How To Perform Untethered Jailbreak On Your iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS Running iOS 5.0.1 Using Redsn0w

Jailbreak iPod Touch On iOS 4.2.1 Redsn0w

iPhone Dev team has just released a new version of Redsn0w, which finally allows iPhone 4 GSM, iPhone 4 CDMA and iPhone 3GS users to perform an untethered jailbreak.

In this guide, we will take you through the step by step procedure to perform an untethered jailbreak on iPhone running iOS 5.0.1 using Redsn0w.

Here are some important points to note before you proceed.

  • This guide is meant for iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS users. iPod touch users can checkout this guide and iPad users can checkout this guide.
  • If you’ve performed a tethered jailbreak on your iPhone running iOS 5.0.1 then checkout this guide to convert it to an untethered iOS 5.0.1 jailbreak.
  • Important note to iPhone unlockers: Please don’t use this guide directly if you want to preserve your iPhone’s baseband. Follow our step-by-step guide to preserve your iPhone’s baseband first.
  • Redsn0w 0.9.10b5c does not support iPhone 4S currently, but pod2G is working hard on it. We’ll keep you posted.
  • Please note that jailbreaking your iPhone may void your warranty and hence proceed with caution and at your own risk.
  • Please do not forget to backup your iPhone before you proceed. You can refer to this post for instructions on how to backup your iPhone.
  • If you’ve jailbroken your iPhone then you can use jailbreak apps such as AptBackupPkgBackup or xBackup from Cydia to take a backup of all the jailbreak apps and tweaks so you can reinstall them easily after successfully jailbreaking your iPhone rather then installing them individually. However, if you’re moving from iOS 4.x to iOS 5, it may be a good idea to reinstall the jailbreak apps to avoid compatibility issues.
  • After the jailbreaking process is complete, do not forget to checkout our article on tips to keep your iPhone secure.
  • Please ensure you are running latest version of iTunes i.e. iTunes 10.5 or later.

Update: Please note that some readers are reporting issue with iBooks after jailbreaking their iPhone.

You can follow these step-by-step instructions to jailbreak your iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS with the assumption that you’ve already updated your iPhone to iOS 5.0.1 (please note Settings –> General –> About –> Version should be 5.0.1):

Step 1: Download Redsn0w 0.9.10b5c for Windows from this link and Redsn0w 0.9.10b3 for Mac from this link and save the application in a folder named “Redsn0w” on your desktop.

Step 2: Double click the Redsn0w zip file and extract the application to the Redsn0w folder. Navigate back to the Redsn0w folder and launch the Redsn0w application.

Step 3: After launching Redsn0w, click on the Jailbreak button.

Windows 7 users should run the exe in Windows XP compatibility mode (right-click on the Redsn0w exe and select Properties, then select the Compatibility tab and select Run this program in compatibility mode for Windows XP). Windows XP and Windows 7 users should run Redsn0w as ‘Administrator’ (right-click on the Redsn0w exe and select ‘Run as an Administrator’).

Step 4: You will now be prompted plug your iPhone to the computer and switch it OFF. Follow the instructions and click on ‘Next‘ to move to the next screen:

Step 5: You will now need to put your iPhone into the DFU mode. Redsn0w will take you through the necessary steps:

(a) Hold the Power button on iPhone down for 3 seconds:

(b) Now simultaneously hold the Home button and keep the two buttons pressed for 10 seconds:

(c) Now release the Power button while keeping the Home button pressed until Redsn0w detects the device:

Step 6: Your iPhone should reboot now. Please remember to release the Home button.

Step 7: Redsn0w will now start preparing the jailbreak data.

Step 8: You will now be prompted to select the jailbreak options you would like. Make sure Cydia is selected and select ‘Next‘ to continue.

Step 9: You iPhone will be rebooted again and Redsn0w will now begin uploading the new RAM disk and kernel.

Step 10: You will now be notified once the jailbreaking process is complete. Click on the ‘Finish‘ button to exit the application.

Step 11: Your iPhone will reboot once again (which could take approximately 5 minutes). After it has rebooted, your iPhone should be successfully jailbroken. You should find Cydia jailbreak app on your iPhone’s home screen.

If you’re new to the jailbreaking world and wondering what to do after jailbreaking your iPhone, checkout our jailbreak apps category page to find out the apps you can install on your iPhone using the Cydia app. Please note that some of the jailbreak apps and tweaks are still not compatible with iOS 5/iOS 5.0.1 so please be cautious while installing them.

Troubleshooting Tips:

Error 16xx:

If you’re getting error 16xx then it is most likely due to host file entries pointing to Saurik’s server. You can either remove the host file entries or try jailbreaking from another computer.

Error 3194:

You have probably not put the iPhone in DFU mode properly. Try the step by step guide again.

White Cydia Icon:

If you notice the white Cydia icon (which fails to launch) after successfully jailbreaking then follow these steps to fix the issue.

  • Launch Redsn0w again.
  • Click on Extras and then click on Just Boot from the list of options.
  • You will now be prompted to plug your iPhone to the computer and switch it off. Follow the instructions in the correct sequence and click on ‘Next‘ to move to the next screen:
  • You will now need to put your iPhone into the DFU mode. Redsn0w will take you through the necessary steps:
    • Hold the Power button on iPhone down for 3 seconds.
    • Now simultaneously hold the iPhone and keep the two buttons pressed for 10 seconds.
    • Now release the Power button while keeping the Home button pressed until Redsn0w detects the device.
  • Your device will reboot and you will see the Pwnage icon on your iPhone’s screen for few minutes.
  • After your iPhone is successfully rebooted, you will see the regular Cydia icon (brown). You should now be able to launch Cydia without any issue.

Cydia Issues:

It looks like some of the repositories are getting hammered due to the surge in traffic, so keep trying or try after sometime.

“No identifying data was found” Error:

If auto-detection fails and you get the “No identifying data was found” error message when you use Redsn0w then you need to manually select the iOS 5.0.1 firmware file before following the step by step instructions mentioned above. To select the firmware file manually follow these steps:

Update 1:

If you’re having issues launching jailbreak apps install the latest version of Corona iOS 5.0.1 Untether. More details available here.

