Temp Fix For iPhone 4S Audio Echo Bug

iPhone 4S

Few days back, BGR reported that a number of iPhone 4S users are reporting problems with echo on the new iPhone when used with a headset.

This discussion thread on Apple’s support forum with more than 245 replies at the time of writing this post also suggests that the issue is affecting quite a few users.

Apple support forum member Themacguyver complains:

I’m having an issue with my 32 gb iPhone 4s with Rogers.  When using the Apple hands free headset with the phone during a call, I get an echo problem. It does not occur immediately. It can very from 30 seconds into a call and as far up to 9 mins in before it begins the annoying echo. If I unplug the headset it goes away but will return when I plug the headset back in. I have tried 3 brand new iphone 4s headsets with the same problems. So far I have tried rebooting, and also restored phone back to factory original settings as a new phone and still no resolution. I have been told by the other person on the line a screech sound is made then the echo begins.

BGR claims that they’ve been able to replicate the bug on one of their iPhone 4S handsets as well.

Apple hasn’t acknowledged the issue. iOS 5.0.1 that was released couple of days back also didn’t seem to include a fix for it, so we don’t expect Apple to release a fix for the problem anytime soon.

Thankfully according to Themacguyver, there is a temporary fix to get rid of the echo. The temporary fix for the audio echo bug is to turn on speakerphone and then turn it off. He writes:

If the echo happens, press the speakerphone button on & off to get rid of the echo.

Are you facing the echo bug on your iPhone 4S when you use a headset? Let us know if the temp fix helps.

[via BGR]

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  • I experienced the echo bug just once a few days ago. I was on a speaker phone call when it started, but after a minute or two it went away on its own. It hasn’t happened before nor after that once incident though, so I’m not exactly sure what caused it.

    • I have experienced it on two replacements my phone freezes apple won’t replace it it echos it freezes it stops each time you hit a keypad iPhone 4s 32 tring to replace it apple declined

  • Axe

    My outgoing call no audio when i first tried it in 4S. Also noticed echo on first time using headset on it. Temp fixed both problem by pressing speaker button on then off. Ever since those problem never came back. Weird.

  • Brando212

    you got a bit of echo yourself in the first sentence of this article :p

  • FYXant

    I didn’t notice any echo but my friend who i was talking to was extremely annoyed… For me the audio quality was ok at first but got a lot worse after some mins. When i hung up and called again the audio bug was gone…

  • fas

    That is quite weird, considering iOS 5 was extensively tested before public release.

  • Robert

    I had my iphone 4s for 9 days and I do have issues with the echo, I call apple several times to speak with a technician and in one of those calls the echo was there so they’re aware of it, I’m going today to an apple store to change the unit, if doesn’t solve the problem I guess I will return it and go with other brand…
    On top of that we have the battery problem plus Siri doesn’t work smarted enough as they said.

  • david

    echo, echo, echo….galore! mine starts the moment i get someone on the line with a wired headset. i have a sprint 32gb 4s. apple care knows about it and so does sprint. they heard their own voice over and over and begged me to put them on speaker so they wouldn’t hear themselves. how primitive is this? maybe its done intentionally from the bluetooth camp? i know i’ve been tempted to go out and buy a bluetooth; but nothing works better than a wired headset.

    my echo has been going on since the day of release. OH AND THE TOGGLING THE SPEAKER DOESNT DO ANYTHING FOR ME. if you really want to freak people out: have a conference call with a wired headset…sounds like a circus in a cave.

  • drew stone

    you wrote, “Apple hasn’t acknowledged the issue. iOS 5.0.1 that was released couple of days back also didn’t seem to include a fix for it, so we don’t expect Apple to release a fix for the problem anytime soon.”

    really?, when did 5.0.1 come out?

  • PebsUK

    Yes, yes yes yes

  • DS

    Every couple calls I get an echo problem after a few minutes and have to call the person back. Usually happens with wired headset. Haven’t tried the speaker toggle yet. I’m with Rogers outside Toronto with 4S 16GB.

  • i have the same problem, i will try the speaker switch on / off today.

  • bibousig

    Yes, same issue for me (upgraded to 5.0.1 and still the same issue)
    the fix doesn’t change a thing, so I’m stuck with echo during all my work conference calls…..

  • m4sheikh

    I am facing echo issues on every third call without a headset. Got an iPhone 4s 32Gb.
    Every time I place a call, as soon as I bring the phone next to my ear I can hear everything I say.
    The speaker only sounds my voice and doesn’t sound the ringing bell. When other person picks up phone I can’t hear him nor can he hear me. Tapping speaker phone multiple times in quick succession fixes problem but not always.
    The second issue is that (without headset also) when I place call, speaker phone turns on automatically and when I turn speaker off, the proximity sensor doesn’t work and again the same thing happens: no voice no mic no nothing. I have taken a video about this Issue and can post it on YouTube if I receive requests on my email scenescene at gmail dot com.

  • J-Ho

    I’m on my second iPhone 4S, the first one had all kinds of issues, so Apple replaced it. Since I’ve gotten the new one, every time I talk to someone, they hear an echo. I can’t hear it and I’m not using a headset. I’ve tried turning the volume down on my end, thinking it was bleeding into the ear piece on the phone but that didn’t help. I’ll try the speakerphone on/off to see if that works but I didn’t have this particular problem with my first one. Sucks!