Downgrade iPhone 4 / iPad 2 From iOS 5 to iOS 4.3.3 Using TinyCFW


NotCom a.k.a semaphore – iOS hacker and developer of TinyUmbrella – a popular tool that allows you to take backups of SHSH blobs (ECID SHSH) so that you can downgrade to an older version of the iOS has released a new tool called TinyCFW for iPhone 4 and iPad 2 users.

TinyCFW allows iPhone 4 and iPad 2 users who have taken backup of iOS 4.3.3. SHSH blobs to downgrade from iOS 5.0 to iOS 4.3.3.

NotCom explains:

TinyCFW is a simple tool I put together for a friend of mine. He has an iPad2 GSM and has his 4.3.3 SHSH but since Apple is no longer signing 4.3.3, it isn’t possible to downgrade to 4.3.3 without getting stuck in a 1015 recovery loop.

Here’s what TinyCFW can do:

  • It will modify an existing ipsw for an ipad2 gsm/cdma or iphone4 gsm/cdma
  • It will create an ipsw that you can use with TinyUmbrella AND iTunes to restore to a version of iOS that you have SHSHs for.
  • It is primarily for iPad2 with a baseband OR iPhone 4.

NotCom has also clarified that TinyCFW is not:

  • A jailbreak
  • An unlock
  • A tool to protect your baseband.
  • A tool that will restore your device to any firmware
  • A tool for use with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G, iPad, or iPhone 4S

He has also provided the following instructions to use TinyCFW:

The usage is simple. Start the application. Once the window comes up, click the top button and choose an ipsw for which you have SHSHs for. The app will scan it and tell you the firmware and baseband versions in the ipsw you selected and the firmware and baseband versions that will be in the target ipsw when you click the second button. If you’re ready, click ‘Save Target IPSW’. This will take a minute or two and when it is finished, you will have a file named:

<your original ipsw name>.bbupdate.ipsw.

You can use this ipsw with iTunes and TinyUmbrella to restore your iPad2 GSM/CDMA back to say 4.3.3 (if you have 4.3.3 SHSH).

NotCom has mentioned that he plans to include this functionality in TinyPwn and expects it to be far more robust then this initial version. So please proceed with caution.

So if you have iOS 4.3.3 SHSH blobs for your iPhone 4 and iPad 2 and can’t wait any longer for the jailbreak, then you can download the tool from his website¬†and give it shot. Please don’t forget to let us know how it goes.

[via NotCom’s blog]

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  • JB

    BUMMER I dont have shsh blobs…. its strange that non of these hackers figured a way to generate these shsh blobs…

    • iRSX

      Umm…I’m not going to straight out call you an idiot, but you’re pretty dumb. It is impossible.

      • Allez

        you already just call him an idiot!!!hahahahah

  • Chocogow

    Can someone tell me if you can download any ssh blob cause i dint get the 4.3.3 blob

    • Vince

      If you don’t have blobs there is no point of return as of now. No one has cracked the shsh blob code. Only thing you can do is save blobs from here on out as I’m sure they will be useful later on. Sorry. Maybe if the hacker had incentive like his friend wanted blob generator we would have one by now.

  • Vince

    Worked great for me. I went from 5.0.1 to 4.3.3. Nice to have a clean install of 4.3.3 as sitting on it for months gets buggy. What’s great about this tool is you don’t even have to use it as you can use some one else’s output file. Tinycfw requires huge amounts of ram so I couldn’t use it, I downloaded the tweaked 4.3.3 ipsw from someone who could get it work. So you really only need stitched 4.3.3 firmware which is hosted on Megaupload. look on the comments on tiny umbrella site for uploads.

  • Morten

    Not sure if it is just a typo mistake or if they found out how to make 4.3.3 for the phones that has never been JB’ed but: A tool for use with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G, iPad, or iPhone 4S! Tells me that the 4S can be “downgraded” to 4.3.3… :0)

    • GOD

      U read it wrong idiot!

    • Doobs

      Says “Tinycfw is NOT”

  • Tukkertown

    I have ssh blobs on cydia . Can i downgrade ipad 2 3g ios 5.01 to 4.3.3 ?
    I try get error 2005 on itunes ?

    • Bandi

      Use ishiguro from Cydia to email it to your computer then put in tiny umbrella cache remember to put device in dfu mode before downgrading

  • Chocogow

    Oh so the shsh code has not bin cracked yet but if they were that could mean you may be able to get a really old ipod or iphone get its shsh and downgrade to like iOS 4.0 Maybe or even lower but who whant that if this could be acomplishd we could downgrade when ever whe whant and to the firmware we whant srry for bad spelling

  • iRockU


    • JB

      yup very nothing tiny umbrella couldnt do…. when some one makes a shsh blob generator then they can talk….

  • xero14

    So anyone know if i can go lower im on 4.1 now have shsh from before that but kinda want to check 5.0 out. Any info would really help out but as you can see i could also wait longer if needed.

  • fas

    And why would anyone want to do that?

  • andy

    i have a new ipad2, running 5.0.1. i dont have my shsh blobs saved because its never been jailbroken.

    my friend has an ipad2 which is jailbroken running 4.3.3

    can i use my friends 4.3.3 shsh blob to downgrade my new ipad2 to 4.3.3 ????

    • JB

      Nope!!!! SHSH is UUID Specific…

      • Allez

        SHSH is reading your ECID that means every device is different even you have the same model…if you can do that i’ll be the first person to do it…:)

  • Sas Ang

    Tried but keeps getting stuck at the ‘Save Target IPSW’ screen Anyone got solution ? My PC is running Windows 7 Pro 32 bit

  • Sas Ang

    I mean after I click the ‘save target IPSW’ it seems to be stuck forever saving with no sign of completion, as the instruction says it would take a minute or two only … HELP!

  • xero14

    so anyone know if i upgrade can i go back to 4.1 thats what im on and really like it. Would love to check out 5.0 though

  • Toccs

    im on 5.01 want to go back to 4.3.3 but dont want my baseband to be changed its currently at 4.10.01, can this tool help?

  • Basoda

    I’m getting an iTunes Error 9.
    What am I doing wrong?
    Any ideas?

  • Finalbrez

    Help I have a iPad 2 iOS 5.1 saved blobs for ios 5.0.1 only I can’t live without it being jailbroken so I would prefer to go back to 4.3.3 which I started on but was stupid and didn’t jailbreak with the easiest tool ever jailbreak me. I need a jailbreak. Help me a rich soul because I have a iPad.

    • Finalbrez

      It woulnt let me downgrade to 5.0.1. I always get error 11 or 3194 or 1600 mostly error 11.