Update 2:

iPhone Dev team has released Redsn0w 0.9.10b2 to fix the launchCtl issue. We’ve updated the download links with the latest version of Redsn0w.

Update 3:

iPhone Dev team has released Redsn0w 0.9.10b3 to fix the problem with MobileSubstrate based jailbreak apps. We’ve updated the download links with the latest version of Redsn0w.

Update 4:

Corrected the links for Redsn0w. Thanks everyone for pointing it out.

Update 5 (17/01/2012):

iPhone Dev team has released Redsn0w 0.9.10b4 to fix the iBooks issue. We’ve updated the download links with the latest version of Redsn0w.

Update 6 (29/01/2012):

iPhone Dev team has released Redsn0w 0.9.10b5 to fix the iBooks DRM issue. We’ve updated the download links with the latest version of Redsn0w.

Update 7 (15/02/2012):

iPhone Dev team has released Redsn0w 0.9.10b5c to fix some bugs. We’ve updated the download links with the latest version of Redsn0w.

Hope this helped. Please don’t forget to let us know how it goes in the comments and drop us a line if you hit any issues and don’t forget to give a donation to pod2G for all his hard work.

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  • Hassan ali

    I get error 20 when updating to custom 5.01 ipsw 
    I downgraded to 4.2.1 custom but can’t go back anyone help please
    Successful help I’ll give a 20 pound UK donation or 50 dollar for USA

    • CG

      Google how to change itunes hosts files

    • Andy

      Dose this work on apple tv2 as well

  • CG

    Worked like a champ JB’D in 5min

  • Olaf

    Big thumbs up!!

    • fas

      I second that.

  • jo

    how do i switch from a tethered jailbreak?

    • javatechnic

      use corona from cydia….good luck

  • DanielGoh

    thanks alot to podg2 and dev team… ^^ and a happy new year.

  • Leo11jai

    Does this jailbreak update your baseband? I’m using a gevey sim on ios 5.0.1 and it works wonderful but I the guide it says not to use yet if you need to save your baeband.

  • s1f3r

    Nice logo when jb is in progres 🙂
    Of course working fine.


  • HappyMan

    It worked !!! it f**king worked !!! Thank you thank you thank you @pod2g, iPhone Dev team and Chronic Dev team. You guys/gals are my heros !!!!! wooohooo !!!!

  • del

    thanks dear, what a great relief
    is it safe for 3gs old bootroom? 🙂

    • Mielad

      @del Old-Bootroom iPhone 3GS owners always have an Untethered Jailbreak !!!

      • del

        okay thanks 🙂

  • xelon

    Link for the OS X version is down… -.-

  • superam

    Updated to stock 5.0.1 which was just fine. after jailbreak process, i’m stock to apple logo, appearing on and off. Any idea buddies?

    • oregon

      same problem HELP!!

    • jay lou

      i have the same issue anyone have some advice

    • Aayush

      1. open i tunes
      2. press home button and connect to pc via usb
      3. itunes will detect your phone, and u can start will all over again
      i hope it will work 🙂

      • ray

        this happened to me too… please help! 🙁

  • Ashbel

    Hi, I have an iphone4 jailbroken on 4.3.3 and i have been trying to update to 5.0.1 and still getting a message that says: The iphone could not be restored. An uknown error ocurred (21).

    Sorry my english guys and thaks for any help you can give 🙂

    • lalo

      someone can help me here please!?!?!?!

    • asdfsd

      I was getting error 21 as well. There was an entry in my hosts file that was redirecting to cydia. Remove this line, reboot the computer and you should be good to go. (an easy way to see if this is your issue is to type in in your browser and see if it takes you to Cydia.)

      • iRockU

        Thanks! I was getting that unknown error 21 also when trying to restore back to factory on my windows 7 laptop. I switched to another PC with windows XP and removed that line because the laptop wasn’t letting me run it in Administrator. Worked like a charm, no problems on my XP.

    • Nomidara

      You can’t upgrade to 5.0.1. You must restore the device ( wipes everything) to 5.0.1 then resync.

      • fahad

        i am getting error http 1.404 not found

  • i0x13h

    i’ve a iPhone 4 thetered… (with may applications, music, video, photos etc)

    can i switch to unthetered? or do i need restore iphone before jb?

    • ian

      Yes you need to restore to re-jailbreak. Of course do a backup beforehand.

      Good luck

      • i0x13h


        i Thought that it would be easy to switch tethered to untethered!

        • iphone 4 user

          well it all depends on if you are already on 5.0.1 if you are go to cydia and search for corona untethered and install package and your done thats what i did lol worked like a charm 🙂 good luck

  • xelon

    Damn.. Error! no successful firmware download after 60000ms!! Giving up…

    • Nick

      i got the same error? any clue on a fix?

      • taz

        if u r on ios5 already then update via fone its hardly 45mb. otherwise download the ipsw of 5.0.1 and update manually via itunes. the itunes downloader is SH*T

  • ian

    Just wanted to say thank you to all involved in the making and release of this wonderful extra xmas present.

    Great work 😉

  • Leo

    How can i do it without upgrade my baseband?

    • leo11jai

      you need to create a custom firmware. use redsn0w 9.10b1 to create one.

  • Tony

    Very easy !! Finally untethered now! Great xmas present 😉

  • mani

    stuck on identifying….any suggestions

    • Odd-Sprout

      I too am stuck on identifying! Any one have suggestions for us? Are we doing something wrong? I’ve always been able to jailbreak prior to this!!

    • t jones

      point the redsnow to the ipsw: ie Extras->Select IPSW.

      worked for me

      • PrashanGune

        I love you!! It just fixed my iPhone from jailbreaking. Thank you so much. But i cant unlock the factory lock in the mobile 🙁 it has 5.1.1

  • Saez

    Get an error when updating to 5.0.1, amy suggestions??

    • xelon

      WHAT error? Not eligible? 1600?

