Redsn0w Will Soon Allow You To Downgrade Using iOS 5 SHSH Blobs

Jailbreak iPod Touch On iOS 4.2.1 Redsn0w

Back in June, iPhone Dev team had revealed in a blog post titled “Blob Monster” that Apple has made it difficult to downgrade to an older firmware using SHSH blobs in iOS 5.

However, earlier in the week – iH8sn0w – developer of jailbreak tool Sn0wbreeze released an updated version of iFaith to add support for dumping iOS 5 SHSH blobs, which unlike TinyUmbrella allow users to downgrade to an older version of iOS if they had dumped SHSH blobs with the apticket using iFaith.

It looks like it is going to be soon possible to downgrade using SHSH blobs saved using TinyUmbrella, according to a series of tweets by MuscleNerd of the iPhone Dev team.

Upcoming redsn0w release makes both TinyUmbrella and Cydia blob saves useful for 5.0+ (1st verifies, then stitches)

For time being, please just use most recent TU to save 5.0.1 blobs+APTicket…redsn0w will do the rest, should you need to restore.

MuscleNerd hasn’t provided any details of how it will work nor has he provided an ETA on when the new version of Redsn0w will be released, but as he has recommended it is a good idea to take SHSH blobs using TinyUmbrella, which is available for both Mac and Windows or iFaith.

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[via @MuscleNerd]

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  • xero14

    More and more great updates from dev and still no eta. Im starting to think they just want people to follow and love them also 1st commenter blows goats.

    • moe

      your right. real hackers and devs dont announce until they actually release something.

    • OGT

      Is because Apple is in Control…! (No ETA’s that’s the proof of it)

  • Axe

    What do u expect? They give it free. Do u know how to code or identify workable exploit? If not stfu !!!

    • No iphone 5 for me

      Certainly you’re smarter than that? Without jailbreak there is no need for Cydia, without Cydia there is no money to fund jailbreaking. Do you really think the jailbreak hacks are doing it for FREE? Come on, keep up. My guess is that you could probably buy Cydia for a buck right about now, they can’t do untethered jailbreak. Jailbreaking is dead!!

  • Agreed

    I agree with Axe:)

  • Boszo

    Amen to that axe 🙂

  • City23

    AXE, don’t act like your not one of us. Your waiting for the JB too so stFu!!

  • ItsyourBoy

    Another plus one for axe he may be waiting for a jailbreak to as so am I am i but people need to stop bit*hing and just Wait he’s right it takes long to find exploits and codeing mind you they do this for free on their spare time so ya do need to stfu what it thier wasent any jailbreak community then what would you do ? Most likely get an android

  • 4s Owner

    Ho hum another fruitless night!

  • Bandi

    Does that mean if I have Normal shsh saved ( not with apticket) I can downgrade iOS 5?

  • Black

    They just tell us that it works and is coming. Sure they can wait till it is ready for release but there are more dev’s so they wanna be the first to announce and I want to thank them for that so I know it is possible in the near future ( maybe 1 week maybe 2-3 but it will come because they are the real deal)

    • elim

      Two top dev left the scene and went to – you know where…..!! What’s left in this scene now does not have the cap to do it. Reason being – whatever they tried to do WILL be known to them (ex-DEV) and WILL be either blocked or patched. So until another so-call independent REAL Dev arise, the JB scene may be highly suppressed. Do not expect very much for the moment. Just my thoughts.

  • Guerrero

    Just MAKE A DARNED JAILBREAK. stop faffing around and do what keeps bringing those donations in…. Ohhhhhh hmmm now I DO wonder why they drag out these releases. Hmmmmm

    The so called devteam (should be twitter team) is leaving everyone else with the false
    They will develop
    Something. When in fact it’s just keeping other developers from TRYING

  • Craig

    If they already have the untethered jailbreak ready then why not just f*cking release it? Seriously F*CK 4s and iPad 2 users. They can wait longer! Older device users shouldn’t be left in the dark just because the “dev” team is wanting to get it working on all device before releasing it. I’m on tmobile and I NEED a jailbreak to even use my phone and untethered is TERRIBLY inconvenient.

    • Fcuk

      Fcuk jailbreak 🙂 Iphone 4 user need unlock for BB 4.10.08! And there are a lot of them waiting without even a possibility to call.

      • Apple

        iPhone 4 user with B.B 4.10.08 IOS 5 should have been smarter then to upgrade without preserving their B.B

    • adr

      “untethered is TERRIBLY inconvenient.” -> then go tethered dummy 😛

  • gsahlhg

    Not to give them sh*t I know they do this for free but they really should keep quite till around beta testing or final version is ready. No point in getting everyone excited letting apple now then 3 months down the line saying it will or wont work.

  • DarkmanTu

    I wonder how much money Apple are paying these ex-Devs.
    I’m still on ios 4.3.1 patiently waiting for untethered JB release. Until then I’m not upgrading just to save blobs and lose my JB. I love my JB iPhone.

  • steve jobs jr.

    Suck a lier, why don’t you say iPhone 5 or 6 are jb or unlocked from China already. Lots of BS from DEV already. FU Dec….

  • hellwalker

    f*ck dev it’s been so long and still there is no untethered jailbreak seriously i m pissed off —-____—–

  • fas

    Red Snow is becoming better day by day.

  • We don’t forgive nor forget

    Listen guys, Microsoft… and I think to a certain extent Apple control this guys. An Unlock & Jailbreak for latest firmware exist IOS 5 4.11.08 . Remember… Cydia is owned by Microsoft. Who came up with Cydia?? Who is that individual working for now ? (Microsoft of course). There is some legal battles that will arise if the unlock is released plus it would affect Microsoft’s and Apples shares value. Just watch how the cost per share changes for Microsoft and Apple once the unlock is released. Also you guys might want to do a little research and find out who really owns the Gevey company. I will take quite a bit of digging… trust me.