Elevation Dock is The iPhone Dock Apple Should Have Made

Apple and a number of other third party manufacturers have tried their hand at making docks for iOS devices. These docks got the “docking” part right, however un-docking was a task that took more than five seconds and couldn’t be done with just one hand.

The Elevation Dock, a new Kickstarter project, aims to solve this by not only make the un-docking process a lot smoother, but also making the dock compatible with all cases.

The product description on Kickstarter reads:

Simple to use, quick undocking, and it works with or without a case. We didn’t stop there – It’s beautifully precision machined from solid aluminum and it comes in a gorgeous set of surface finishes, setting a new bar for quality and something that looks really good on your desk. It complements the high-level craftsmanship of the iPhone like no other.

According to the description, the dock also makes the FaceTime experience better by offering better acoustics and an improved viewing angle.

Click on the image above to see the slideshow of Elevation Dock’s photos

We can’t help draw a parallel between the Smart Cover for the iPad 2 and the Elevation Dock, both insanely reduced (or will reduce) device removal time.

If you pledge $59 or more you’d get:

Get your own Elevation Dock in glass bead blasted finish (like on Apple unibody Macs). These will later retail for $90 if the project gets funded. CNC’d from solid aircraft aluminum, low friction connection, USB out. [US shipping included, add $20 for international]

For a pledge of $79 or more, in addition to USB out you also get an audio out:

Get the Elevation Dock+ in glass bead blasted finish. The Dock+ adds shielded Line Level audio out plus USB power adapter. These will later retail for $120. [US shipping included, add $20 for international]

The folks behind the project made a really nice video which offers a glimpse into their manufacturing process:

The project has received an overwhelming response in just a day, with more than a thousand people pledging $117,000.

What do you think of the Elevation Dock?

[Kickstarter via Daring Fireball]

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  • mactard

    I am a long time apple user ( imac,macbook pro,iphone,ipad) but finally i understand the meaning of “mactard” ..gezus fckg christ ,i feel ashamed ,i bought the iphone dock 3 years ago and the other one for the iphone 4,why the hell would i shake it ,bend it,throw it like in the video? What is difficult to do?Someone wants to demonstrate the gravity?Is this the behaviour of the so-called “mactard”?

    • John Buckam

      If you had a brain, you would know that he is demonstrating the difficulty in taking the iPhone out of the dock using only a single hand. He’s not shaking it for the purpose of just shaking it.

      • mactard

        If you had a brain you realised that is not difficult at all to take out the iphone out of the dock ( with one hand).But now i know for sure what a “mactard” is.Must protect myself…

        • Fcktard

          your a fcktard

          • and a retard.. no offense to retards out there but mactard takes the cake.

            this is pretty cool if you use your iPhone as an alarm.. the example in the video shows you why

          • Ramses

            Haha,and we said about win95 “idiotensicher” – down-there in LA you need a manual even for a spoon:)))
            Anyway now you now how to use the iPhone alarm,isn’t videostreaming great?

  • Markieze

    This man looks so stupid by trying to take the iphone off with one hand… God gave you two hands for a reason so you should use em both to take the iphone off its own dock. Terrible way try to catch people attention. This guy should be embarrassed..

    • Fcktard

      your a fcktard too. If you knew anything about apple you would have realized that he is doing exactly what apple does with all their products – “superior user interface” with a slick design. This dock falls exactly in line with the mission of apple. Your such an idiot. Why do you have an iPhone or smart phone? why not carry around a flip phone and a laptop in your back pack for all your net surfing and email? God gave you 2 hands and a torso for your backpack to carry it all around in? You dumbass.

      • D-R

        Good one! LoL

        • mactard

          Not being able to use a simple dock ( a plastic case with 3 connectors )makes you really ..what you are.I hope there are not many like you,otherwise may China save all of you…

  • LoganExplosion

    No thanks. This is dumb. That is all

  • fas

    Apple fan boys have gone crazy, really.

  • Macca

    I like it. Macturds don’t cause it isn’t made by apple

    P.S. that isn’t a spelling mistake

  • Kwopau

    Looks like it is a good idea but personally not buying this because for one, I don’t ever use a dock, not even the apple dock.

  • A simple man

    I like pizza Steve!

  • Andrew

    This is the best

  • KillerPubes

    Like the idea or not the guy just raised $117,000 in a day. How much did any of just earn/raise. There’s obviously a market for this, albeit people with money to waste. It’s not for me but fair play to the guy, hope he gets his funding and goes on to earn a lot more.

  • apple

    I use the apple universal dock because it comes with a control so i can skip and change the volume without having to touch my phone every time.

    This new dock looks great, but can you use the apple control or any remote control with it?

  • jus-sayin

    what I like about it is not having to take the case off, yeah last maybe but like has been said I believe its in the spirit of apple

  • Crunch

    This is silly. If you dare have an opinion other than drooling all over this dock, you’re automagically classified as an as$h0le? As much as I’m in love with the Mac and most iDevices, I’m obviously still not a so-called “fanboy”, because I don’t blindly find everything even remotely having to do with Apple products a “gift to humanity” or “(insert your favorite superlatives here)”.

    If you really raised over $100k, you just got away with murder. Especially if you think you can charge anywhere NEAR what you’re proposing here, then I’m even more impressed. Or is it that you think that people will buy it solely on the basis of you charging over $100 for a dock that won’t even see the light of day until April 2012!?? If that’s the case, then I have a condo in the middle of Manhattan that I’m building with Donald Trump that you can have for only your life savings, but you can’t see it and you can’t move in until 2016.

  • Reeeally

    This is the last thing in the world I’d care about.

    • KillerPubes

      You care enough to comment

  • Chris

    This is really cool but the GETPOWERPAD Qi comes out around that same time:


    I think I’d rather buy that since it’s wireless charging and about the same price as this… still, very cool, would definitely buy one if I wasn’t so fascinated by wireless charging.

  • Amazing job, and beat apple to the punch. I believe this guy just hit the lottery with this one. I will purchase one, surely.

  • There are some ignorant people that post on this website, you all need to grow up. Maybe if you were out there making something of yourselves raising money to produce your product, you could also have an opinion. But to wish anything but this guy the best on this smart invention is just ridiculous. Atually, genius invention. He saw the market, relalized the consumer demand for this and the rise of apple products in the market, gold mine… and look at that 1k in a day. Maybe some of you should spend a bit of time doing something with yourselves rather than hating on those who do, in an online forum.

    • Arjan

      There are some ignorant people that post on this website, you all need to grow up. Maybe if you were out there working to be able to value your income….

  • Zed Sefi

    Try iPhone 4 Conductive charging Matt and case. The most comfy way to charge your phone guaranteed. I have one and I can’t be any happier 😉