Samsung’s New Galaxy II TV Ad Mocks Apple Fanboys Again And Pokes Fun at iCloud, iTunes Match

Samsung had start airing a Samsung Galaxy S II TV ad on Thanksgiving that mocked Apple’s iPhone users.

So while the patent war are playing out in the court rooms, Samsung has aired another Samsung Galaxy S II TV ad as part of the “The next big thing is already here” series, which mocks Apple fanboys and pokes fun at iCloud and iTunes Match.

Here’s a description of the ad:

fans are waiting in the line outside an Apple Store-like location four hours before it opens. “Just feel bad for people who are walking by” says one guy. “Totally missing out … history in the making” says the guy next to him in the line. 

Just then a guy with a Samsung comes over and asks them “You guys still here”. “36 hours is a small price to pay to keep all my music” responds one of the Apple fanboy, the guy next to him  goes on to add “Movies … How can you give them up?” The guy with the Samsung says “Well, I have all my playlist right here, my music streams from the cloud and I’ve tons of place where I can buy my movies” The Apple fanboys look surprised at which point the guy with a Samsung asks them “What they’re giving up?” The Apple fanboys say “Sleep”, “Vacation days mostly,” “Feeling in my legs”, which leads to the kicker: “The next big thing is already here.”

What do you think about Samsung’s new Galaxy II ad? Do you think Samsung’s approach of mocking Apple fanboys and potentially their customers work? Please share your views in the comments section below.

[via 9 to 5 Mac]

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  • Grime

    Who really cares they’re both great phone’s 5 years ago people wouldn’t believe either phone was possible. I own an iphone and android, but I hate Apple because their greedy, greedier than the competition.

    • ron

      yes i agree with you , apple have some good products but they so greedy that makes people hate them , and they don’t do any charity at all

      • texan

        i don’t think apple is greedy… they’re just watching out for their products since “Android = stolen idea” and “samsung = copy cat” might rip them off again.
        Plus everyone knows what’s the best phone out there. I bet an iphone 2g can run better than that galaxy.

        Oh yeah this is Iphonehacks so what the heck are these apple spies doing here? Can’t get enough biting apple?

        • WatchThis

          Apple copied too. Look it up.

        • Esteban Jobbs

          Android started in 2003, interesting that they “stole” something from apple that had not yet even been created. Android existed before ios did, that is a fact. Jobbs was just a f*cking cry baby, pissed off cus his product wasn’t original from the start.

          • ctrev08

            Actually android started after ios I think it is just barley four years old. But pocket pc and palm pilot phones around that time. Apple fanboys dont remember that there were touch screen smart phones before iphone

      • Zlo

        Igreedy is the word 🙂 I am Iphone fan but it’s the truth .

        • Esteban Jobbs

          No actually android started BEFORE ios

          “Android Inc is established by once-upon-a-time Apple staffer Andy Rubin (now VP of Engineering at Google and perhaps the most visible public face of the OS) and Rich Milner. Little is known about the company at the time, but rumours were afoot that it was working on a smartphone operating system. They weren’t

          • Esteban Jobbs

            In July 2005 Google acquired 22-month-old start-up Android Inc for an undisclosed sum, which some number-crunchers estimate was “up to” $50 million. The deal was little remarked on in the tech press, no doubt due to the secrecy Android Inc had shrouded itself in. Google was no more forthcoming, revealing only that it had bought the company for its engineering nous and technology.

  • Thats funny

    That sh** is funny lmao……… They both sound retarted. Lol Who cares as long as it works for you?????? Answer ….. No One

  • akachay

    these commercials are to shine light on features and capabilities of the galaxy s that alot of ppl do not know. apple did great advertising the iphones and together with apple brand recognition, many to be smart phone users are drawn to the iphone. commercials like these will only irritate hardcore iphone user (stand in line) but it mostly to let to be smartphone owner knows the galaxies has all that and much more already.
    iphone: great phone and apps but 3.5 screen is too small and bland. greatest iphone asset: cydia!
    android: hate manufacture customization and slow update. lags are mostly on low end hardware. on new generation high end hardware, lag is not that noticeable. it’s still the most complete and features & power pack.
    wp7:great phone with choices. only knock is app choices. better than stock iphone but lack “cydia”
    i’d love to get me an webos with good hardware

  • WatchThis

    Look Down.
    Here comes all the insular fanboys.
    It’s so funny to watch them ramble.

    • not as funny as a fandroid posting his hate on an iPhone specific website 🙂

  • Jason

    People still wait online for iPhones? Don’t they deliver n e more?

  • Esteban Jobbs

    I myself just switched from a 3gs to a galaxy s2. I put into perspective the fact that upgrading to a 4s would have coated me way more moneybut the general features of the phone would stay the same. 2 years ago when I bought my iphone it was top of the line and android was garbage now it seems those tables have turned.