      • lalo


  • indi_dal

    tried to jailbreak to allow use by tmobile sim…. but doesnt work and now I cant use my att sim either any suggestions?

    • iphone 4 user

      what do you mean you tried to unlock after jbing

  • Jerry Berry

    Everytime i try and put it in DFU mode it just boots up again.

    • leo11jai

      you have to connect it to the computer so that the phone can go into dfu mode.

  • GP

    Why does the redsnow app keep unexpectedly quitting?

    • Chelo

      This happens to me as well haven’t been able to complete the jailbreaking process

      • Melvin

        sorry about my typo’s, typing on iphone while at work!!! lol

    • Gil

      make sure you’re going along with the steps as redsn0w is doing them on the screen. If you put it into DFU before running Redsn0w when you go to the steps process it will close out.

    • solferico

      Are you running redwsn0w as Administrator?

  • Nicely Done with no problems >>> anyone who needs help with anything im ready to assit you >>

    • GP

      Why does the redsnow app keep unexpectedly quitting on my mac during the downloading package process?

      • GP

        Never mind, had to go into DFU mode an alternative way.

        • Jhamu

          Is your problem solved? i am also facing the same on Windows machine.
          please explain if you did it….

          Thanks in Advance.

          • taz

            1. open redsnow
            2. click jailbreak.
            3. do not click next
            4. get the fone in dfu mode manually.

            the installation will start automatically and u wont get the unexpected error then. i tried and it worked. cheers!

      • shahbaz

        Hi, it’s finished the jailbreak and it’s supposed to take like 5 minutes for the phone to reboot but mines staying at the apple logo screen and it’s been more than 15 minutes!!! HELLLLLP!!!

        • ray

          same problem! please helppppp!

    • Dave

      Hey, thanks in advance~
      I’ve got an Ipod touch 4G, the jailbreak process is all fine but I cant add any sources or even use the search function on Cydia

      • Dave

        Problem solved, have to change international setting to US

      • David

        I can’t find SBSettings for example, any idea why? I’ve added the repos

    • Greg

      Please help 🙂
      I was tethered on iPhone4 w/ 5.0…. then upgraded to 5.0.1 today. After upgrading and downloading redsn0w on my mac, I go through the process and it reboots the phone but hangs on the Identifying screen. The phone just restarts without Cydia installed. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!!!!!

      • Greg

        Tried 2 different computers 🙁 iPhone reboots and Redsn0w screen sticks on “Please wait while your build is being identified. Waiting for reboot.” The phone reboots without Cydia. Never had these problems before…

        • Fyta

          I think I had this problem last time. It ended up being an issue of not holding the buttons long enough. Even when redsnow

          • Fyta

            … starts doing stuff and stops showing the countdown, keep counting and holding.

        • Anonymous :)

          Had the same problem!!!! took me too long to figure out the solution…..

          The solution is to download firmware 5.0.1 for your phone and then on redsnow go to extras and then click select ipsw and select the 5.0.1 firmware you downloaded 🙂

          Then go to jailbreak and do the rest!!!

    • Vikas

      I used ipsw instead of custom ipsw.
      My baseband got updated to 5.16.05
      Can I still unlock or is my iPhone bricked?

  • iphone 4 user

    any one tried ibooks yet i used corona by chronic dev team and my ibooks don’t work again anyone know if its the same in redsn0w

    • ian

      I JB through Redsn0w and ibooks is fine for me

  • Martin

    Did everything correctly, double checked that I had selected ‘install cydia’, nevertheless Cydia is not installed on my jailbreaked phone. What to do?

    • iphone 4 user

      are you already on 5.0.1 if so i would try using the cydia app use search for corona and you should see the untethered patch worked perfect for me good luck

  • Drm

    Man congrats to alllllll who made this u r the best

  • Jonathan

    Does this work on firmware 04,11,08????please!!!

    • xelon

      04.11.08 is the baseband, not the firmware..

      • Jonathan

        Does it work on that baseband?:)

        • iphone 4 user

          the baseband don’t matter to jbing only if you want to unlock and your baseband can’t be unlocked so along as your on 5.0.1 then your all good to go hope this helped

          • Jonathan

            Thanks a lot! So I’m gonna need to wait for a unlock for baseband 04,11,08 to come out??

  • iphone 4 user

    Jonathan yea mate you are gonna have to wait because not even the gevey sim will work with that baseband. lets hope muscle nerd can work his magic soon lol 🙂

    • Jonathan

      Lol thanks a lot bro

      • iphone 4 user

        no probs man

        • anders

          Hi there,
          I’ve successfully JB:d my 3Gs phone, ios 5.01, yet ultrasn0w won’t work. I can download it from Cydia and run the app but my new sim card can’t find a net work. It say “No Service” after a minute of “Searching”. My firmware (06.15.00) should be compatible. Any ideas?

          • tiago

            same prob here anders, firmware 05.16.05

  • aialek

    Am I the only one who thinks, it would be awesome if you could get the old-school-cell-phone keyboard (the one with only the 0-9 plus # and * buttons) on your iphone, instead of the entire alphabet? .. some android might have it..?

    if you know, that this form of keyboard is already available, then please help me..

    thank you

    • ian

      I’ve also been searching for the keyboard you mention.

      I hope someone can point us in the right direction 🙂

      • aialek

        glad to hear i’m not the only one… it would just seem like such an obvious tweak, so I can’t understand it’s not already available

  • asa

    will this work with ios5.0?

    • iphone 4 user

      no sorry mate has to be 5.0.1

  • ash

    already donate a little amount of money!!! it would be more if i been capable to jailbreak my iPad2 to.. but anyways thank you all make this possible!!! 🙂

  • Coolwave

    Cydia icon is white after i used Redsn0w can anyone help me out

    • tK


    • Olaf

      Try rejailbreaking but uncheck the Cydia tab in redsnow this time when it gives you an options list. Hope that helps.

