Siri Hack Allows Voice-Controlled Home Automation

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We’ve looked at quite a few Siri-based hacks, but this one takes things to yet another level. It focuses on total home automation, allowing you to enable scheduled actions using Siri and the possibility of control while away from your home.

There are plenty of Siri hacks out there, mostly based on the proxy server. We’ve looked at setups that allow control of lights, curtains, and fans, as well as more advanced things like unlocking the front door.

This hack, developed by Mark Hodder, uses the same Siri proxy server running on a MacBook and X10 board/modules along with an ioBridge, which allows you to control things like lights, home appliances etc.

The X10 board controls different modules that have appliances plugged into them, and you can even plug in surge protectors to a module to control groups of appliances easily. The ioBridge allows this control to be accessed and controlled by a web server.

Hodder explains:

The first step is to get SiriProxy running successfully and the ioBridge module setup with X10. Next you can create individual PHP files for each action and upload them to a folder on your website. Finally create a custom Siri voice command to open the URL of the PHP file you uploaded – this automatically triggers the X10 action and turns the device on or off.

You could even set up scripts to go to CRON jobs, enabling commands like “turn on the Christmas lights at 9 PM,” as well as chained commands like “turn off all house lights at 11 PM.”

Hodder has also mentioned that this won’t work when you leave your home Wi-Fi network, unless you setup a VPN to execute these commands securely from anywhere, a lot like the 2011 Chevy Cruze. Here’s a video of the system in action:

While Hodder doesn’t explain everything in detail (as he says, “things are changing very quickly”), the overall method and script samples should provide a good base to work from. Of course, you can also use Siri to do slightly less complicated things, like play movies using Plex, use Google Voice, and control Spotify.

What do you think of these hacks? Is this functionality something that you would use? Are you using any of the hacks we’ve covered? Talk about it below!

[via Mark Hodder’s blog]