TouchFire: Screen-Top Keyboard for iPad Gets Funding On Kickstarter

We’ve already seen iPhone and iPad accessories like Glif and iKeyboard getting successfully funded on Kickstarter; a website that helps developers gain pledges from interested buyers in order to develop their projects.

TouchFire – a screen-top keyboard for the iPad has also been successfully funded on Kickstarter.According to the Kickstarter Project page, TouchFire is the brainchild of product designers, Steve Isaac & Brad Melmon, who have worked for companies like Sun Microsystems, Microsoft, HP etc. Here’s brief description of the iPad accessory:

TouchFire puts the “touch” back into typing on an iPad. You can now feel where the keys are and rest your fingers on the home row, so you can type as fast and accurately as you can on a laptop. You can even type without looking at the screen. TouchFire cushions your fingers as you type, something both touch-typists and two-finger typists really appreciate. Typing on an iPad is no longer a pain!

TouchFire is ultra-thin and weighs less than an ounce. It attaches to the inside of the iPad cover and folds with the cover, so you can always keep TouchFire with your iPad without it getting in the way.

It works with both iPad 1 and iPad 2 and the beauty of the accessory is that, it attaches to the inside of the iPad cover, so you don’t have to carry it separately.

The iPad accessory has already generated a lot of interest, as the project on Kickstarter has received backing for more than $38500 from 500+ backers at the time of writing this post – a lot more than $10,000 Steve and Brad were looking for, to help make their dream of bringing TouchFire to the market come true.

You can checkout the video of iPad accessory in action to find out why:

[via KickStarter, Hat tip to Tipb]