  • Melvin

    for those of u having redsnow unespectedly crashing…..wat u need to do is create a custom ipsw with redsnow….make sure u backup ur iphone on itunes, then in itunes restore with a ipsw that was made with redsnow it should look something like this “NO_BB_iPhone3,1_5.0.1_9A405_Restore.ipsw” after that u can jailbreak with redsnow……worked just great for me good luck……

  • Vince87

    Anyone having issues with iFile? I’m using it a lot and many appear to be having issues with it after JB with Redsn0w I’m still on 4.3.5 on my i4 and wondering if I should wait for beta 2 or the final release…

  • Anuj Dhingra

    Hey thank you so much, was following pod2g on twitter from so long. Worked like a charm for me. Preserved my baseband so that i can use it with gevey sim. 🙂 worked fine. Thank you so much 🙂 best new year gift for me. From india, Anuj

  • Tim

    If I’m on a Verizon iPhone would I have to worry about my baseband

    • Fonzie

      I’m curious about this too! Still on 4.2.8 on iOS4. Guessing if I have no desire to unlock it shouldn’t matter now? If not, Do I just upgrade to 5.0.1, then upgrade the baseband and start the JB process?


      • Fonzie

        Just in case anyone else is curious, I downloaded the 5.0.1 firmware then upgraded using the restore feature in iTunes. Sync’d everything, then followed the JB instructions. All went perfect. Baseband is upgraded to 4.2.10 now, but since I don’t need an unlock, this doesn’t matter. Thanks for all the effort pod2G!!!

  • Finally!

  • i like sticking my finger up to apple



    about time too!! thanks guys

  • ImadsMoon

    thanks alot to podg2 and dev team

  • Wupiwupi

    Hey… Nerds… I just get my 4s today v. 5.0
    If i Update in iTunes to 5.0.1. Will i so get the
    5.0.2 People’s takling about ?

    Need to be on 5.0.1 like pod2g says when
    he release jb for A5 devices

  • Jimmy

    The jailbreak worked perfectly I just can’t add modmyi source.Is anyone else having that problem?

    • luis

      It worked for me too but i can’t add, it says repository not found, any advice? and thanks

  • vikas K

    I updated to IOS 5.0.1 using the guides.However I used the IPSW option instead of the custom IPSW baseband has now become 5.16.05 .Now I cant get any service on my phone. Can some1 please help ?

    • Vince87

      Unfortunately no one will be able to help you now! You’re screwed and left with an ipod touch w/ GPS.

      • vikas K

        can I downgrade to previous babseband ?somehow ?

        • york

          by a gevey

  • Razz

    I was able to get it running but it sticks at the spinning wheel whenever I reboot. I see I still have semi tether on the phone yet it says it is not on. How do I remove semi tether since it isn’t in my cydia anymore since reinstalling cydia. Or how can I fix the spinning wheel at reboot?

  • Clinton

    Doesnt work for me. I have jailbroke many times before. Nothing is new. For some reason my phone will not enter DFU mode (starts exploiting and never stops, but phone instead boots up normally)

    Any suggestions?

    • anon

      start over. I had this problem. I think it has something to do with not being in DFU mode. It finally got past the exploiting part on my 3rd try.

  • BRian K

    No good here. Trying to go from JB on 4.33 3.10.01 get error 21, tried custom BB ipsw still no. Oh well.

    • iGod

      need to update to 5.0.1 stock, if u have a baseband u need to keep then create a cfw 5.0.1 without bb update, put phone into dfu using redsnow then retry updating, if that fails u need to remove itunes hosts from ur hosts file.

  • Leeree

    I dont see anywhere if u need original sim card after installation ??? Does it fix it or not (hacktivate)

  • will this also unlock baseband 05.16.05?

  • Steven

    After I enter the DFU mode then redsnow runs through its things then it stops at “waiting for reboot” after the phone reboots and doesnt do anything after that….
    any ideas???

  • Bogs

    Is anybody having issues with my3g stuck on expired trial version even if the cydia app was paid for after the jailbreak?

  • Larryboyp

    nothing happens after i come to itunes and will upgrade it only says preparing the iphone and im stuck there whyyy?? plz he

    • Larryboyp

      plzzz help why im stuck on itunes the erro code is (1601)

      • taz

        if u r on ios5 already then update via fone its hardly 45mb. otherwise download the ipsw of 5.0.1 and update manually via itunes. the itunes downloader is SH*T!!!!

    • sasa

      same here…

  • thank you! cann’t wait to get out of work today so I can get home and start creating custom interfaces again now for ios5!

  • Jhester1967

    It said it jailbroke my iphone 4 just fine and when it rebooted there is no cydia on it?? Could this be because I used an iphone4s backup when i set up my iphone 4?

  • Zico

    Working good !!!!
    thanks !!!

  • Oms

    can’t get through the activation screen even though i’ve checked the box while jailbreaking help guys and thx a lot

  • hikodavid

    Can I do the jailbreak if I updated to 5.0.1. via ITunes

    • Kyle

      i have the same question

  • Kyle

    How should i back my iphone 4 up,
    does it matter if i use itunes or should i use somthing else any suggestions?

    • taz

      use itunes to back up

  • Kyle

    if i am already on ios 5.0.1 can i jailbreak?

    • taz


  • Steve

    Not good, all seems to have jailbroken, but no apps downloaded from Installus will install. So it loks like its jailbroken but its not.

    • Terry

      To true, what good is a JB if you can’t install anything form Cydia…. I tried reinstalling the JB but now Cydia wont even open???? Whats going on here? Were we tricked in to updating our iphones? looks like it…. No donation from me till it WORKS!!!!

      • Khaled

        I have this problem too, cant install anything from cydia… I recieve a strange error and it is not downloaded even it is says to me that the app is seccessfully installed…

  • Thomas

    I can get Cydia installed, but whenever i install a package that requires rebooting my phone will not reboot. it is stuck on the rebooting screen. i have restored it and tried booting tethered and it still doesn’t work. Seems like there are still some bugs

  • repose

    nvm. I kept refreshing (like f’n elebenty times) and it finally worked. I guess their servers are overloaded.

    • Jonas

      Just restart the jailbreak, or just press home?