    • John T

      Are you happy with switch.

      • Esteban Jobbs

        Yea, the gs2 not only does more than the 3gs did but the hardware is better than the 4S. I love the software also. Google music is great and imports all my playlists from iTunes. Google maps navigation is perfect for me. I basically feel as good now as I did when I switched from blackberry to the iPhone 3gs.

  • Sthee

    I think Apple is the best for ME!! No matter what I just happen to stand out with it & it’s cool features.. Apple keep up never mind em people mocking YOU!! (LOVING THE iPHONE 4S)

    • zig

      So you bought an iPhone so you could “stand out with it”.
      How lame.

      • WatchThis

        Props to you Zig

      • iPhone is a fashion statement.. would never walk around holding cheap imitation crap like Samsung’ thats just gross’

        • Esteban Jobbs

          Don’t know if this is sarcasm but I think the drop/durability test videos show which product is cheap.

        • J-God

          This is why apple are still number because of Eddie-A. A computer idiot!!

    • ctrev08

      How do you stand out with it when every body and there mother has an iphone 4. And unless they are watching ur dumbazz talking to your phone like a rambiling idiot cant tell the difference between the 4 and the 4s.

  • Dave

    We would not have this problem if it wa jailbrocken

  • Sir_G.

    Oh those ads…I wonder what would they mock if we start discussing apps that are available or product life cycle. I used to be an android fan also mocking iOS users untill i recently got iOS myself…

    • ctrev08

      Wow u downgraded i used to be an appls fanboy untill the a few minths ago now i cant go back.

  • Esteban Jobbs

    A big thing for me was the cat and mouse game around jailbreaking being an inconvenience. Android really has no reason to hack the phone, however u can root it in about 5 minutes if u want. Ios worked for me for a while. At some point apple is just gonna have have to take the leash off tho.

    • zig


    • Maio

      In 5 mins? Exaggeration!

      I own an evo, and I’ll be blatantly honest I prefer the iOS over this android OS. AT&T screwed me over and I had to switch to a carrier that didn’t have the iPhone at the time. I’ll be having one in this month…

  • J-God

    Have fun wasting money on add-on’s to your iPhone. People spend almost 300-400 dollars a year for a new phone with little improvement 400.00 dollar every year for a new add on or one new upgrade on hardware is not enough for me. Apple came out with three different design on the phone ( 2G, 3G/3Gs, 4/4s) not enough for me. 400.00 dollar for a phone before the iPhone era was unheard of, now people are wasting 400.00 dollars a year for a new phone. Look at the other phones in the market, they change everything from a new design to upgrade the hardware I’m feel really dumb buying an iPad when I already have an iPhone. That’s the reason why I’m going to buy the tmobile samsung galaxy s II. As a tmobile customer with the everything unlimited plan for 49.00 is the best deal so far and I’m not getting off it to buy an iPhone with 3G speed if tmobile has 4G speed. An unlock iPhone only give me edge speed and if I get the Samsung galaxy s IIwould give me a 4G speed and I could even use it as a wifi hotspot to use my iPad. Don’t get me wrong iPhone are good but I just hate how apple is handling the issue I wrote above to satisfied a group of people that are not consumer savy and thinks that every time apple introduce a new phone or iPad, it one of those ” I got to have thing”.

  • F*ck them commercials apple is still unique in everything. Apple never imitates.

    • WatchThis

      Apple took the rectangular form factor and patented it? They took squarish icons and patented it? They imitated that. Fanboys… psh..

    • ctrev08

      Your a fcking idiot tool. Man every company has copied in some way or another. In order for you statment to be vaild iphone would have to be the first phone ever the fkrst touchscreen every. Ect ect

  • Extreme184X

    Iphone 4s was an unwise move, if only the infamous iphone 5 (Slimmer+bigger screen, which is big plus) would been out instead. As much as i am an iOS guy, SORRY APPLE, but you lossed this battle, Galaxy S2 is superior in everyday.

    Come on people,
    All you do is compare specs from both phones, and immediately you will acknowledge that the Galaxy S2 specs are better, i’m an iOS guy, i can admit if the competition is better, WHY CAN’T YOU.

    • Alphonso

      Yea the GS2 specs is better than the iPhone 4s specs but what you fail to realize is iOS don’t need a beef up spec to make it software run smooth and lag free where as Android relies on the beef spec to make the lag and buggy OS unnoticeable but over time day to day use Android will fail 95% of the time when completing against iOS day to day use

      • Extreme184X

        I don’t know where you that got statistic from (maybe from an old android phone, don’t know), but it DOES NOT definitely apply to Galaxy S2. its hard enough AS IS to get the galaxy S2 and Iphone 4S to lag using them regularly, haven’t seen lags on either phones nor have i performed a Lag test.

