EA Game Celebration Sale: Up To 90% Off For Over 100 iPhone And iPad Games

EA Games has slashed the prices of their iPhone and iPad games in the App Store by up to 90% as part of the Game Celebration Sale.

Popular games such as Dead Space, which was voted as the best iPad Game of 2011 by Apple is available for only $0.99.

Here’s a complete list of games that are available for $0.99 (courtesy Cult Of Mac):



It’s a win-win situation for EA and iOS gamers as EA has slashed the prices for a strategic reason, according to Slash Gear:

While EA Games’ deals do offer a few bargains for would-be iOS gamers, the company has a more strategic ambition in mind than simply offering holiday cheer. Apple’s App Store team goes on vacation for eight days over the Christmas period, during which time the download store’s various charts are frozen.

Developers who have secured a place on those charts – by suddenly selling thousands of copies of $0.99 games, for instance – can expect a huge surge of sales when a new batch of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch owners open their toys on December 25. Last year, EA managed to grab eight of the ten spots on the paid games chart.

If you like EA games then don’t miss this opportunity, as it is probably the best time to buy their games.