How to Recalibrate Your iPhone’s Unresponsive Home Button

Here’s a nifty trick to recalibrate your iPhone’s home button if you’re finding it little unresponsive or laggy. You don’t need to take it apart for it.

All you need to do is follow these simple instructions:

1. Launch any app such as Stocks, Weather etc that comes pre-installed with your iPhone.

2. Press and hold the power button until you “slide to power off” appears on the screen.

3. Release the power button and now press and hold the Home button until the “slide to power off” goes away.

That’s it. You will notice that it kills the app. You will also notice that the home button is a lot more responsive.

We didn’t know that there was a way to recalibrate the home button.

Interestingly, this tip can also be used if you want to force kill an app or clear resource used by an app (we’re not sure what’s the significance of using a pre-installed app).

Let us know if it works for you.


Updated the title of the post as recalibrate was a more appropriate word to use rather than fix.

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  • What’s this is it a trick??? Will it fix homebutton???

    • Koen


    • Goober

      Didn’t work. Tried several times.

    • Justin C

      OMG!!! I can not believe this work! I almost spent time and money to replace home button and this work! Thank you very much, who ever posted.

  • Laws angel

    Am I missing something here?
    If your home button doesn’t work, use the power then the……home button!!!!!

    • Dereck

      Home button is the is the button with the square and power button is the button on the top roght corner.

  • A1d3n

    What you talking about ‘your’ not ‘you’?

    • A1d3n

      Oh wait, I see it now lol. I /was/ good at reading until I took an arrow to the knee.

    • LawsAngel


      • Ryan Phan

        Lol skyrim joke on iphonehacks

  • Matt

    Pennies from heaven!!! This worked for my iphone4

  • Lol

    İt actualy worked !!

  • Riney

    Amazing! I thought I had an hardware issue and then I can see this annoying problem is just another iOS bug. Thank you Apple.

  • kewlgai

    it works!

  • Amer Aslam

    Working thanks

  • Andy

    Nice trick, my home button is unresponsive occasionally. Tried it hopefully it will fix and i wont need to encounter the problem again.

  • rob

    I’ve tried this many times already, doesn’t make a bit of difference

  • Dmagic1

    It seems to have helped my iPhone 4 home button issues. It responds now every time.

  • Willfire67

    This is funny! I just got a new phone in warranty trade Wednesday for the same problem! Lol. Oh well. Now I know what to do if this one does the same thing

  • Jack

    Success!! my ip4 home button now responds every time. I had to use activator to set holding the volume up key as anj alternative to pressing the home button. I’ll no remove the tweak just yet but so fart so good. BTW Judging by the pictures this trick has been around sometime.. wish I had known!


  • PDias

    Do not work for my iPhone 4

  • dravenb4u

    thank you so much. I was thinking it was a hardware problem or something jammed under my home button. the thing was it was not all the time. finally a fix (and an easy one at that).

  • ImadsMoon

    Works great thank you

  • Angel

    WTF this actually worked for my iPhone 4 🙂

  • SK

    Wow, seems to have worked for me too, but maybe it’s just Placebo! 🙂 Anyways, the only way I think this could possible work is if the home button is an analog button, and the re-calibration changes the threshold. So as a small advice to people who say it doesn’t work for them: try to lightly push the home button only during calibration to set the threshold to a lower value.

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    • ctrev08

      OK I hate people that bash people for grammer on the internet, but come on at least read what you wrote before clicking publish.

      • well??

        You’re comma should be after ‘but’ not before; if you are going to correct someone make sure your syntax is accurate.

      • well??

        Oh, and a comma after OK as well.

      • well??

        Actually, you’re entire sentence is poorly written, try this next time: “OK, I hate people that bash grammar on the internet but, come on, at least read what you have written before clicking publish.” This sentence is a little less confusing to a reader; you’re use of ‘read’ with ‘wrote’ is present tense mixed with past tense. The proper spelling of grammar helps as well.

        • pac

          Try THIS next time: “Actually, your entire sentence is poorly written.” At least make a little effort if you’re going to be a grammar Nazi. Thanks for playing.

        • fu

          “you’re use of” should be “your use of”.

          • jeggy

            Bump your heads together!

    • The Force

      Just shut up if you don’t have anything productive to say.

  • Moe

    My home button sometimes needed a couple or a few presses to work. Just did this trick, and I hope it will fix the problem. Haven’t tested it yet, but I’m excited.

  • Number0six

    Wow I’ve been to the apple store with this one and they said its time to upgrade!? I got angry stating it should last more than a year and stormed out! Lol will go back and show them how to do this…

    • StopDrinkingTheKool-aid

      Apple has become Microsoft, that’s not a compliment.


    Even works with ipad 1 as well and used my my iphone 4 great trick to make home button more responsive

  • fas

    Did anyone digg into what really happens?

  • I just did it, it actually works. Thanks

  • Shy Zalah

    wow. really great. I see improvment on my iphone4.

  • Woppers

    Bleedin deadly buzz!! This worked a treat for me!!!! Savage!

  • Jay D

    Excelent easy simple tip for recalibrating home button, works great now. Thanks guys

  • kap

    This is rubbish!

