Unprecedented Demand For iPhone 4S Still Forcing Customers To Wait For Weeks

iPhone 4S

Carriers are still citing shipping dates of more than 2-3 weeks for the month old iPhone 4S. The Wall Street Journal reports that surprisingly high demand is to blame for the short supply, not problems in manufacturing.

It’s been more than a month since the iPhone 4S was released and all three US carriers who sell the device are in short supply, as are Apple stores. Wait times for delivery are still lengthy, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Verizon Wireless customers may have to wait more than three weeks for the device, according to the carrier’s website. That compares with as much as 21 days at AT&T and up to 14 days at Sprint Nextel.

After being sold-out for launch day in the 24 hours after its announcement, Apple reported that over 4 million units were sold in its opening weekend worldwide. Apple instituted a reservation system online in order to buy one. After 9 PM, customers can go online and see if the iPhone 4S is in stock at their local Apple store. If so, they can reserve them and come in the next day. If there are any left after reservations are fulfilled, they are available to buy for walk-in customers. The system has been in place for weeks now, and with the holiday shopping season upon it, there’s little likelihood that sales will slow down.

Apple Online Store, 1-2 Weeks Wait Time

The carriers seem to agree that the cause is not slow manufacturing as some tech blogs are suggesting, but rather higher than expected demand. The iPhone 4S’s popularity has been building since launch, and so the demand has been steadily rising as well. Apple has been also steadily launching iPhone 4S worldwide and is now available in over 44 countries.

“We are having some supply issues in the sense that demand’s huge,” AT&T’s president of emerging devices, Glenn Lurie, said Wednesday. “We have had just record-breaking sales on it.”

Tim Cook, Apple’s new CEO, told reporters last month that he expects to set a record for iPhone sales this quarter.

 “We are working hard to get iPhone 4S in customers’ hands as quickly as possible.”

If you’re looking to buy an iPhone 4S, you can also try to make reservations on Apple’s website after 9PM. Apple does not disclose shipment information, but local carrier stores often do, so that’s another possible avenue. Of course, you can always cut out the hassle by ordering one online and waiting the 1-2 weeks until it arrives.

[via Wall Street Journal]

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  • Joe

    Ordered a white 32GB 4S yesterday and the FedEx delivery ETA to my home in Alabama is next Wednesday. All things considered, that’s not too bad.

    • BDog_Grizzly

      Most people are looking for the 16GB models. I got my White 64GB on release and from what I’ve seen most places have plenty of them. They’re just out of the smaller sizes.

      • OGT

        Yeah! Best Buy in California.. They have a lot of the 32 and 64GB but they don’t have the 16GB….

  • fas

    Imagine what would happen if the real iPhone 5 came?!

  • Dan Bradley

    I thought about buying 4s just because of the camera upgrade. But the excitement has faded and I will gladly wait for the new model. Because chances are people who upgrade to 4s won’t be able to upgrade to 5 right away if it is out next summer. And if there is no 5, I’ll be happy with an untethered 4.

  • Ryan

    I have a 16g IPhone 4s I wish I had a 64g iPhone 4s bout to try and sell it on eBay or find some way to switch it out for a 64g

  • your moma

    Just left Hong Kong a couple of days ago and you can find those things everywhere. Unlocked, no contract… too expensive for my blood. I have my IP4 (locked 🙁 ) and an unlocked SGS II so I’ll wait for the 5 to come out as well.

  • Bassie

    i live in holland and i buyed a ip 4S – 32 GB, still after 5 weeks… nothing 🙁

  • iGirl_in_SC

    I LMAO when I read comments from Wall Street saying stupid things like “Apple products are not hot anymore” or “the demand for the iPad 2 is decreasing”. I mean, seriously? Since I’ve been using Apple products this is the first time I see this high demand even after a month. I think those “analysts” are trying to lower the stock price with those rumors to start buying and make lots of money when the stock price reaches $600 next year.

  • robbie

    here in uk i had wait 2 weeks for 16g ip4s but now waiting time is far longer sum carriers about 6 weeks they say

  • robbie

    well worth the wait phone is awesome just wish jailbreak wud arrive soon

  • For every article that claims that there are iphone 4s shortages, there are a dozen posts from readers who claim the opposite. My brother ordered one online a few days ago and the shipment date is two weeks out. He couldn’t find any phones in stock locally.