Some iPhone 4S Users Complaining About SIM Card Issues

If complaints by iPhone 4S users of poor battery life and audio bugs were not enough, TUAW reports that some of them are facing a peculiar problem where their iPhone 4S stops recognizing their SIM cards.

Based on this discussion thread on Apple support forums, users are reporting that they receive an error message on their iPhone 4S stating that they either have no SIM card installed or their SIM is invalid.

TUAW reports:

This issue doesn’t appear to be isolated to any one carrier or model of iPhone 4S, and it’s been happening to quite a few users since the handset launched. So far, the only sure-fire solution to the issue seems to be getting a replacement SIM from your carrier and swapping out the old one.

It’s not clear if this is a hardware issue specific to the iPhone 4S, a software bug in iOS, a bad batch of SIMs across multiple carriers, or some unlikely combination of the three.

Here’re some of the solutions that seem to have worked for some users after scanning through the discussion thread:

  • Rebooting the iPhone
  • Ejecting and re-inserting the SIM
  • If iPhone 4S is hotter than usual, turn it off and let it cool down
  • Get a new replacement micro SIM from your carrier (you can also try this if you are getting the error frequently)

If none of these solutions work or it is happening to frequently, it may be a good idea to visit an Apple Store and get it checked.

Have you faced any SIM card issues with your iPhone 4S? Let us know if any of the above solutions helped or if you have figured out another way to resolve the issue.

[via TUAW]

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  • It seems like the 4s problems just keep popping up. I have three iphones on my line, one 4 and two 4s, that do not have any of the problems. One 4s had the battery issue but was fixed after resetting the network settings. That was it though.

  • Surfmike

    Have a iPhone 4 that is on ios5 that has that same probable , in my I think it the iOS , because the sim work just fine in the other iPhone 4 on 4.3.5 , an any other phone ,, there some wrong with the iso 5

  • Ld

    I removed my sim yesterday and noticed I still had signal bars along with carrier name. I was able to make calls for about 10 minutes with no sim inserted before the “no sim” message appeared. Very strange and I would have thought impossible until yesterday!

    • It seems to take a bit longer to find the signal too, from what I’ve noticed.

    • Rodney

      Yeah right and I am writing my reply without my computer being connected to the internet. Wow free internet for a month now

    • aman

      Same thing happened with me when i removed my sim card from my iPhone 4s to put in my blackberry and while my blackberry was booting my iPhone 4s just rang i actually talked for 5 min and then phone got disconected and then i rechecked it there was no sim in my iPhone 4s

  • D-Rail

    Looks like Apple is falling apart without Jobs’ good luck.

    • Zoxxx

      Its look like that !Unfortunately it Begins 2 suck ..Also there is no more reliable hackers .Just Twitters !

  • Jason

    LMAO, is amazing how quick people judge a few problems at launch. I haven’t recalled any products that didnt have a problem or two in its initial release. Besides these are like 100 in 10000000, which is less than 1%. I myself have had signal drop issues but thats been on all iOS version above 4.2.1 so i keep my iPhone 4 @ 4.2.1 the stablest version.

  • D

    Inhad this problem last week. Went to AT&T store and they changed sim card and now works fine.

  • Azures

    I got my 4S on since launch… No battery or Sim issues.

  • Poor1

    I think there is a design flaw of the iphone 4s’ sim tray inside. I only have problems with both colors of the 32gb version. The 16gb and 64gb are all fine (both colors). iOS 5 is a curse, it f***ed up my very smooth working iphone 4 so im back to 4.2.1. Apple please let me know what kind of money i need to pay to get a smooth working iOS again. Hurry up with iOS 5.1!!!!!!!!

  • Yeah I had this problem before. Was taking in and out several times without luck. Message no sim card stayed as is. Solution: Put sim card in and restart your phone. Worked for me.

  • fas

    and then say its the best iPhone yet!

  • bam

    I had this issue several times over the first few weeks of ownership, but only after having the phone in my pocket while working outside in the yard. It wasn’t particularly warm and the phone was cool to the touch. After researching around a bit, I found one website where some users indicated it was some leftover plastic material from the sheet that the SIM card was originally manufactured in and snapped out from.

    I figured it was worth a shot, so I removed the SIM card, used a sharp bladed utility knife, and carefully removed tiny slivers of plastic I saw sticking out from the SIM card. I re-inserted, booted back up, and have not had a single issue since. It’s worth noting that I’ve worked outside plenty since then, and other activities that would have caused the error, and it has not returned.

    YMMV, but it worked for me.

    • bam

      Forgot to add – before trying this, rebooting the phone had limited success (about 50% of the time it worked). After this procedure, zero failures.

  • Kenny

    i have this issue when i inserted the SIM into my new 4S, it doesnt recognise and didn’t gives any messages at all. So after ejecting n inserting for about 10 minutes, i decided to change the sim for a new sim.