      • repose

        Sorry I didn’t see this earlier. I meant I just kept refreshing the changes section in Cydia

  • xxxooo

    After using redsnow the iphone is stuck on the “need to sync with iTunes” screen. but iTunes does not recognize the iphone connected to the computer. I tried regular and DFU mode. nothing seem to work. please help.

  • Jared

    Redsnow keeps saying waiting to reboot then nothing happens

    • andrew

      same, any help yet

  • saleem

    is there option to chase the baseband to 06.15 so that i can use ultrasn0w to unlock after jailbreak?

  • Speeder

    Cydia is having problems fetching from bigboss. Am I the only one getting 404 error when trying to pull releases from BigBoss repo. Can find Sb Settings either.

  • sasa

    after JB i have connect to itunes icon on the screen. anybody else?

  • Iphonehacksfollower

    Also wanted to add that a lot of the tweaks and utilities are missing from this version of cydia. example:- respring, fakecarrier, etc.

  • scar

    Hi I am noob and followed this guide and jailbroken my 3GS successfully, from 4.3.5 to 5.0.1. Many thanks but… my only purpose is to unlock this phone.

    how do I unlock my phone next? Mine has 05.16.02 baseband, jailbroken following the guide above. Any idea?

    • iGod

      ipad baseband for u im afraid

  • Randomicious

    For the iBooks configuration error, I did some searching and found a fix for the iOS 4 jailbreak, which led me to the iOS 5 fix. Add to your sources and then search for “iBooks fix 2”. It’ll say it’s for iOS 5. Installed and worked like a charm, hope this helps 😀

  • faz889

    hi, pleaseeeeeeeeee help iv spent a whole day on this, lost my contacts, pics, apps everything and stupid itune over wrote my backup.
    1)connected to itunes
    2)put it in DFU mode
    started jailbrake
    stopped after 10 seconds and says “exploit failed”……… cant even click “next”
    i am on 5.0.1 as upgraded via itunes

    • faz889

      p.s, iv tried this like 27 times… very annoying now.. im running windows byt the way not mac

    • faz889

      it stops at “UPLOADING FIRST STAGE” when jailbraking

    • faz889

      tried 36 times now…. heloooo this JB doesnt work… what am i doin wrong?

    • faz889

      pardon me im gettin really frustrated iv lost everything from my fone today

      • gman

        make sure you turned off firewall

        • faz889

          its off…. tried again still nothing mate
          stops straight after “uploading first stage” and says “exploit failed”

          • faz889

            even tethered on redsn0w does not work.. same process same thing “exploit failed.”

          • faz889


  • andrew

    help please! i am using ip4 cdma on a mac using lion. download the new redsnow not previously tethered. i enter DFU but the redsnow keeps reading waiting for reboot, however my phone reboots and is not jailbroken…..whats going on anybody?

  • Cameron

    I have a jailbroken iphone 4 running ios 4.2.1- I am having lots of trouble updating to 5.0.1. No matter what I try, I get error 21 or 1600. I believe I need to change something in my hosts file. Can someone tell me what I need to edit to resolve these errors? Thanks

  • Jonas

    I´´m getting error 🙁
    “no succelfull firmware download after 60000ms!!! Giving up”

    What can I do ?
    Back to start, and try again?

  • sasa

    after JB no signal, but my phone is not locked, what next? flash with baseband again? thx

  • JOe

    Is anyone having problems with Cydia? I cant download anything and when i look for tetherme its not even showing. I have restored my iphone 2 times but keeps doing the same thing.

  • gman

    I updated my Iphone 4 to 5.01 untheather but the issue i have is that a lot of the cydia apps i get a error that says cannot comply…such as sbssettings and so forth…anyone has this issue?

  • iGod

    for all u iphone 4 jailbreakers, iv got hold of the siri files 🙂 if anyone would like them? cant connect to servers but u can hold down home button n see siri pop up and do its thing 🙂

  • BigMoney

    I lost AptBackup, and a whole bunch of cracked apps. Bummer dude, the JB is great.

  • Worked perfect, first time. Awesome!

  • Jailbroken fine.
    In Cydia, and nothing will install says things are missing. Awesome

  • lamby

    Jailbroke the 3gs with ease, a big thank you,, but when ive come to install winterboard i’m getting this warning
    ‘Note:the requested modificatations cannot be applied due to required dependencies or conflicts that cannot be automatically found or fixed’
    Any ideas folks Cheers

  • Pedro Niza


    I already created and sucefully installed the cfw 5.0.1

    However it didn’t install cyndia on myp hone.

    What should I do right now ?

    tks in advance

  • Pedro Niza

  • luke

    after jailbreak process my cdma iphone 4 is stuck in an apple boot loop. any ideas on a fix??

  • I’m sad

    The jailbreak went well. Cydia icon is white but who cares. That can be fixed later. All the repos I add have a error. I file won’t work. Folder enhancer won’t even load right. Why do all the repos show a error code? Why don’t the tweaks load right? Kind of pointless to have cydia or Unteathered jailbreak if none of this is working.


    Ran Redsnow on 1st PC. Manage to jailbreak. No problem.
    Start redsnow in another PC. Redsnow crash with unexpected error. Restore and jalbreak again. Same error. Any help. Both PC on windows XP sp3

  • hikodavid

    I cant download anything from cydia it keeps on giving me an error when i hit install

  • jamesjones

    There’s only one thing you forgot to mention on this JB, ORIGINAL SIM FROM BASEBAND is needed!
    Now I’ve got to recover, because I don’t have a SIM!!!!

  • Sunilkumar

    Caution: you will be able to successfully update to ios 5.0.1 without upgrading your baseband. but please be aware that you will be stuck at activation screen on your iphone if you are on other carrier.
    I upgraded from 4.3.1 (BB 4.10.01) to 5.0.1, and then had to activate using a regular AT&T Card. i was using Gevey Sim Earlier.

  • vwstadt

    I’m on 5.0.1 already, with 5.16.05. Will my baseband get updated any further? Since I can’t unlock 5.16.05 it doesn’t really matter, but I’m still curious.

