Warning: H1Siri – Jailbreak App That Claims To Bring Fully Functional Siri To iPhone 4 Is Illegal, Buggy And a Major Privacy Concern [Updated]

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A new jailbreak app called H1Siri has just been released on Cydia, which claims to bring Siri to iPhone 4 running on iOS 5 or iOS 5.0.1.

It was only last week that a developer had released a jailbreak tweak called Siri0us that brought Siri’s Dictation feature to non-iPhone 4S devices. He however had to pull the tweak from Cydia as he was illegally using Nuance’s voice recognition software.

The H1Siri jailbreak app takes things a step further and essentially is a complete port of iPhone 4S’ Siri to iPhone 4. The jailbreak tweak is available via a custom repository – http://www.iphone3gsystem.fr/cydia/.

It is not clear how it works, but according to initial reports it looks like once installed, the Siri port makes use of a proxy server, which is handles the requests rather than Apple’s servers. We’re also hearing reports that Siri works only occasionally probably due to high load on the proxy server resulting in connectivity issues.

Here’s a video by the hacker of Siri working on iPhone 4 after installing the H1Siri jailbreak app:

It looks like the hackers have got this working on an iPhone 4 by pirating some of the iPhone 4S system files, which is illegal.

We’re also hearing reports that it is causing other issues such as randomly rebooting the iPhone 4 and messing up the Settings app (when you open the Settings app, it goes to Siri section and it is not possible to go to any other section in the Settings app) and you may be forced to ultimately restore your iPhone 4.

So we would strongly recommend you to avoid installing H1Siri on your iPhone 4.


In a series of tweets, iOS hacker and developer chpwn provides some more reasons to avoid installing this Siri port:

Please note: if you use a proxy to access Siri, you may be sending your Email, SMS, Calendar, Contacts, Location, etc though that server.

(It’s up to you if you want to accept that risk. It’s also your choice if you want to violate copyright law to obtain the needed files.)

[via iClarified]

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  • Dan

    First, bah haha, I will try it lolz

  • A1d3n

    Works like a charm on my iPhone 4 5.0 GSM.

    • Dan Burns

      Can you get it connected, I’m runnin 5.0.1 GSM iPhone 4. Thanks.

  • I’ve got it installed and opening. But she only comes back with “Sorry, I am not able to connect right now.” Any help?

  • rysan

    can not install the source on iphone 4 on ios 5.01 it keep saying:Verification error

    • Markieze

      yea same with me.. if you can figure it out can you let me know what to do?

      • usman

        just uninstall sirous if u installed………..thn try again……may b it hlpz u…..

  • Tom skall

    Boom works fine for me.

  • Jacob

    I installed it and when restarting my iPhone was stucked on pineapple screen. ˇˇ It is not worth trying.

    • OGT

      Just Reboot with RedSnoow

      • Jacob

        I’ve tried it sveral times..gotta do restore and jailbreak again :/

        • OGT

          Wait Like 10 or 15 minutes Connected to PC or MAC …! Will work for sure..! It happens to me too..! Just wait and be patient…!

          • Cece

            Mine is stuck on pineapple too and when i reboot it, its still stuck on it. What do I do?

    • REALLY???

      “stucked”??? Do we not teach proper grammar in this country anymore?

      • Jacob

        got stuck sorry man ^^

      • ctrev08

        Omg the fuking arrogent people on this website. Alot of people surf this webpage with there mobile device. lets face it the keyboards dont always work as good as a physcal keyboard. plus it is a quick message that you are just trying to get your view out there. Its not like a resume or a paper for school. i am not gonna waste my time proof reading something that i could really care less about. all because there is some losers on the
        internet that troll websites and correcting grammer. GET A LIFE! And if i rember corretly you are only suppose to use 1 question mark afte a sentence. You have three and and REALLY??? And Stucked??? Are not proper sentences.

        • OGT

          Ja ja ja! You Rigth….

      • PULA

        Grammar Nazi…

  • Frosti7

    theres update on iphone3gsystem.fr main site that apple has blocked it

  • jezzica

    The developers did NOT “pirate” software. Please research before you start your witch hunts. Thanks

  • dalogan72

    let´s say this website lately is kind of funny.

  • Jason

    I can confirm that Siri isn’t working as it cannot establish a network connection as suggested on the repos website. Too bad though it was so promising.

  • JrBob

    I love the fear-mongering. I have had zero problems with this. I wish they would bring the server back online so we could actually use Siri. Those idiots that screwed up their phone probably bricked it by installing this over top of whatever Siri port they already had or removing their old Siri port. It’s a known issue with all Siri ports. It shouldn’t be shocking news to anyone at this point in the game. If you’re not willing to restore your phone then you shouldn’t be messing around in the files. Stop complaining that it doesn’t work or that it screws up your phone and wait for the devs to work out the bugs.

    • You may want to checkout the latest update before you plan to use it again.

      • chude

        I dont effing believe this. Did Apple threaten to revoke you press passes if you don’t attack the Siri port at every possible angle/time.

  • Jacko

    First learn French if u want to read the web site there is a camera bug that can be fixed and second it’s cool to use Siri on iPhone 4 the proxy is to connect to the apple server via another server mocking and iPhone 4s so its like using cydia server for restore. So cydia is looking in to our iPhones? Is cydia server secure too?

  • Alex

    Didnt work for me. It wont add the repo.

  • Tahsin

    How do I install it????

  • Black

    Will try It when i am home

  • Steve

    It installs directly through cydia.

  • Steve

    Every time i try and download it from the source it says gateway timeout!!! Is that just due to traffic?

