Hack Allows You To Control Your Home Using Siri [Video]

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You probably figured it out by now that we love the way developers and hackers are adding new functionality to Siri via the Siri Proxy.

So far we have covered custom plugins for Siri Proxy so that they can give voice commands to control their car or thermostat or play movies and TV shows with Plex or use Google Voice or control Mac apps using Siri or control Spotify and even lights, curtains and fan at home.

Marcus Schappi from Australia has developed a plugin that allows him to turn a lamp on and off and also open a web page on his laptop using iPhone 4S’s Siri with Arduino (an open-source single-board microcontroller), the Beagle Board (an open-source hardware single-board computer), and the Siri Proxy plugin. According to PC World who spoke to Schappi, he has managed to also hack the locks of his home so that he can lock and unlock the front door using Siri.

Schappi who runs Little Bird Electronics with his wife distributing boutique electronics online, calls his system Ninja Board, and plans to raise money so that he can speed up Ninja’s introduction to the global market.

Let us know what you think about Schappi’s Siri hack in the comments.

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