Samsung Continues Anti-iPhone Ads On Facebook

Samsung’s recent battle against Apple – on the ad-front (though it’s one way currently), not in the courtroom – continues on Facebook. Samsung’s taking their marketing to a different level with a new series of ads that focuses on their Galaxy S II phone.

Only a week ago, Samsung unveiled a new ad that targeted Apple fanboys. On the one hand, it may have alienated their potential audience – namely, those who were waiting in line for the iPhone. At the same time, the video became pretty widespread, with the line “dude, you’re a barista” popping up everywhere.

Samsung’s riding that publicity out with a redesigned Facebook ad campaign. They’ve put out a few different ads starring envious iPhone enthusiasts and their very own Galaxy S II line of phones. They’ve gone so far as to call the iPhone “old school,” lumping it in with the “brick” phones from years ago.

Samsung Anti-iPhone Ad

Samsung Anti-iPhone Ad

Samsung Anti-iPhone Ad

The big features that Samsung is hoping to draw users with are a 4G data connection, a larger screen, and it’s overall sleek design. And, of course, no wait times.

As 9 to 5 Mac admits, it may be a little distasteful of Samsung, especially considering that 96% of iPhone 4S owners are happy with their choice, but it’s definitely catching lot of attention. Check out Samsung’s Facebook page, be sure to take a peak at their wall posts.

[via Samsung USA’s Facebook page, 9t05Mac]

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