    • Paradox

      Yea .. definitely slower than the siri system, but i used the nuance dictation app, sometime ago, and it too was painfully slow. It only worked within it’s own app, and you had to cut and paste out of it. So … being this is using nuance servers, its not a shock that the speed is down. Sadly … because it is cool….

  • Bill

    How are all you guys doing it, there is only tethered jailbreak for ios5! So pointless upgrading to ios5 and this only works on iOs5! This sucks why is there all theses people making things for jail broken ios5 when there’s no solid jailbreak!

    • Paradox

      Whats wrong with a tethered jailbreak? Mine has been jailbroken (tethered) on 5.0 for two months now without a problem. Works great. Bigbosse’s semi tether solution works great two for the while 1 time I was away from home, and was playing around with cydia apps, and accidentally choose a new app that required a reboot. Hit reboot not thinking and semitehter took over giving me my phone functions back till I could get home and reboot with redsnow.

      I’m quite happy with the current options and achievements. I will be much happier when the untether does out. But for now, what we have works well enough to get by.

    • moe

      iOS5 works fine dude.

  • Hisham

    It works!!!!
    all you have to do is go to the notes and bring up the keyboard
    you will see a microphone near the space
    tap it and start talking, when you finish tap it again and viola !

    • xelon

      Do you actually think that all people who said “failed..” are just too stupid of reading the manual? I JUST DID ALL THIS AND IT DOESNT WORK!

      • moe

        maybe your phone model has something to do with it? i unno, a shot in the dark there =P

  • Wow, this is seriously awesome. Now only if we have an untethered jailbreak.

  • bleach

    It’s working on IOS5 iPhone4. Eric Day is the man. Now how do we have conversation with this thing?

  • jap

    will this be available for IOS4?

    • ser-i0S4

      I am also wondering the same whether or not there will be a workaround patch to allow this to run compatible with iOS 4.x for us who will not update until an untether is publically released? Can someone shed some light?

      • Paradox

        It uses Siri API found native only in the iOS 5.0 software

  • vahid

    I see nothing on my 3GS ios 5.0.0 even after several respringing and rebooting !!!!

  • sal

    does not work on my iphone 3GS untethered. No icon anywhere and multiple reboots.

  • Jack Black

    Not Working here on my 3GS iOS 5.0 maybe weard??

  • Rafael

    Hi, i can’t install it, when I add the source appears: “The request timed out.” And i can add diferrent sources…

  • wtfbbqlol

    source is time out.

  • Marc henn

    Work great on ip4 5.0 FYI it do not work on 3GS sorry guys

  • sidh

    Guys i dont know what you peoples are complaining about but i am already in love with this thing. thank you so much for great feature.

  • Marco Biancardi

    great but I am still on IOS4. Is there a way to upgrade to IOS5 with tethered jailbreak and unlock?

    • 10S 5

      Marco, if you want to jailbreak ios 5 tethered (highly recommended) use latest redsn0w and in the program option select install iPad baseband which you have to use to bypass activation screen if u want to unlock with ultrasn0w from cydia. When iOS 5 untethered comes out restore and jailbreak again

  • Srk

    It’s down already…. Any ideas what happend or did apples Long reach finally get it? Wtf

  • SiriOusly

    It’s been REMOVED!!! The app said “DON’T ASK WHY!” I want to know why!!! Siri-ously!!

  • Tom

    Looks like it’s been removed from the site. “REMOVED! DONOT ASK WHY!”

  • Adam

    Google search and you can find on different repos

  • Bugger!!

    And that’s where Google comes in. Thankfully, the .deb is still in circulation amongst the Rapidshare-type sites out there.

  • Michael

    This thread needs to be shut down. This app had been pulled since last night. Don’t really see the point of keeping this thread up.

  • Jaytech

    Soooo these comments are kinda hilarious… People arguing and whatnot. Haha lame
    But there actually is a point to keep the thread up. Cuz it’s funny! :p

  • Kara

    Mine gives me a message that says:

    The indicated repository could not be found. This could be because you are trying to add a legacy installer repository. Also, this interface is only capable of working with exact repository URLs.

    What does this mean…??

  • Anonymous

    After downloading this I noticed when I’m listening to music that it turns off my music when I go to my text messages. Anyone else having this problem?

  • Alzem

    When i whant to confirm the installation
    Ut gives un red error 404

  • Cool wave

    Server no longer works