iTunes Rewind 2011: Apple Announces the Best Apps and Games Of The Year

Apple has just released 2011 edition of its annual iTunes Rewind feature in the iTunes Store.

Apple uses this feature to announce the most downloaded and their favorite apps, games, music, movies, TV shows, books and podcasts of 2011.

Here are the winners:



MacRumors points out:

It’s important to note that these awards are all for the United States iTunes Store. In some cases, Apple gave awards to different items in different countries. For example, Djay was awarded iPad App of the Year honors in the UK, while Tiny Wings won iPhone Game of the Year in the UK and Australia. 

iTunes also features a similar list for songs, TV shows, movies, audiobooks and podcasts. You can follow this link to find out who won the award for each of these categories.

[via MacRumors]