Mod Brings Glowing Apple Logo to iPhone 4S And iPhone 4

Back in September we had written about a cool mod that brought the glowing Apple logo like MackBooks to the iPhone.

While we didn’t hear back from folks at iPatch who had first announced the mod, K.O. Gadget – a Chinese manufacturer has started selling mod kits that brings glowing Apple logo to your iPhone 4S and iPhone 4.

The mod is quite simple. All you need to do is replace the back panel on the iPhone with the included rear panel with the transparent logo (so that the light is visible through it) . The logo lights up:

  • whenever front screen turns on, but stays on for 15 seconds after front screen is turned off!
  • while you are holding the phone up to your face and are having a phone conversation, even when front screen is turned off.
  • when there is an incoming call, an SMS is received or the phone alarm is ringing
  •  if any background applications are detected to be sending or receiving data during the iPhone’s standby mode
  • Stays on indefinitely while charging
K.O. Gadget claims that the mod does not have any noticeable impact on battery life.

As you can see in the vide0 below, the mod seems to be quite easy to install. Here’s some of the things that you need to install the mod:

  • Phillips-head Screw Driver (included in the kit)
  • Pentalobe Screw Driver (included in the kit)
  • 3M sticker (included in the kit)
  • Forceps (included in the kit)
  • Scissors

and follow these instructions:

  • Remove the 2 screws flanking the iPhone’s dock connector port
  • Slide open and remove the rear panel
  • Remove the 5 screws near the flash
  • Lift up the power connector of the screen
  • Position the light panel, then connect and mount it using the 3M sticker (details will be provided after purchase)
  • Replace the 5 screws near the flash
  • Slide on the included rear panel with the transparent logo (so that the light is visible through it)
  • Replace the 2 remaining screws flanking the dock connector port

K.O. Gadget is currently selling the mod kit for only $42.90 instead of $79.90. However, if you may need to hurry up as the website says that the offer is available only for the next 19 hours (at the time of writing this post).

[K.O. Gadget via 9 to 5 Mac]

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  • Frosti7

    i’m not going to buy it simply because i cant trust a company that makes such stupid video demonstrations, that has the guy hands blocking all the view, it baffels me how they uploaded it

  • Slapdatass

    I would like to have it but for that price give me a break even the sale price is to much…..Prob cost them $1.39 to make it

    • Soki

      The screwdrivers alone would have cost $1.50+ each. They aren’t cheap dollar story items, but they aren’t top notch quality. I’d say the total cost for these are, at most, $10.

  • sda

    So? And you Think iphone cost 600dollar to make?

    • Frosti7

      Building a revolutinary vision and product, having steve jobs as CEO with tens of years of vision that helped to create the thing we call iphone today,
      The iOS programmers and hardware engineers – everything i’ve listed costs only “600$” to have right?


      • ^moron

        ^what a moron!

      • Soki

        Frosti, that thinking would have been correct if they only made one device. Idiot.

  • Kt

    50 Buck F*ck That

  • seoul

    Don’t buy it guys. Knock-offs will be out on eBay very soon. It will be at most $10. Ironically, the company name already got the knock-off term in there, abbreviated as “K.O.”

  • what disturbed me is the video you never see what the guy is doing. And the shipping is all based after it comes out of Hong Kong? I’ll pass on this one.

  • Apple is GOD

    The iPhone cost Around 150 to make I believe. O and if apple hadn’t come up with the iPod when they did apple would have went out of business & bankrupt. Ipod saved the company big time. Which made iPhone possible. They got lucky…

  • Kt

    iPhone 6 will cone with apple logo glow

  • Gran Dalle


  • Soki

    Very neat idea and the price should have been $25 intro then set at $50. Lots of you guys are stupid not to read the contents it comes with. I honestly think they should remove the screwdrivers and reduce the cost. Anyways, the only thing stopping me here is that the Iphone 4 has enough battery problems already.

  • I’ll Pass

  • I’ll Pass on this..why would they post this horrible video

  • fester420

    I guarantee if they were to sell these at $20 a piece they would make a hell of a lot more money. I would drop 20 no problem but 50 is way too much for a cosmetic change.

  • fas

    International shipping? No?

  • Caindude

    Why doesn’t this vid play on iOS devices?

  • Dude

    Why doesn’t this vid play on iOS devices?

  • But, is the back panel you get from K.O as strong as apple’s back panel? I don’t think so! some on, it’s from China!

  • But, is the back panel you get from K.O as strong as apple’s back panel? I don’t think so! come on, it’s from China!

  • GlowPoisonApple

    Oh No!! They’ve stopped selling it! Oh well, save my mula for better christmas gifts!

  • N3rdy

    designed by apple assembled in china. It says so on original iphone. But maybe you were kidding right?

  • Yi

    Looks awesome, buuuut to expensive 🙁

  • OK but not great,

    The Mod is ok at best,
    You may receive an incomplete order, and they do not reply to emails. (waited 3 weeks for a reply)
    I received no tools with my order, (received the light panel and the back glass)
    Had to order an iphone case opening tool set from another vendor.
    The panel is a LED light at the bottom with a diffuser of white opaque plastic. Before installing the panel, it’s a good idea to choose what part of the logo you want the brightest ( panel brightness is only slightly uneven, but noticeable ).
    Had to buy a clear iphone cover or case for 2 reasons:
    1) untreated glass make fingerprints appear much more easily and are harder to remove.
    2) Light panel is a hair too thick. It forces up the glass to let out a tiny crack of light from the top or side. (depends on how you mount the panel inside the phone – one side is thicker). The the clear case holds the phone together tighter to eliminate the cracks of light.
    During normal operation, the logo will light first, then rest of the phone. You have about a half second to a full second in noticeable delay.

    The Final result is as promised, A lit logo. It looks very good,after some tweaking.
    Battery life seems the same, drain is not noticeable.
    The package was well protected for shipping, they used a much larger box to ship then was required, and was well padded.
    Your not charged untill the item is shipped, and as a bonus, they accept paypal.

  • Tony

    I am going to start selling the mod kits online soon as I get my website up and running. But I do install and sell kits right now. If anyone is intersted email me for more information.!