Does This Samsung Galaxy Tab Ad Feel Like an Apple iPad Ad?

Galaxy Tab Ad image

There are a lot of examples where Samsung’s devices bear a resemblance to Apple’s iPhone and iPad.

You can now add television commercials to that list as MacRumors has discovered a new Korean TV commercial of Samsung Galaxy Tab that mimics Apple’s iPad ads.

Despite all of the crazy litigation going on alongside Apple’s claims that Samsung copied Apple’s products, Samsung has put out a new TV commercial that seems to closely resemble Apple’s style of ads.

The commercial features a father and daughter using a Galaxy Tab. A loose translation provided by MacRumors is:

You try to have fun with me, you try to win against me, you ask me millions of questions, you sit on my lap, you want to stay beside me all the time, strangely, when I stay with you time passes very quickly. This is a precious time.

Apple is known for showing ads that draw away from the features of their products and instead focus on human interaction using their technology. Of course, that ad style is only one of many in Apple’s campaign, and they’re also not the only ones who have taken that approach. Still, the commercial is reminiscent of iPad commercials, and it’s clear that Samsung is trying to set the Galaxy Tab as an alternative to Apple’s offering.

This is quite different from the tactic Samsung has taken in the US: mocking its target audience of Apple fans.

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[via MacRumors]