iCaughtU: Jailbreak App Takes a Photo When Someone Enters Wrong Passcode

iCaughtU is a nifty little jailbreak app that allows you to take a picture with the front camera when someone enters the wrong passcode and sends the photo along with information such as location and a map to you via email.

The jailbreak app also doesn’t allow someone to turn off the iOS device when it is locked.

While iCaughtU is available on Cydia for free, iCaughtUPro is available for $2.5 offers you a number of features:

  • Take Picture with Front Camera (if available) when password is entered wrong or user tries to turn off device and send it by email.
  • Save pictures to Photo Library.
  • Set a number of max attempts before taking picture.
  • It can also send location and time when sending the email.
  • Send SMS (only for iPhone) when Password is entered wrong.
  • Compatible with AndroidLock XT (Fully Recommended Tweak).

The developer promises to add more features soon.

The combination of Find My iPhone app and iCaughtU jailbreak app make a lethal anti-theft system for your iOS device.

As always, let us know what you think about the jailbreak app in the comments.

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  • Harsha


  • Frosti7
  • LoganExplosion

    That sounds awesome! Now if only I could jailbreak my phone…

    • The Force

      Yeah! Righ?

  • Axe

    It’s seems like a cool app but in practical catch me if you can. I could be thousand miles away by the time u found out u have lost your phone. Do you really have enough spare time to catch me? I doubt so.

    • Key

      a thousand? you must be stealing phones from airports then. most people can’t live without their phone, and check it every 15 min or so. i’m pretty sure they’d know within 20 min their phone is missing…..

  • Nosferatu

    that’s actually a rather nifty feature!

  • Mak

    The concept is neat and nifty but can be rendered usesless by simply covering the front-facing camera. In addition to this, just don’t attempt to unlock it. Why bother to anyway….what’s the chances of unlocking the pin with a guess?

    • Key

      true, but how many people are gonna even think that this app is installed when they steal / happen to pick up one that’s not yours……

  • @iTaos

    Wait. 2.50 or 2.05? it just says 2.5.
    I guess thats 2.50

    • Key

      2.5 dollars is 2.50 yes…you’re smart. besides, how many apps you see in the store that aren’t a usual number – .99, 1.99, 1.50, etc…..

  • Pat

    This is will be a useless app!
    1. For the ppl who knows iphone, if they don’t wanna return the phone, they probably directly power off the phone. Most of the ppl won’t be so stupid to try the password which they don’t know at all. They probably wipe out the phone or jailbreak it or something else directly.
    2. Of course, some ppl will be that stupid to try the password. He probably will take out the sim card and find a place where there is no wifi.
    3. In case this app become more and more popular (like angry bird maybe), who would wanna try to enter the pass if they steal an iphone?

    The only way is to make sure you don’t lost it.

    • PeepsMcJuggs

      You didn’t actually read the article, did you? This app prevents you from turning off the phone while it’s running, and if your phone runs out of power, the very last thing it does is snap a photo and transmits its location. Also, my iPhone, like most American iPhones, doesn’t have an accessible SIM card.

      No security program is flawless, but coming up with hypotheticals for when it wouldn’t work is idiotic, because there are plenty of scenarios where it WOULD work, and that’s the point.

  • PeepsMcJuggs

    I downloaded this app a few weeks ago…it works like a champ! I’ve been showing it off to anybody and everybody. As an added bonus, I get some great candid shots of my 2 year old when he gets ahold of my phone 🙂

  • PeepsMcJuggs

    Also, I have mine set to pop up with the message “Your image and location have been recorded. Leave the phone and I won’t press charges.”. (And for the record, I would know within seconds if my iPhone was stolen, as it rarely leaves my side).

  • George

    Ok So Someone LOSES a phone… Or steals it…. The thief ….1st will remove the simcard (wow no data connection now)…. 2nd will put it in a Faraday Cage… (basically no wifi in a microwave)
    Now is free to walk off with the phone and jailbreak it and to wipe it…. Oh well!