    • It’s like comparing Apple to Dell or Alienware.. why not compare it to a build-your-own-pc desktop? you seem to think that it’s all about specs.. you bring iOS into the discussion and its game over.

      • ctrev08

        Ya but ib order to get the iphone to be anywhere as custom you got to jail break add a whole bunch of extensions after that you got constant crashing and lagging the only way to fix is full restore. With android i just use cwm and restore to my last backup takes like 5 mins

        • Maio

          You obviously don’t own an iPhone. After jail breaking one’s phone there is no lag on the phone because of it. That’s like saying after rooting your android your phone stopped working. Owned both devices, this is how I know.

          • Harry

            You have got to be kidding me!!!

            “Springboard is now in safe mode. Please restart.”

            Idiot. Some jb extensions can make the phone lag, force close and even make you reformat your phone.

    • Shalashaska

      obviously ure not an ios guy…compare camera..speed of taking pics…touch screen response (download piano app on both and use 5 fingers)..gaming graphics…gps…which in samsung cannot work without a sim card..iphone does…apps…number and quality…reality is professional developers need money and they are mostly in ios…if you wanna be a pseudo hacker than thats another thing…..
      its just like comparing windows to mac…windows with i7 will work slower than a macbook i5…

      • J-God

        This is why apple are still number because of Eddie-A and for shalashaka the only time I have to take my sim card out is when I bought iPhone. I never had to do it on a tmobile phone.

  • OGT

    This commercial is so true….
    I’ll never wait 39 feaking hours for a piece of technology…! Fanboys you guys really sucks…! Get a life..!

    • WatchThis


  • IphoneRules
  • Hendrix69

    I have galaxy s 2 and iPhone now the galaxy s 2 has a bigger screen but the resolution is crap compared to retina display on iPhone, if the galaxy s 2 had retina display then yes it would be much better, but that being said android bites like battery acid on ya nuts, fiddly interface market place and trying to find things is a pain, the best thing is the ease of set up for gmail and that is about it, battery is flat in 2hours of constant use even with android 2.3.5, if Samsung work out bigger better battery and also on the feel of the phone, it feels cheap compared to iPhone, so until you have both items and use then each day then you will see the iPhone is better at every day use, I have not been able to do things on android without stuffing around for 5 mins then to just give up and put back in pocket and the volume is crap on the galaxy s2, wifi is crap as well, I hate phones but iPhone wins for me with daily use hands down. Smart phones today all suck compared to the phones of yesterday era, the battery would last for days back then but now smart phones are like GPS jigger goes flat in a few hours.

  • johnsey

    hey ! shut up ! maybe u dont have much money to change to another phone ! just shut up! old fashion! before iPhone born, what phone that u use?
    wait ! what? ur mom or ur dad work for apple ? thats why u hate this TV ads
    ? if not please dont act like this! just feel free with it! it just a TV Ads , it doesnt have ur photo in there! samsung not talking about U ! it doent have ur picture holding ur if*ck in there! it is not our company! u know! just buy it! use it! use both of it! u will find out that both of Samsung and iPhone are useful! i use both of it iPhone4 and Galaxy Note + iPad2 ! i like apple ! and i like something new! just think about it ! Samsung and Apple earn alots of money! what about u? what are u doing now? siting there watching this TV Ads and hate other company!? come on! go to school! go to work! go for a walk! run ur own business! Be rich!
    im sorry for my words!

    • Esteban Jobbs


    • WatchThis

      +1 for a good point
      +1 for funniness

    • Fandroid Posterboy.. this post was comedy.. lol.

  • Ryan

    I’ve owned an iphone 3g and then upgraded to the 4, i just recently bought an ipad. I love them. Are they BEST? Maybe, maybe not. I am a jailbreaker and that allows me to get the extra customization i like. I don’t really like the idea of having to learn a new phone system, and i always hear mixed reviews about android devices. But the most common thing i hear from people who have Android based devices is they don’t want to pay the price for apple’s devices. I upgrade my phone when my contract allows and i have the money to afford it AND apple puts out a new phone that i feel is worth the cost. It’s what works for me. If you prefer android to ios, great. If you prefer ios to android, super. In reality it all boils down to personal preference. At their core they do the same thing, make phone calls, send texts, surf the net and let us listen to music without the need for an extra device. It’s like arguing over which is a better car/truck… Who cares? Get what you like, does what you need, and appeals to you and STFU!

  • texan

    who ever reads this website loves apple. Nuf said!