  • Nutz

    I encountered error while performing the jailbreak and will appreciate any help or advice.
    Device is iPhone 4; previously ios 4.3.3 jailbreak.
    Update to ios 5.0.1 via iTunes.
    Restore from backup
    Use RedSn0w and encountered problem at step 9-10 with below error message:
    “AppleIOPSDIOEndpoint::init(): Failed to get IOP after XXX sec.”

  • Fazie

    i just jailbreak my iphone4 to ios5….but howcome its like lagging n my home button if being press it didn’t exit the apps…i hv to power off….can help over here????pls ='(

  • noheroes

    thanks alot to podg2 and dev team…
    Happy New Year..!!!

  • tt

    Jailbreaking iPhone 4 ios5…. where is Winterboard?

  • Jhester1967

    My iphone 3gs is on 5.0.1 and redsnow gets passed stage 2 and then says no identified device!!!! What is the deal with that? any ideas

  • OGT

    repositories error!!! 🙁
    How to fix it?

  • TTT

    im user iPhone 4 from 4.3.3, using PC with winXP..
    wanna go to 5.0.1 since the jailbreak release..
    after im doing step till the NO_BB..
    then going to jailbreak, doing step by step..
    in 3rd step in releasing power button, then redsnow work..
    suddenly, window show error encounter to redsnow..
    why this happen, how to fix it.. thank you..

  • Bill S.

    3GS running 5.0.1. Worked like a charm! PLEASE read the guide. Just finished and it worked. (so far.)

  • Han

    Once hit the add button in source management, cydia quit immediately..
    any ideas?

  • Hasmukh Patel

    i have iphone 4S 5.0.1 baseband 1.0.13 .
    Is this Working for me or not ????
    reply me as soon as possible….

  • hen_gky

    Doesn’t work for me (ip 4), after finishing jailbreak, the phone keep restarting with apple logo,again and again and again,never ends…..anyone have the same problem???please help!!!Thanks..

  • arsh

    i hav done jailbreak on my i phone 4……………tethered
    its not rebooting….even thru pc………….help me……
    its not switching on
    i tried a lot bt jailbraking again n again

  • Expert

    After 24 of using i notice these problems, maybe someone know how to solve it:
    1. iBooks – after installing it works, but after download iOS 5 manual app crash forever showing same error “reinstall or smth” but it wont help. Fixed only when downloaded ibook fix for ios5 from cydia, but it’s not only fix, but with app, so i uninstall original from iStore and using that from cydia without problem.

    2. Find my iPhone wont work. Everything is enabled and working when we are talking about iCloud, connected, new email is created too, also i try to do and i can see my iPhone in “find my iphone” devices list, but it says it’s offline, unavailable and wont work, iPhone not receive any sound or messages from there too. Previous with iOS 4.3.1 everything works fine even in iCloud when i login as i remember and with mobile me of course…
    BTW: location service on iphone works fine, tried to catch signal in outdoor too, everything is fine with it… Phone is always on WiFi and 3G too :>

    3. Before updating to iOS5 i make bakcup, but… i cant to restore backup via iTUNES 😉 it’s not so bad, i will have clean iOS5 and rebuilt my programs and files again, but strange… why this problem exist because Apple is guaranteed everything must be fine with it.

    BTW: now iP4 is faster, smoother, smarter and i love it… 😉

  • Adrian

    My jailbreak using redsnow was successful but i have problem installing SBsettings…
    Any advice??

  • tt

    How is it possible to get Winterboard on Jailbreak of stock 5.0.1 ?

  • superam

    Anybody here having issue with GPS/Location Services???
    After successfully untether jb my iphone 4 5.0.1 with redsnow my GPS stop working.

    Please Help

  • Kiran

    Fantastic!!!! Jailbroke both the iPhone 4 and 3GS…Time for some donations. 😉

  • Kiran

    For ppl with SBSettings not installing issue…Please wait for some time as the servers are getting flogged since yesterday… 😉

  • Davy_Ray

    I am currently running a jailbroken os4.01 phone with baseband 01.59.00. the phone was bought unlocked by apple. If i upgrade to 5.01 via itunes and then JB with redsnow will i still have the factory unlock? Do i need to preserve my baseband or does it not matter?

  • Khaled

    I installed cydia successfully but when i install any app from it i get an error after finishing its thing and cant see the app or in spotlight search ( i cant install anything from cydia) anyone can help me plz?

  • Jay

    A big heartfelt Thanks to Pod2g .,.,.,.,, works like a charm on my 4 as well as 3gs
    perfect gift b4 the end of the year .,.,.

  • I’m sad

    I keep getting a posix error in cydia.

  • Rick Burke

    I’ve just upgraded my 3GS (new bootrom) to IOS 5.0.1. I’m going through the described steps but Redsn0w is saying ‘Couldn’t download required ISPW….errror with SHSH blobs’ Does Redsn0w need to download a custom ISPW?

    • Rick Burke

      Top tip. Don’t attempt to do the jailbreak whilst at work where the firewall will almost certainly prevent Redsn0w doing its stuff! D’oh.

      JB @ home in 5 minutes, no problem……

  • Mussie

    Ive jailbroken successfully -but i cant install any cydia apps- winterboard, activator, sbsettings etc… basically every reason to JB isnt working
    any suggestions?
    error reads – Note: Cannot Locate Package

  • Dan Bradley

    Everything finally started to work late last night. All of my Cydia apps re-appeared. I am having a few technical issues with icons disappearing within folders, but I will figure that out soon. Other than that, it looks great! Oh and lock info is a bit weird, when I receive a text message through “imessage” it appears as that persons email add. instead of their contact card.

    Great work guys!

  • Mark

    I am using windows XP when I hit “shift and restore” i don’t see the .ipsw file

    I did download it into the pwnage folder but I don’t have the cube, just a stack of books.

    what do i do?

  • assaf sion

    can i rejailbreak it and if i can so how?

  • Taheim

    I’m having a problem ….my iPhone 4 is already on iOS 5.0.1 and when I try to do the untethered jailbreak redsnow gets stuck at identifying or either says can’t not identify my build ….PLEASE HELP!!!!!!

