How to Set a Video Wallpaper on Your iPhone Using vWallpaper 2 For iOS 5

Back in 2008, vWallpaper was one of the jailbreak apps that got us all excited about jailbreaking. The jailbreak app allowed users to replace the boring static wallpaper with dynamic videos.

The goods news is that developer who goes by the handle skrew has just released vWallpaper 2 for iOS 5.

vWallpaper 2 will allow users to replace the static wallpaper with videos, cool effects like particles, 3D objects, HTML widgets and lots more.

vWallpaper 2 is currently in beta but seems to work quite well with the untethered iOS 5.0.1 jailbreak.

You can checkout the video below to get a glimpse of what one can do with this new jailbreak app:

You can install vWallpaper 2 for free on your jailbroken iOS device using the following steps:

  • Launch Cydia
  • Tap on Manage
  • Then tap on Sources
  • Tap on the Edit button at the top right corner and then tap the Add button
  • Enter the following URL – and tap on Add Source
  • After skrew’s source has been successfully added it, tap on Return to Cydia button
  • Tap on the Search tab and search for vWallpaper 2
  • Tap on vWallpaper 2 for iOS 5/ARMV7 from the search results and tap on Install and then Confirm buttons to install it
  • After it is successfully installed, it will automatically restart the Springboard
  • You should now be able to find the vWallpaper2 icon on your iPhone’s home screen
  • Tap on it to launch vWallpaper 2
  • Tap on ‘Manage current theme’
  • Then tap on the Video toggle where you will get an option to download video from various repositories or select from the default videos: Wave.mp4 or electriblue.mp4
  • You also have the option to add cool effects like particles, magic fingers (seen in the video above), 3D objects, HTML widgets to the video wallpaper on that settings screen
  • That’s it, now tap on the Home button. It will automatically respring your Springboard and you should be able the see the video wallpaper in all it’s glory

vWallpaper 2  also allows you to set a video wallpaper for your lock screen.

As always, let us know how it goes in the comments.

[via skrew’s blog]

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  • fas

    Wont that eat the battery?

    • OGT

      And RAM…! But nice JB app

  • Lg1

    I cant add the source … Cydia error msg

  • Rasta

    Worked fine for me, check your spelling. (Lg1). 😉

    • LG1

      its working fine now!!! but thanks!!!

  • Jbell

    vWallpaper is pretty good but it kills my battery. I got doogeemoa lock and home screen wallpapers. No battery drain and much better than anything else I could find. Plus I dont have to install or mess around with anything, they installed the entire winterboard animation and setup it up for me. I got Jasmine and Blue Serenity;-p.

  • UncleD

    Some sort of glitch that interferes with folder enhancer(full purchased version). Anytime I open up a folder then close it, I have a full screen video wallpaper without any icons. Must respring to get back to normal.
    Anybody else experiencing this?

    • -X-

      Yes there is a glitch interference with folder enhancer and this video app. So I disabled folder enhanced and shot them a kind email to fix it. Until then, living without folder enhancer in exchange for a wicked wallpaper is a fair trade of…for now.

  • Samsung suck

    Works for me, so far so good and I have no worries about drain my batt because I just use video in lock scteen and thats all that I need with this app…(Y)

  • No Video Resume

    ever since i installed this i no longer have the resume feature on my ipod video files. I uninstalled and it still doesn’t work. Did the app do this or is this a new “feature” of ios 5 on my iphone 4? (and yes I tried changing the resume setting in video settings) Is there no way to put all the “ipod” stuff back into 1 “ipod” button? I know they’re just trying to make it uniform to ipod touch and ipad but I sure loved having it all in 1 button…there’s a useful app someone could write :o)

  • pv7iron

    Is it only for iphone 4 ? cause it always crash on my 3GS

    • sagar patel

      i also had same prblm..if u find this dolution then plz tell me>>>>>>>>>

  • No video resume

    Let me clarify, it doesn’t hold the place in your video file when you hit the “done” button, it does when you “home button” exit and click in video to open it back up. I just liked it before when it said “0:25 min remaining” or something like that.

  • nice tutorial friend.
    thanks you soooo much.
    i have jailbreaked my ipod touch 4g last night with iOS5 using redsnow.
    i shall try this on my pod… 🙂

  • Basin

    Wow this app alone makes jailbreaking worth while!!

  • Jeff

    After I install video wallpaper 2, my phone goes to safe mode. It won’t go past safe mode. Please help.

    • Matt

      Have you figured out anything to fix this yet??? Ive been lookin FOREVER and i have found NO solution to this problem!!! I wish someone would help us on this… cuz this is bout 90% of the reason i jailbroke my phone

  • How do you save current desktop wallpaper if you cant find the image on google anymore?