Apple Sues Samsung For Infringing On iPad, iPhone Case Design Patents

Apple has now sued Samsung for infringing on iPad and iPhone case design patents in Australia.

Bloomberg reports:

Apple Inc…, which on Dec. 9 lost a bid to keep Samsung Electronics Co.’s Galaxy 10.1 tablet out of Australia, claims the case for the device and cases for Samsung phones infringe its patents and registered design.

Apple issued the notice of infringement to Samsung in Australia over the cases, and will file a statement of claim, Apple’s lawyer Stephen Burley said at a hearing in Sydney today. Samsung’s lawyer Katrina Howard said at the same hearing the company was served with the notice that the cases infringe at least 10 patents. [..]

[..] The case dispute was disclosed at the end of a seven-hour hearing at which Apple attempted to persuade Federal Court Justice Annabelle Bennett to delay a scheduled trial in Sydney on Samsung’s claims that Apple’s iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and iPad 2, infringe its patents governing wireless transmissions on 3G networks.

The problem is that it’s not clear which cases Apple is referring to in the lawsuit. Samsung makes a variety of cases for its devices, and Apple certainly can’t target them for cases which other companies are producing. As MacRumors reports, there have been accessory companies that have copied iPad 2’s Smart cover case, which got Samsung into trouble.

Samsung did, however, find itself amid controversy earlier this year after accessory company Anymode offered a “Smart Case” for the Galaxy Tab 10.1 that closely resembled the iPad 2 Smart Cover. While the product initially appeared to carry Samsung’s stamp of approval and came from a company with familial connections to Samsung, a blog post issued by Samsung quickly clarified that the product was not in fact approved by Samsung and was immediately pulled before it had begun selling. 

But given that the Smart Case was not directly produced by Samsung, it does not seem that Apple’s claims of infringement would relate to that product.

The patent saga between Apple and Samsung seems to have taken another twist and we doubt if it will ever end.

[via Bloomberg]

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  • Jason

    Not for nothing, i though that was an iPad slider for a second. Samsung seams to do nothing but copy products and lack any innovation.

    • J-God

      The real fact is that people are infatuated of apple product and as consumers as a whole we are consider dumb.

  • ron

    f;;k u JAson , idiot brainwashed apple fan , u will always do what u have been said , u will not bother to think cause u have primitive brain not willling to think behind the things he he he

    • Wiilt

      besides the fact that Jason can speak correctly..

      • Paradox

        LOL @ Wiilt’s comment …

        Now being nice… because it is the holidays…. I am going to assume Ron is not a native english speaker. Now, I do not agree with Ron, and do agree with Jason in part, I too thought it was a pick of iPads… However, I will attempt to convey Ron’s actual thoughts in more proper english….

        Ron says: F;;k u Jason, your an idiot and brainwashed apple fan (aka apple fanboy), You will always do what you have been told. You do not bother to think for yourself, because your brain is equal to that of a neanderthal. As such, you are unable to think beyond the mentality of a fanboy. hehehe (i got nothing more for hehehe… stupid to end with that .. but I can’t ad-lib that with anything more)

        • Paradox

          Oh yea .. f;;k could be worked up as fornication under command of the king.
          Really look it up thats what it stands for … in old england/scotland, the Saxons wanted to breed tone Scotts out of the scotts gaining control of them. So on the night of a brides wedding, the lord of the area would have the bride picked up to have sex with her. The order being “fornication under command of the king” A legal right given to all english lords.

          • Grime

            For a second there, I thought I accidentally I hit the shortcut icon to lol. It’s funny the thing you can learn on the net.

  • hisyam

    Stupid samsung…stop being a copycat…hate samsung til the end..

  • fas

    Samsung did not do it so leave them alone,
    An Apple fan.

  • Sunny

    +1 Wiilt… And Ron ur comment does shows what primitive state u r n in and as for brain am sure u haven’t got a clue what thing is !!

  • Manu

    Hate to admit, but it is really a copy. Question is does Samsung deliberately do this just to piss Apple because of the last few suing lately?

    • Paradox

      To be honest you could say 99% of the cases out there are mock ups of other cases. There are plenty of clone smart covers for iPad that look like the OEM product. There are a ton of portfolio style covers that all share the same design. Is it so odd some third party would design a similar cover for any other tablet?

  • Andy

    I wonder when will apple sue samsung for entering the smartphone market, the tablet market and even its existence????

  • Grime

    As long as Apple keeps charging exorbitant prices for their products they’ll never receive any sympathy from me. Infringe away Samsung and anyone else that offers more reasonably priced products.

  • conspiracy theorist

    people…this is all a propaganda…the more there is a controversy..the more they sell and get rich off of us dumbasses while we fight…samsung is STILL producing the A5 chips and they will continue to produce other components…WAKE UP and smell the copyrights… just saying