  • jus-sayin

    personally I think any company that has to mock another product (what ever it is) feels they are on the back foot, and also it makes people wonder why others may wait inline for (years) for product x. It would be very easy for apple to make ads like this but they never would.

    specs are only half the story, operation, quality of product, life span of product, support for new s/w etc etc, my iPhone (original model) is still working though incredibly slow now, but my brothers little kid loves it..

    Every product has it pros & cons choose for yourself, don’t follow the crowd.

    I could by a crappy american muscle car large engine 0 BHP that doesn’t go round corners & guzzles loads of fuel or I could by a BMW with engine half the size, loads of BHP and goes round corners and is much more economical in the long term oh and doesn’t fall to pieces.

    • ctrev08

      Nother apple fan boy dumbazz. There was a a huge add campaign a few years ago that was like i am a pc anf i a mac

    • ctrev08

      Sorry accidently pressed publish and way ya the im a pc and the im a mac campaign i thought for sure that apple paid for thoese i must be mistakeing though sense appl would never make ad like that. Fking dumbazz

  • Me-Said

    To make things fair Samsung needs to make their own OS instead of depending on android, Now we’ll see who will on top

    • Esteban Jobbs

      Why would samsung need to do that? The biggest thing android promotes is CHOICE. The hardware from Samsung is faster, the software from android is better. Clearly apple knows that Samsung is its biggest threat.

      • fxsg123

        Now with webOS turning open source, we might see some market shift. Also, with motorola mobility/google new relationship, it’ll be hard not to imagine motorola might set new standard. Not forgetting Nokia with MS; and Windows 8 might just turn the table around, who know, right?

        btw, Samsung has its own os, bada, with its own app store. They know the important of how not to depends on other

      • Me-Said

        yes, a threat in copycat

  • Shalashaska

    i think its time for apple to retaliate…i know they probably dont think its fit but they should..alot of people probably think that GS2 runs 4g and they should put a stop to it.,,

  • Well, I bought my first iPhone from the US (they weren’t out in Europe yet) and liked it a lot.
    Switched to an iPhone 4 later on but I really got tired of Apple’s iPhone.
    We moved to Israel and somehow, there is a compatibility problem and our phones aren’t working (even though we have Orange here) and it IS very tirering to be controlled all the time: I can’t buy the same programs I was used to, can’t get any music or movies (and btw, Apple wanted me to buy american movies with french sound just because I was living in France).

    It is very very tirering to be in the obligation to crack a phone you legally bought.

    In fact, when I saw the add from Samsung (the first one), that decided me. My wife’s phone didn’t work because she upgraded to iOS 5, so we both switched to Galaxy II and we love it actually.

    While we were in the shop, four other people were in to buy the Galaxy II and two of them especially stated they did NOT want an iPhone (special offer at the moment).

    So yes, this add influenced me to go to Samsung.

  • Highpoint

    Android just sucks major ass, purchased the iPhone 4 in Germany and loved it, was just a smooth very responsive phone. When I came back to the US I had a choice to make, get the galaxy or another IPhone 4 mmmmm well my iPhone from Germany would be unlocked in 2012 so I decided to give Android a shot to see what it was all about, results!? BIGGEST MISTAKE EVEER!!!. After a few days I had to switch to a different android phone because the the g2x battery only lasted half a day with out heavy usage, so I got the Galaxy, WTF battery almost the same, slow, unresponsive touch screen, i sent reports with the comments of ANDROID SUCKS! lol every time it crash which was at least twice a day. Needless to say I could not wait till 2012 to unlock my iPhone 4 so I got the iPhone 4s and it still amazes me how great the iPhone iOS truly is.

    • J-God

      This is why apple are still number because of Eddie-A and for shalashaka the only time I have to take my sim card out is when I bought iPhone. I never had to do it on a tmobile phone. For high point, so your iPhone never crash or lags? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

  • Christian

    I am a apple fanboy because of jailbreaking.

    Jailbreak+iPhone = best phone
    No jailbreak+iPhone = sh*t blows

    If I could never jailbreak my iPhone again I would switch to android.

  • fas

    When will Samsung grow up.

  • Joe

    I am just happy that I can talk and surf the web at the same time, don’t regret switching from a palm treo when iPhone came out. It has taken 5 years for a phone to come close to the quality of iPhone. You can keep your virus infected android, we will speak again when the iPhone 5 releases in another 5 months

  • Kunal

    say what u will, android will never b as smooth as ios…my iphone 4 worked smoother than s2…its like comparing a dog to a wolf ! (ios = wolf offcourse)

  • Yousef Shishani

    does anyone knows how to ride a donkey? I think the principle of touch technology is the same, you use a stick (pen) to make the donkey turn left or right (swipe left or right on the screen) and you PINCH the donkey with your heal to make it ZOOM faster. So, they both stole their ideas from a donkey rider…