Samsung Continues Anti-iPhone Ads On Facebook

Samsung’s recent battle against Apple – on the ad-front¬†(though it’s one way currently), not in the courtroom – continues on Facebook. Samsung’s taking their marketing to a different level with a new series of ads that focuses on their Galaxy S II phone.

Only a week ago, Samsung unveiled a new ad that targeted Apple fanboys. On the one hand, it may have alienated their potential audience – namely, those who were waiting in line for the iPhone. At the same time, the video became pretty widespread, with the line “dude, you’re a barista” popping up everywhere.

Samsung’s riding that publicity out with a redesigned Facebook ad campaign. They’ve put out a few different ads starring envious iPhone enthusiasts and their very own Galaxy S II line of phones. They’ve gone so far as to call the iPhone “old school,” lumping it in with the “brick” phones from years ago.

Samsung Anti-iPhone Ad

Samsung Anti-iPhone Ad

Samsung Anti-iPhone Ad

The big features that Samsung is hoping to draw users with are a 4G data connection, a larger screen, and it’s overall sleek design. And, of course, no wait times.

As 9 to 5 Mac admits, it may be a little distasteful of Samsung, especially considering that 96% of iPhone 4S owners are happy with their choice, but it’s definitely catching lot of attention. Check out Samsung’s Facebook page, be sure to take a peak at their wall posts.

[via Samsung USA’s Facebook page, 9t05Mac]

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  • Costapax

    Wifi issues
    Poor battery out of the box have to toot the pjone and do battery calibration which is a pain for normal user
    Msgng issues
    For me wifi was the deal breaker

  • Sebastian

    As long every one compairs their phone to the iPhone it’s the best smarthphone. SGS2 is great, but the iPhone is just better for most people.

    • Bugger!!

      How do you know most people? You don’t know what their requirements are unless you’ve personally spoken to every single one to draw such a conclusion.

      And yes, I do use an iPhone4.

      • nityal

        ya im using iphone 4 .its a lot of headache ……….sgs2 grt

      • A Black Dude

        sells + customer service records speak for themselves….did you not read? 96% are satisfied.

        • Fuuu

 the “usa”..try the rest of the world for a change.

          • love how the haters always find themselves here.. interesting.

  • BDog_Grizzly

    It’s hilarious that Samsung continues to bash the iPhone in their ads because all it does is
    1. Shows that they have a terrible product.
    2. Gives the iPhone more marketing on THEIR dime.
    3. Tells people that they can’t sell their products because the iPhone is a better one.

    I have about another 1,000+ reasons but those 3 holds the most water. I understand Samsung’s reasons for trying to fight against Apple like they are but all they’re doing is giving Apple more ammunition against them. Oh well Samsung, it’s been nice knowin’ ya!

    • Supafly

      Oh cry me a fricken river dude, Apple have spent years rubbishing the opposition, remember Mac vs PC

      • GAG

        Oh cry me two fricken rivers “Dude”. There is a difference between Apples adds as satire and Samdungs as vindictiveness. Ok you can’t see it. Who cares!.

  • OGT

    Ja ja ja! Funny Ads… It’s like Jack in the Box vs McDonal’s..
    I like the look of the Samsung but I hate android and I love iOS.. Please combine 4.5 inch screen 4G LTE Procesor Dual Core 1.2ghz 1Gb of RAM and iOS and I’ll be the happiest man alive… He he he

  • Sneak

    I think the commercial is funny. It’s like the Coke vs Pepsi feud. There were also those beer commercial feuds in the 90s and early 2000s.

  • il Santi

    Most benchmarks between this phones doesn’t takr care about customization and localization. Siri does not recognize my language (spanish) and I do not have cooked roms for iPhone. Both phones are great but just not for everyone. I used a lot iPhone 3GS and 4/4S. after using my new SGS2 those are small for me. Emphasis on “for me” because it is an opinion