    • Jrp

      That’s a very organized and methodical thief.

      • Key

        ha seriously. the first thing anyone does with anything they happen to stumble upon, is to see if the damn thing works. who wants junk? you find a lapto, you try to power it on. your dad finds your mom’s vibrator, he turns it on. it’s human nature !!!

    • Will

      I don’t think to bring a microwave with me when I go out stealing iPhones.
      It makes it harder to grab the iPhone and run.

  • fas

    Uber cool app, really awesome.

  • spritesc

    I can’t get it to work with AndroidLock XT.

  • rekekjeks

    Good tweak! But the phone can still be rebooted (into a bootloop if it’s a tethered jailbreak) and turned off by releasing the power button and home butten when the screen goes black.
    Is there a tweak out there that prevents this?

  • Frosti7

    i dont understand, why people questioning the benefit of this app when on the second comment i’ve attached a link to a real incident where this app had helped the police to find a stolen phone and catch the thief?

    • Rob

      I have just had my stolen iphone returned to me after using evidence from this very app, and ever since people have been asking whats it called, where do you get it from?! My cousin works in the police station, and even he said that the officers dealing with my case were praising iCaughtU. My phone was stolen saturday morning, and returned sunday evening! and ive also got pics of the theiving scumbag in my phone to show all my friends who he is, so they know to steer clear! im very pleased with it. 🙂

  • Kram

    I have a similar app, iGotYa and it works fine.
    I was stollen at an airport. No signal at all. Find my iPhone did not work (I messed the password as I panic about my personal information) and live the city. 15 days after I started receiving emails with pictures and location of my phone from iGotYa. In fact 214 emails.
    iGotYa has a feature that enable the phone to work but preserving your private data. This stimilates the use of the phone by the thief.
    Due to the uniform, and friends also pictured, I could trace the thief as being an Airport taxi service employee.
    20 days after my father travelled to this city, went directly to Airport police with the pictures. And 2 days later my phone was back and the thief, although not in prison, list his job.
    I think very few people would know how to avoid being caugt by this kind of app, or even know about it existence.

  • filthyjason

    Sweet, can’t wait for the 4S jailbreak, I’m going to buy this one right away. I have an advanced element Vapor Pro case which blocks in the SIM card and you’d need a tiny phillips screwdriver to take it off. That should buy me a few minutes to track my phone down should it come up missing like my 3GS did a few months back.

  • Marco Biancardi

    Italian geniality at work, great app. In case you didn’t know, this application will let you know any time your girl-friend/wife is trying to sneak into your personal communication to check who is writing to you.
    I would have never thought of this if it wouldn’t be for the fact that, when I told my girl-friend I install icaughtu on my phone she got very upset. Ah! I caught u!

  • Bizzle

    Has anyone found out how to get it to work with android lock??? It says compatible but it doesn’t do anything unless I use the digit lock

    • johnnyz

      yea! thats what i wante to know how to do… any help?

  • Sara

    What is the app called and is it99centz

  • Taylor

    Umm my sister keeps pesting me about this app is true

  • shmuel dovid

    i had this app for a long time but for some reason the email option stoped working it takes a picture but it dosent send it to my email anyone know what the problem is?

  • Jose

    BioLockdown and BioProtect allow you to use TouchID or se up a password so that the phone requires your fingerprint or passcode in order to turn off or reboot. You can also use it to lock certain apps and options in control center

  • Guy

    It sounds useful but can someone explain to me how to download it? (IPhone 4s)

  • ERG

    I have I caught u on my 4s but have forgotten my new password. What can I do?

  • pro version works fine in 8.x, had no issues.

    only issues i can think of when ppl tried this was prolly that they had installed a cracked ‘non-paying’ version of this app.

    cos usually, those cracked ones tend to have issues cos its not cracked properly, – that’s the risk of installing them.