    I know for a fact there is no way to ‘recalibrate’ the button, you will find it stops working again.

    sorry folks!

  • jacquesdupontd

    I want one for THE ANTENNA ISSUE ON IPHONE 4 😉


    • StopDrinkingTheKool-aid

      LOL, it’s called an iPhone 4S!!

  • Brian

    I did this on my JB’d 4.3.3 iPhone 4 and now my phone restarts every 5 minutes. Uggh.

  • Soki

    Now I need one to fix this issue with the power button. :\

  • Nukie

    It’s a Christmas miracle. Thanks so much! I thought I was stuck with a bad button forever.

  • Jigga

    Didnt work for me. Sometimes using a vacuum to clean the charger port works…

  • j.hoops

    it works mine use to lag for multitasking and going to home screen. i always thought the phone was getting laggy but it was just the button lol cool stuff guys

  • ya55er

    i’ll be damned !!!!!
    IT DID WORK !!!
    thank you , i thought my iphone was getting rusty and old . i was actually thinking of buying another one because of this !!! thank you …THANK YOU !!!

  • Worked for my iPod Touch 4G! Thanks!

    My iPod Touch home button was really unresponsive since a few days…

  • s0mi

    Excellent tip. Worked like a charm! Thank you.

  • Kenton


  • Jay

    hi, need some help on this
    whenever i press n hold the home button, it starts the voice control app .,.,., how do i get thru that or disable the app

  • Rounak

    Didn’t work 🙁
    Guess there’s a problem with the button itself and not the software

  • Vince87

    Wow this is the best hint I’ve ever found on this website!! The home button on my i4 has been unresponsive (e.g. never recognized double clicking, frequently stayed in sleep mode despite clicking, etc) since I tore it apart after it got soaked in the water. I was about to replace the home button but this trick fixed it.

  • Arnel

    thanks god… i was having this problem a months already and this post really helped me… i thought my iphone4 home button is loose…

  • Zigzag10

    It’s doesn’t work on my iphone 4. Ios 4.0.2.
    The slider is doesn’t move!
    What a f***?!

  • Diaz

    Thank you iphonehacks!! I had a home button issue for 6 months now. And with this method it works like Day 1 🙂
    Sometimes I had to press the home button very hard in order to make it work. But now everything is OK 🙂

  • Kenny

    Its works on my Iphone 3GS and Ihone 4S too

  • Brian

    Works on the ipod touch 4G!!!

  • Steven

    Ong it worked for my iPod touch 4g wow apple u got a lot of bugs to work out on iOS 5


    It worked…grrrrreat!!, I told my wife that I spent $100 fixing this so she has to be more careful…LOL, she’s really worried about it…


  • Jp

    It worked for me. Don’t know about everyone else but my Home button issues are now fixed. Hope it’s not a tempoary fix, but for now it’s all good.

  • didn’t work for me guys…

  • Ricardo

    AMAZING! Works great for ipad that i wasabout to sell or throw away!

  • Ty

    Wow, was about to take my iphone to the shop to get it fixed. Would of paid $150 to change the home button. Then came across this site and WOALA home button is back to normal! THANK YOU SO MUCH TO WHO EVER SHARED THIS TRICK! bravo!!!!!

  • Ian

    I just told my Dad yesterday! “I need to ship this back and have the home button replaced..” But nope! Not anymore! My iPod Touch 4G button is working great! Thank you so much! (I was extremely surprised it worked too)

  • Elial

    tried it on my iPod Touch 4G and it works just like described for the iPhone too! thanks

  • Petr

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    Дайте нам знать, если все эти советы помогли Вам.

  • Colin

    Did not work for me.
    I press the home button for 10-15 seconds, and it eventually goes back to the application (stock), so i am thinking i may actually have a hardware issue.

  • asda

    hahahaha. how fool are you? this is no “Recalibrate tick”. the phone “thinks” you are going to turn it off so it starts to kill apps and, by doing that, freeing memory and resources. when you cancel the shutdown you notice it’s more responsive. big surprise, huh? how dumb can all these people be? oh, they still believe in gods and stuff. hahaha

  • Jeremy

    Wow it worked good as new n i thought i damn near wore out my button

  • Nick

    So this works for an ipod touch 4, right? The pic had an iphone 3g/3gs it appears so im wondering if its a variable between the two devices.

  • Robert

    Hey guys,
    This trick did NOT worl for me so I went into activator and assigned down,up to simulate a press of the home button. Then, suprisingly, my home button started working for me again. Try it, it may work for you 😉

  • Danny

    seems to be working for me at this point…that is the first time in weeks where pressing the home button once has worked

  • Zoe

    Omg I tried this a couple of times… It didn’t work to start off with.. But then I tried it again & pressed the home button with all the force I had.. Surprisingly it worked.. Thanks to whoever put this out there.. Amazing!

  • Heather

    Knock on wood (and pray that this fix ‘lasts’) but it has fixed my home button issue on my iPhone 4 (iOS 5.1.1). I’ve been dealing with an intermittent home bottom for 3 months! Thank you.

  • Pepi

    It works on mine as long as I put a banana peel on the screen while doing it.

  • Holly glaser

    Home button works perfect now