    • ctrev08

      Same here i used an i phone sense day one uo to the four but recently switched to the lg thrill only cause my upgrade was up and the iphone update was taking to long. iwas gonna trade it in once the update was anouced. but the more I used android the more i found out it fits for me. cause i love widgets and downloading a rom that already looks and acts how i want it. I could get the iphone to look and cool and do lots of cool stuff. But in order to do it i had t jailbreak and download a lot of extensions and then my iphone would slowly start running slower and slower and crashing more and more. plus once i saw that the new iphone is pretty much left over ipad2 parts stuffed in an iphone 4 with a better camera i just could not go back. i have gotten used to android i have it set exactly how i like it and it never crashes on me. and if i do try something out that puts my phone in an endless boot mode or something i can just restore through nandroid and poof my phone was exactly like it was before i installed whatever messed it up. I could not stand having to hook to a pc restore with itunes. rejailbreak. renistall all my cydia stuff. reinstall all my appstore apps ect. ect. and i am a big gamer and the bigger screen is just way to nice. I found out i am not an apple fan boy, nor am a android fanboy i will use what ever suits my needs at the time. right now it is android. If apple opens up there os and lifts the iron curton on how they want you to use your device. then i would defiently consider switching, but I have hard time seeing that happining in the near future.

      • Good job

        Very well said

      • J-God

        Well said. I been an iPhone person since the first generation and I could tell you that everything I upgrade the iPhone to the latest iOS software or even upgrade the phone, I still have this empty feeling expecting more. I never paid over 400.00 dollar for any phone but I still feel empty inside expecting something new. All these new update and new iPhones are not satisfying. I’m a t-mobile customer because it has the best plans out there but using an edge connection on iPhone really sucks. I recently bought an IPad and I love it and made me realize that having two device but different sizes are the stupidest thing I ever did. Like the person above said. I hate the battery issue, the restore issue when jailbreaking and having problems with cydia app when they don’t work. One thing that is mind blogging is that the best mobile phone in the world does not have 4G signal. I know about business and I know the iPhone is ” in society world , the gotta have phone in this era but my all my issue about a mobile , iPhone has like the battery and data connection but consistent crashing. I decided right now, sorry iPhone, I pick your big brother “IPad ” to be part of society but I’m going to choose another mobile phone probably the Samsung galaxy s 2

  • Well I say Samsung has its own class Comparing with Apple I am not sure Apple continues ruins their own reputation by presenting Smart Phones with issues as much as a single person can`t handle on the other hand Samsung with no issues also Cheaper and Better performing Phones……!!!!

  • Rob

    Samsung have a cheek to even do theese adverts when there product lookes exactly like a iPhone…I wonder how many updates Samsung will get :/….1 other thing when android 5 is released no more flash so android phones will not be worth having unless your into apps that are never updated for a every new update…folk who talk about oh I can costomize never do I kno 12 android users who still use the basic layout… When Ubuntu release there mobile os next year I reckon its bye bye android…the Nokia n8x0 tablets running maemo was better than android

    • ctrev08

      Iphone lookst exactly like my pocket pc phone that i had four years before the iphone except it has a smaller screen. lol people act like there was never a touch screen phone befor the iphone. plus my theria ppc phone was a samsung so tecnially apples copying them

      • devol

        i like how you are comparing two completely different things….the ppc phone you mention was NOTHING LIKE AN IPHONE….i vant even believe you could make the comparison…fool

  • il Santi

    I have a lot of keyboard choices, browsers, flash. Can use music for alarms. And the worst thing by apple: MISSING ITUNES FOR LINUX! I must restart my computer just for adding music or make backups!

    • A Black Dude

      you sound like a dumbass complaining about a lack of software for linux…its linux

  • Wiilt

    Well…. this is kinda awkward.
    Cant complain about their ads cause Apple probably does a sh*tload more of them.
    Still, i liek my 4s :p

  • Investor

    The iphone has the cool “You have an iphone factor”. Aside from the great iOS and the delay from releasing new features until they work near flawlessly with the operating system. Bottom Line you wont be dissapointed with ur purchase, whereas buying the samsung or any other android will not only have you forever comparing it to the iphone, but also fearing a new android in a few months. People camp for the iphone. Its not even a fair comparison.

  • KillerPubes

    One of my colleagues has an S2, and I hate to admit it but it’s excellent… for wiping my arse with.

    It feels ‘too light’ and that gives me the impression of poor quality, it feels fragile.

    • A Black Dude

      samungs always has used cheap plastic parts for their devices.

  • fas

    and guess what? Apple is not bothered!

  • Extreme184X

    iOS obviously has better applications than android!
    But Samsung Galaxy S2 is superior in EVERY way than iphone 4S (hardware, look and size),
    Just the same way Mac OSX can NEVER better than Windows or a PC (hardware & software, DUH).
    All you have do is compare technical specs between them.


    Well this all has to do with the fact that people are sort of rebelling against apple an have found a haven…I like Samsung …but u can’t really compare it to the iPhone in sorry