    • texan

      make sure the url………………http…………………….cydia/. dont forget the forward slash and period…. good luck

  • Hello if I have Cloud server with http://www.clubvps.com I can install siri on my Cloud server and use it instead hisiri server?

  • Spiderpig

    Installed it through Cydia on a 3GS.
    It’s impressive that it could’ve been installed in the first place. Unfortunately, the Camera does not work, the Settings icon is screwed, and Siri seems to be having a connection problem on other devices. Something is still missing. Don’t bother installing it yet.

  • DK

    I cant seem to add the source on cydia…. keepings timeing out

  • DK

    im doing this right but i get error adding the source


    • Texan

      Don’t forget to put a period on the end.

  • Adix

    Installed on my Iphone 4,settings work ok I only had to replace file to fix camera recording issue.But it keep telling me trouble with connection

    • Texan

      How did you replace the file for the video? Thanks

      • Tim

        Same problem here. Which file I need to replace to fix camera recording issue ???

  • Steve

    Siri is not able to connect to the network, anyone else having this issue???

  • ZPaul

    The source didn’t work at all, but after downloading it manually and installing the DEB via iFile it works flawless. Of course the proxy server is “down” so it’s useless at the moment. On a side, I did have to uninstall Siri0us before hand.

  • Jack Black

    I want to install this on my Old Bootrom 3GS. It already has the best jailbreak (untethered) but if it has Siri it will be the BEST jailbroken publicy phone ATM

  • Alex

    I dont get it, i just finish inatalled it fr.o.m cydia and rebooted. But how do i start use it? I mean there isent à mic on my keyboard.

  • Alex


    I fixed the problem:)

    • alex

      i am having that exact same problem. how do i fix it?

  • Nabissa


    • KillerPubes

      Not true, it’s mainly userland homebrew software, perfectly legal. Only the dodgy repository’s have anything illegal or copyrighted. Hell it’s perfectly legal to jailbreak your iPhone.

      • shar

        you mean if you go to an apple store with a jailbroken phone and any other jailbreak app, they will welcome u with open arms?
        thats whats it means illegal for us end users, nobody (practical) is gonna arrest you for doing anything with your phone, its a private property….

        • Adam

          You’re a moron. Jailbreaing is not illegal. Yes it is against apple TOS but it is not against the law.

          • haran

            yes thats right 😀

  • Nabissa

    Ok, its true…… Like ultrasn0w??????

  • maista

    wanna try this out but i keep gettin verification error 🙁 request timed out!

  • Venom

    Who the fu*k is gonna make use of my contacts or text messages? Or maybe my location.. I am not that dumb to store my cards pins or passwords.

  • Nicacolo

    OMG! Give me a f*cking break. Everyone please just calm the f*ck down, there will be a siri for the iPhone 4. Just be patient, hey I downloaded it today and it didn’t work but I’m sure it’ll work soon so just chill.

  • Hunain Khatri

    Since Apple’s Siri servers accept the command by generating a special key for iPhone 4S only, it is not possible for H1Siri to connect to the network without using those special keys, it works using some iPhone 4S hacked keys as proxy to H1SIRI but it is very simple to understand that a single iPhone 4S can not send more than 5-10 commands at a single time to Apple server, if it happens the Server automatically blacklist those iPhone 4S keys blocking your H1Siri access. Those who says upgrading/moving their servers are actually fooling people, because there is no such thing as server being used for this hack it is simply iPhone 4S keys hack being updated to work for you. These people are continuously hacking iPhone 4S keys and making them unusable. In all-cases, this h1siri is a failure and can not up but for a while (5-10) minutes to some users.

    Those who are willing to use Siri should go for iPhone 4S or wait for few months when the Jailbreak for 4S is available till then Apple will indirectly allow other iOS Devices to use Siri through Jailbreak (unofficially) as we are enjoying other tweaks and features using Jailbreak.

    One more thing to add; there is nothing illegal in Jailbreak because it is allowed by Apple in some extent to boost up their sales, although it is officially not recommended or not allowed by Apple but they are supporting it indirectly, otherwise they would loose the sale in multitude of their iOS device.

    • Texan


      • Grime


  • Jason

    How do I make video work again after h1siri install?

    • Texan

      Google h1siri camera fix. Pretty simple stuff good luck

  • fas

    Apple will sue them soon.

  • Tom skall

    Working fine

    • thesheikh

      what method did you use? what phone/software do you have?

  • TingLee


    • Paradox


    • Texan

      Wow tinglee. Don’t open your eyes or else you might get arrested. Lmao

      • LifeBandit666

        Wow. So is smoking weed but that doesn’t stop us.

  • Alex


  • Gee guys….. haven’t you ever thought of “reinstalling” the tweak, and then rebooting through redsn0w? It worked with me and now I’m perfectly fine with H1Siri.

    • maista

      but is it connecting to the network for you?

      • yeah, will it work.
        i changed the network address but it still won’t work

  • Derek

    I have Seri0us to do the Siri dictation, but it suddenly stopped working last night. Anyone else having this issue? Any way to fix it? I tried uninstalling and reinstalling but had the same problem. You hit the button, it makes the sound, then nothing happens anymore. The little mic icon with the done button used to show up, now nothing. Thanks for any info!

  • dave

    when i downloaded this it took forever and it bricked my ipod :/ what a good way to start my day

  • !!!!plz help every one has any idea about ((H1siri)) i just download it onto iphone 4 ios 5.0.1 GSM and after i download it cydia ask me to ((Reboot Device)) and i did that and i have waited for loong time but it dose not start up the iphone still stack at apple logo WTF ********any suggestion plz