  • almeidajack

    To solve 16XX errors, erase apple mention on hosts file, use IREB and after Itunes.

  • Yil

    Just wanted to let everyone know that this post was of great help Jailbreaking my iPhone 4. Cydia was installed great and the iPhone boots up just fine.
    Thanks iPhone Dev team.

  • Mawwwwd ting, respek to di bwoy wit di JB.

  • hoji

    hi all,
    I did everything as was said above, and it is working very well, but i can’t restore from backup.
    what should i do to get my all contacts ???

  • M11ggas

    Hi guys I have iphone 3gs 4.3.3untethered jailbreak…. Do I now just updated to ios 5.0.1 through itunes and then jailbreak through redsnow? If so will all my jailbreak apps get deleted or not? It’s a bit confusing got me.
    Many thanks for replies..

  • Alan

    I have just jailbreaked my iphone 3gs (5.13.4 / 5.0.1). Cydia>Manage>Source>Edit>add “”, and no “ultrasn0w..” show up. I couldn’t unlock it, do you guys know any how?

  • craigx

    thank you so much for this wonderful jailbreak! works 100% with iphone 3gs bb 6.15 (from ios 4.1)

  • ifonix

    thanx dev team for the good and hard work!!
    unfortunately imac G4 or G5 with IBM (not intel) processor can’t open resn0w_mac0.9.10b3.
    you can download the file. you can unzip it..but kick on the redsn0w logo (shortcut)
    give right away..”you can’t open the application “redsn0w” because it is not supported on this architecture.”
    so as a veteran jailbreaker on G4 who jailbroken sins iphone 2 for my self and others..
    what a shame that i have to find different computers to jailbeak my iphone 4… :-/ sh*t

    but once again, thanx dev team and the rest of the jailbreak developers.
    keep doing this secured work for the benefit of all jailbeakers.
    happy new year 🙂

  • whhy after jailbreak the iphone have no services? need help

  • Mark

    I tried this and it did not work. I received an error message from my windows OS and it stopped trying to load

  • nvjnj

    Guys im about to do the jailbreak
    i want to know if redsnow hacktivates the custom ipsw ‘cos I dnt hv the original SIM.

  • pNx/qTm

    Walk through worked fine on my 3gs – almost caught out by the DFU count down starting quick tho. BBSettings and RSSWidget installed. Only issue iBooks not working.

  • Brian

    Win version is mis-labled as Mac and vice versa…anyhow, getting the “Redsn0w has encountered…” error every time I try it. It gets to “Uploading stage 1…” then errors out. I am on 5.01 and XP and have set affinity to CPU 1 only (I have not changed the run priority)…tips appreciated. No “did you try” speculation please, just an answer would be helpful…thanks! Other questions gladly answered if I can get some help…thanks again!

  • Jesse

    You’ve got the redsn0w download links switched “Windows click here” links to the mac version, and vice versa

  • John

    I upgraded my 3GS to the 5.01 with modified ipws by redsn0w. But, cydia is missing. When I tried to jailbreak process I keep getting error with SHSH blobs. Help anyone?

  • John

    I upgraded my 3GS to the 5.01 with modified ipws by redsn0w. But, cydia is missing. When I tried to jailbreak process I keep getting error with SHSH blobs. Help anyone?

  • ip4

    identifying is so long…anyone can help??

  • ip4

    identifying so long…how??

  • masai

    Im getting the YSOD (Yellow Screen Of Death) on my 3GS (old bootrom) since doing this jailbreak if I let the battery run out. Anyone else having this problem. Don’t think its my charger, have used a friend’s too with same result. The only way to get the phone working is to put it in DFU mode. Any suggestions greatly welcome!

  • Ali Ashrafi

    Dear All,
    Please let me know how can I restore my iPhone 4 iOS 5.0.1 to original version? (Because that is not enough programs for it in Cydia, the speed of phone is reduced and my message’s are not open regularly)
    Thanks for your time, Ali

  • T Wood

    I am stuck at please wait while your build is being identified ?? I downloaded redsnow and
    iPhone3, Then unzipped them. I tried through extras to poimt to the downloaded neede file but it can not located it. Any help would greatly be appreciated.

  • sephjo

    does it work with my regular sim card on my 3gs? please leave a reply thanks more power!

  • joseph del pilar

    does it work with my regular sim card on my 3GS? please leave a reply thanks more power

  • Texun

    Why do I get “unexpected error” when I click jailbreak? (redsnow 10b3…3gs, 5.0.1)

    • Texun

      …sorry, using OSX 10.6.8 (snow leopard)

  • sLOWmO

    I’m having issues after jail breaking where phone will get stuck in a loop on the apple logo i’m using windows I manage to get it into recovery mode and have to use a mates apple to restore any help on what’s going on or any solutions? I have iphone4, iOS 5.0.1 and using b3 redsnow

  • Ivan

    When I try to Jailbreak 5.0.1 redsn0w 0.9.10b4 keeps saying: The IPSW for the following build is needed: iPhone2,1_5.0.1_9A404
    I don’t have this build, but the one ending in 9A405
    What can I do? Besides, my phone gets no signal with the update. Any solution?

    Thanks a lot!

  • Hi

    Awesome post. It worked like a charm. I successfully updated my iPhone 3GS to iOS 5.0.1 and jail broke it. Only concern I have is notification. Only messages and calls I get notification. I have other apps like Facebook, Cricinfo, Wordfeud for which I don’t get notification even after I set these apps in my notification list in Settings. Is there anyway I can get these notifications too..? I used redsn0w 0.9.10b1.

  • Bruno

    I am having problems with my carrier… It doesnt mark any bars (Searching…) and I can’t make phonecalls. Please help!!

  • Bruno

    I am having problems with my carrier… It doesn’t mark any bars (Searching…) and I can’t make phone calls. Please help!!

  • yokhashy

    i followed thebsteps but phone is not unlock.
    going from att to tmobile but it will not get service

  • Tarun

    Hi, Will this software work for new iOhone 3GS (with Toshiba baseband chip) too? I purchased a new iPhone 3Gs manufactured after July 2011 and looking for a solution to unlock that. Please reply. Thanks!

