Analyst Says Apple Television Set Is Coming Next Year; Provides Some Interesting Details

iTV mock up

An analyst who specializes in all things Apple is certain that Apple branded Television sets are coming next year. He listed all of the details he thinks it’ll have, and is so sure that he urged people to not buy the current set-top box (2nd generation Apple TV).

Business Insider sat down with analyst Gene Munster during their IGNITION conference. Munster strongly believes that an Apple-branded TV set is coming, and he listed all of the features it’ll have.

  • It’ll be a “full-fledged TV set” not a set-top box like the current Apple TV, mostly because Apple thinks people hate plugging in external gadgets.
  • Apple’s Television will come in a variety of sizes, unlike their traditional offerings. Munster says Apple is targeting younger fans, not those looking for a 50″ TV.
  • Munster says Apple’s price will be twice the going-rate for a TV of comparable size. This seems like a heavy premium for the extra features it’ll have.
  • The TV will have a remote, but it’ll offer near-seamless integration with iOS devices and Siri. You’ll also be able to download games and content from iTunes, the App Store, and through iCloud.
  • It’ll “think the way you do.” Munster says that instead of remembering which channel ESPN is on, you’ll be able to search for it by name or launch it by saying “ESPN.”
  • You still need cable. Apple’s not looking to bypass cable companies, so you’ll need a subscription and a box, but you’ll only need to screw in a co-ax cable.
  • Apple’s aiming to launch the television sets before the 2012 holiday season.

Munster confirms the previous rumors of Siri-integration, and a launch date of next year. If what he says is true, it’ll be interesting to see how the price premium matches up to what consumers are looking for, especially if they’re targeting the younger crowd. On the other hand, the feature set looks pretty complete, and the overall integration with Apple’s ecosystem will be quite interesting.

Would you buy an iTelevision that had these features? Would you pay twice the price of a regular TV for it? Sound off in the comments!

[via Business Insider]