Survey Reveals iPhone Users Are More Loyal Than Android Users

iPhone 4S

A recent survey by research firm GfK reveals that it is crucial for companies like Apple, Google etc to gain market share for the future success of their brands as the churn rate may not be too high.

The research firm interviewed around 4,500 people in Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Brazil, China, the United States and Japan for the survey.

Here are some of the highlights from the survey:

    • iPhone users are the most loyal users as almost 84 percent of iPhone users said they would pick iPhone also when they replace their cellphone.
    • 60 percent of consumers who use smartphones running Google’s Android said they would stick with phones using the same software.
    • Only 48 percent of people using Research In Motion’s cellphones said they would stay loyal to their Blackberrys.
    • More than 70 percent of consumers said they would stick with their phones due to their seamless integration of features and access to content.

Will you be buying the next generation iPhone? What do you think is the reason why iPhone users are the more loyal than Google? Sound off in the comments.

[via Retuers]
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  • Sean

    Fragmentation and poorly made lower end phones is what’s killing Android. The lower end phones have so many issues due to low memory causing freeze up to hardware malfunctions. Sadly, the average user will usually point to the OS as the problem and not the manufacturer. Also, I think IOS is an easier platform for the average consumer to wrap their heads around. “It just works” being the key phrase for IOS. I’m sure the recent iteration of Android, ICS, will help most of this paired with higher quality phones… But it may be too late for many early adopters of some of the earlier Android phones

    • YoYo

      by looking at the numbers, it doesn’t look like anything is killing Android. Furthermore, it seems that Android is making a kill.

      • Sean

        It’s about quality not quantity. And I’m not a fanboy of either. I love both OS’s, but as of right now…hardware quality goes to iPhone.

        • BigBossSnake

          Doesn’t the Android King have better hardware quality than iPhones? For the price too.

  • Fair tial

    I am selling my iphone 4s in order to get me a samsung galaxy nexus, I love apple in it’s products but the lack of bringing something new to the table, or at least giving it a bigger screen is killing me, my wife has a samsung galaxy s II and I am beginning to get jealous, and the videos about ICS got me really excited as well as the reviews for the galaxy nexus, so if anybody wants to buy my iphone 4s e-mail me please is a white 64 gig in box with all accs.

    • nizar ghosn

      …ur right dude i did the same, i have switched my iphone 4 and my i pad with the new galaxy s2, galaxy tab 8.9, 2 months ago, and i am very pleased on all levels with the move, cheers

  • Jeffrey

    I own phones with both OS, 3GS, 4S and Samsung Galaxy S & S2. The iOS just work as expected and feel snappier compared to Android.

  • fas

    Was a survey even required for that!

  • Craig

    I would rather use a 1st gen iPhone than the newest and best android phone. Android is garbage.