  • Hi, A quick question, Will I ever get a software to unlock my newly purchased iPhone 3GS with Toshiba Baseband??????

  • Jason

    OK it went good i got to give it that… bu why cant i find anything like i search and it doesnt show me any apps i might bee a newby but this is pisssing me off because i have already had the phone jailbroken before i got the ios 5.0.1 softwhere
    so can someone please help me.

  • Wendie wilson

    Worked flawlessly, i had tried several times before from other sites and always ended up with my phone saying searching or no service. with your guide i checked the deactivate box and it worked like a charm..this should be called “Jailbreaking For Dummies”….

  • rachel

    Successfully downloaded cydia onto my phone but it seems that i am unable to see all the packages.

    The first time I did it, it was fine. It worked perfectly. However the second time I installed cydia I could only see around 40 packages 🙁

    anyone knows why? helpppp 🙁

  • Nathan

    I am on iOS 5.0.1 and I used redsn0w to jailbreak my phone, I want to update to the newest version which just came out, is there anything special I need to do, do I just run the new version over the old one, or do I need to deselect Cydia in the options, please help

  • ts

    giving up …..
    iphone stuck at these stages, can you please help me ?

    • ts

      can you please help me ?

  • ts

    the safari button is white , is that a problem, because its its working perfectly

  • Alfredo Cortez

    hi , downloaded redsnow ( updated version ) and got cydia app. but gophone sim card from other phone won’t work on Iphone 3gs , also do i have to put sim card in phone when i was downloading jailbreak.

  • Alfredo Cortez

    Iphone 3gs is unlocked it request activation , but when i unlock screen it says connect to itunes but it does nothing when itunes is on , how do i activate the iphone

  • Chris

    Ran redsnow 0.9.10b5c with the Phone2,1_5.0.1_9A405_Restore.ipsw for my 3gs with iOS 5.0 and it went through all the steps of install no issues. Once rebooted out of DFU mode it was not jailbroken. I tried clicking jailbreak and install cydia on redsnow menu but it says I need iPhone2,1_5.0.1_9A404_Restore.ipsw ? Did I miss something?


  • Newo

    hi, when i try to run as administrator i get a message telling me “windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file. you may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item.” any ideas 🙂 thanks

    • Newo

      BTW I am using Windows XP Pro if that makes any difference, thanks again

      • Newo

        never mind sorted it now, thanks for the jailbreak info

  • Akash

    Hii there,Can you help me ? I have a Iphone 3GS in version 5.0.1 with a broken Home button. I can’t fix it and i am out off warranty..BUT i want to Jailbreak my iphone……..wihle jailbreaking with redsn0w 0.9.10b5c they want the phone in …DFU mode but with a broken home button i can’t go to DFU mode please help me !!!!!
    If there is any other way to go to DFU mode…….please let me know….please help
    Thanks in Advance…

  • stjepan

    Can not sync iPhone 4 IOS 5.0.1 jailbreak redsn0w_win_0.9.10b5c the mean ratio itunes sync “name” instalerades not.
    Can you help me

  • Sanzio

    i jailbreak my iphone4 (ios 5.0.1) on vista OS, but got errors as below on Redsn0w after enter DFU mode:
    “Couldnt download required IPSW!
    Please check your internet connection.
    If your internet is working, you may need an updated version of redsnow.
    Error with SHSH blobs!”

    my internet connection is fine and redsnow’s version(0.9.10b5c) is latest, also follow every step in detail. i google this tips and found not too much cases, neither any solutions to this issues. does any one knows how to solve it? thanks very much.

  • nikki

    works great ((: thanks

  • Pillar

    In past, I had already jailbroken my iphone 4 4.3.5 Tethered. But unfortunately, because of my bad, i forgot to charge the battery so It was run out of battery. I tried to go back to factory restore then I got my iphone 4 5.0.1.
    Now, I did jailbreak Untethered 5.0.1, but I’m getting problem with my Cydia. “add source” + “search”(usually used to search any program that we want to install, and its located on right bottom side) cannot be accessed, when I try to add source, it always goes back to main menu and also “search” does. How to solve this problem? Please help me. Thanks.

  • rngibb

    newbie here, i have succesfully jailbreak my i phone 3gs… thank you so much… one question, how can i unlock it?

  • Shelly

    I am somewhat new at updating my iphone to the newest IOS. I had an older iphone and could always find a video or something that walked me through it step by step, but just so unsure now that I have my 3gs. So what I have is a 3gs unlocked/jailbroken on 4.3.2 it did hare the 06.15.00 baseband when I got it. I’ve had NO issues with the phone, but so would love to get it updated. I’ve just been scared and unsure with so many different things stated out there about bootroms etc… Can anyone be of help to me in a sure bet way to get my phone updated to the 5.0 IOS, for my particular situation? Thank you SO MUCH in advance for any help you can give me.
    Thank you!

  • oscar

    am trying to jailbreak my verizon iphone 5.0.1 with the compatible redsnow and after it says exploring limmrean all that it says reboot, my phone turns back on and no further action. some one please help fix this. please!

  • am tryna jailbreak my verizon iphone ios 5.0.1 with the compatible redsnow and after it start to load the limmeran and goes to waiting to reboot my iphone turns back on and no further action. someone please help. please!

  • baila marsow

    What to do I’m stuck on Processing Kernel 0%

  • Nicolee

    I Keep Getting error (21) please explain in clear enligsh how to fix this…

  • EELS

    Hey guys, my iPhone 3GS is running Version 5.1 (9B176) not 5.0.1

    Will this JB guide still work for me?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Dan

    Any most stable redsnow jailbreak version for Iphone 3gs? PLease advise Redsn0w 0.9.10b5c, suitable for iphone 3GS?

  • Jim

    Can anyone help me.. After I jail broken my Iphone4 5.0.1, I received note from Cydia “This device is in the pending tss queue”. Now I can’t search anything from Cydia.

    Thanks for looking into this.

    Thank you,